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Fancy Colored Diamond Rings - What You Can't Miss To Know

Colored diamond rings made with white gold and platinum have precious gems and intricate designs for wedding commitment proposals.

Are you going to commit to a love relationship with your love partner? Then what's matters to you? A ceremonial celebration or going on a vacation tour. Think twice, is it sufficient?

It might be.

But, selecting a colored diamond in an engagement ring or wedding band showcases the vibrancy of a love relationship. All colored diamonds have different meanings and facts, making a ring more fine and captivating when worn on the fingers.

A fancy colored diamond ring is an incredible selection because it has always been counted as a meaningful love signature gifted by a loved one in a committed relationship. It's a graceful promise to stay together for a lifetime.

When two people join in a meaningful alliance, living with motivation and sharing joy, it's called an "Engagement." This union then transforms into a "Wedding," marked by sacred rituals in the presence of God. Making those moments grand and precious that are captured in the memory of exchanging a beautiful ring works as the magnet in love bonding.

In colored diamonds, there are plenty of options according to a diamond shape, like a chocolate cushion, a brilliant red cut round, a blue oval, a yellow marquise, and a pink princess cut. Every shape brings a unique appearance to jewelry, so their combinations are opted for in women's tennis bracelets.

Going to propose to her with full confidence and real feelings, make sure you know the best idea. Select the best proposal idea for women from the list, whether arranging a harbor side proposal or arranging a Cozy Cabin around the mountain.

Consider the best quality and material in engagement or wedding rings that stay for a long time and allow you to experience a committed relationship with your love partner.

This article mentions everything related to the colored diamond ring selection, including which color is the best or which material you should opt for. Also, you can learn about ring size selection, correct price, and quality that matches your budget and preferences.

First, see what fancy vivid colored diamonds are and why they're used in rings.

What is Fancy Colored Diamond?

Fancy colored precious diamonds to select in jewelry like engagement rings and wedding necklace sets for getting a beautiful appearance on personality.

Fancy colored diamonds are exquisite gemstones renowned for their vivid and unique color, distinct from traditional colorless diamonds. These natural diamonds derive their exceptional colors from trace elements or distortions in crystal lattice structure during formation.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) categorizes these diamonds based on their color intensity, hue, and tone. Their rarity and individuality define the value of colored diamonds, with shades ranging from delicate pastels to deep, saturated tones.

The most notable colors are blue, chocolate, black, pink, yellow, green, and red. Their unparalleled beauty makes diamonds highly sought after for exclusive and bespoke jewelry pieces, adding a touch of sophistication and individuality to any collection.

These diamonds are available in two core types: 1. Mined as natural or real diamonds, and 2. Lab-grown diamonds or pure ethical diamonds. These gemstones have similar qualities like hardness, 4Cs grades, and qualities. But colored lab diamonds have cheaper price points than natural ones. Make sure you have opted for the correct type as per your choice.

How Diamonds Get Fancy Colors In Their Surfaces?

Precious and rare vivid colored natural gems to shop for, making a ring's jewelry beautiful and sensible to select.

The real reason that a colorless diamond transforms into a fancy color is the geological process that occurs beneath the earth. Beneath the surface, where unimaginable geological forces are at play, diamonds have to undergo a fascinating metamorphosis.

The presence of trace elements and distortions in their crystalline structure emerges as fancy colors, infusing these gems with captivating shades like red, black, yellow, blue, pink, orange, green, and grey.

In diamonds, those trace elements play an important role like as electricity needed to operate a machine and other things. For example, nitrogen lends a warm yellow hue, while boron produces a mesmerizing blue.

During the diamond formation radiation exposure may manifest as shades of green. The combinations are endless, and this infinite variety makes each diamond a unique and remarkable work of craft.

Besides trace elements, other factors exist that work precisely for diamonds to obtain a fancy color. Diamonds are not merely born; they evolve through immense pressure and time. The slow and steady journey from beneath to the upper surface of the earth imbues these gems with distinctive characteristics where they got their hardness and brilliance to refer as the precious ones.

The expertise of gemologists and institutions like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is required to determine a correct fancy color diamond grading scale. With a keen eye for detail, they meticulously evaluate the color intensity, hue, and tone of colored diamonds. Their comprehensive grading system ensures that each diamond is classified with precision, adding an extra layer of value to these rare and captivating gems.

Do you know why individuals and couples want fancy colored diamonds?

Owning a colored diamond goes beyond possessing a rare gem; it is a statement of individuality. The uniqueness of each hue allows connoisseurs to express their personality and style through the jewelry they wear.

Whether it's the ethereal blues, passionate pinks, or the warmth of yellows, these diamonds become a personal canvas for self-expression that adorns not only engagement rings but women's pendant jewelry, too.

Before purchasing color diamonds in engagement rings or other jewelry styles, you should know this fact.

Why to Choose Colored Diamonds For Rings?

Colored diamond engagement ring for women in pure yellow gold material that looks fancy and stylish when worn with the matching engagement dress and gown.

Colored diamonds offer more than brilliance, and they encapsulate individuality, rarity, and emotional resonance. You select a engagement ring for woman that symbolizes your love story, where diamonds capture the essence of sophistication and personal connection. They represent a unique appearance and meaningful jewelry that adorns a personality with scintillation and provides sensibility.

Here, a detailed overview describes the benefits of colored diamond selection in rings.

1. Crafting Your Unique Expression: A Symphony of Colors Diamonds

Fancy colored diamonds aren't just stones; they're a palette of emotions waiting to be expressed. Their versatile spectrum ranging from tranquil blues to passionate pinks, where each hue whispers a tale. Your engagement ring becomes a personal canvas, a testament to your story, reflecting your style and personality in a symphony of colors.

2. Exclusivity Beyond Ordinary: Rarity Redefined

Need exclusive ring jewelry that is only yours and defines your bond with your love partner, then a vivid color will be helpful for you. They're inherently rare and transcend the commonplace, creating a ring that exudes prestige. The scarcity of specific colors elevates your choice, making a statement that resonates far beyond the confines of tradition.

Wearing a tennis bracelet for women with a colored diamond ring is gorgeous and fine jewelry gifted as a love sign. Most women prefer to adorn themselves with precious jewelry, and colored diamond jewelry is often selected.

3. Design Unleased: Versatile Unparalleled

In every diamond ring setting, fancy colors play a comprehensive role in appearance. If you love solitaire rings limitlessly or want something unique like vintage design or Art Deco pattern that defines your personality, you can combine it easily with color diamonds. Most of the vivid colored gems adorn promise rings in white gold and silver metal.

4. Symbols That Speak: Emotional Resonance

Every couple wants to make their engagement ring speakable, which is perfect for emotional resonance in a more profound way. The symbolism of each colored diamond is unique, and that's why diamonds are opted according to that. In unique engagement rings, couples prefer at least one fancy color diamond to define their intention behind offering this jewelry.

A blue diamond whispers tranquility and loyalty, while a pink one exudes romance and grace. Your choice becomes a conversation and a silent dialogue between you and your ring, conveying a message that resonates deeply attached.

5. Value That Grows: The Investment in Love

Choosing colored diamonds isn't just a token of love but an investment in your future. The rarity and intense hues of certain diamonds make them more than timeless; they appreciate value over time, becoming a sentimental treasure and a wise asset. For example, deep red and vivid blue diamonds are more valuable than black and cognac-shade gems.

6. Untouched Beauty: A Testament to Earth's Artistry

Natural colored diamonds are not re-exposed to the radiation process that puts them into the category of "Untouched beauty." They derive their hues from intricate processes, ensuring each gem is an authentic testament to the Earth's craftsmanship. It adds a layer of authenticity, forging a connection between your ring and the natural world.

7. Diversity Celebrated: A Departure from the Ordinary

Embrace your love partner by selecting an extraordinary piece for love commitment, such as a pink diamond eternity wedding band for your fiancée. At the same time, a green round cut gemstone ring can be the ideal choice for your boyfriend if you feel a soft corner and real feelings for him. Your ring becomes a vibrant symbol of the complexity and richness that defines your meaningful relationship.

Thus, colored diamonds become the embodiment of unparalleled elegance and personal storytelling. This isn't just about choosing a gem; it's about crafting a narrative that speaks to the depths of your individuality. Select a perfect one that resonates with your emotions and thoughts about your love.

Which Fancy Colors are Available in Diamonds?

In the enchanting world of fancy color diamonds, each hue is a story waiting to be told, a statement of individuality etched in brilliance. If you're considering a color diamond in a ring, make sure you know the facts and benefits of each colored gem that aligns with your expectations and preferences.

1. Ravishing Reds: Passion and Power

Deep red colored precious natural diamonds, with their extraordinary brilliance which is perfect for the wedding eternity ring selection.

A red diamond, the rarest of among others, symbolizes passion and strength. This color is mostly selected in engagement rings and presented on Valentine's Day as a deep romantic appeal to the recipient.

Selecting a red diamond is a bold proclamation of love and an extraordinary expression of uniqueness. Apart from the selection of rings, stud earrings, and wedding bangles are made with deep red diamonds for a more profound commitment.

2. Blissful Blues: Tranquility and Loyalty

Fancy blue colored brilliant cut round diamonds have a scintillation effect ideal for an engagement ring and wedding bracelet selection to be gifted on special occasions.

The calm and versatile color of the diamond is "blue." These diamonds convey tranquility, loyalty, and a touch of mystery. Picking a women's 2.00 carat blue oval halo ring with 925 silver material with a 5.75 US ring size makes your commitment moment grand and memorable.

A pure sea and clear-sky colored diamond ring radiates a serene elegance and sincerity, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a calming and sophisticated allure on the finger. Blue diamonds exist in 9 color intensities ranging from faint to fancy deep, where you can opt for a perfect one for the ring as you want a color presence in a diamond.

3. Gorgeous Greens: Nature's Essence

Green colored round brilliant cut diamonds with their beautiful and deep shade intensity that accumulates the colored brilliance throughout the anatomy.

Do you want to feel nature's blessing on your fingers and personality? Pick a green diamond that evokes the beauty of nature, representing the growth and renewal necessary in a love relationship. White gold 3.00 carat natural green emerald gem ring with a beautiful engraving pattern refers to a celebration of life, embodying freshness and timeless allure.

Also, round brilliant cut diamonds always count as the supreme choice, but make sure you have opted for the correct carat weights and dimensions according to ring settings. If you need a pear shaped diamond or Asscher cut with its unique faceting patterns, then it's available in lab-grown diamonds at a cheap price point.

4. Mystical Blacks: Timeless Elegance

Black colored diamonds, with their natural appearance and scintillation drive a fantastic light.

Want to feel a vintage appearance on the finger? No one can find an ideal option as black diamonds. These diamonds exude timeless elegance, symbolizing strength and resilience with their unique content. A 3.00 carat black oval halo style white gold engagement ring will be a modern and chic choice, adding a touch of mystery and sophistication to your style.

Besides, engagement rings, women's hoop earrings, and men's tennis bracelets are adorned with fancy black diamonds. Adopting a unique look in the daily wearing senses, black gems are one of the most common options to select. It matches with every attire proficiency and look.

5. Passionate Pinks: Romance and Grace

Deep, fancy pink colored raw diamonds make a jewelry piece more prominent and suitable for every occasion, like engagement rings, wedding bangles, and anniversary earrings.

Love always offers a feeling of a valuable treasure and an auspicious sign of destiny where two individuals are coming together. Pink diamonds are an excellent choice to make these feelings meaningful and active due to their symbolizing attributes like romance, grace, and delicate femininity.

An engagement ring made with a pink diamond exudes charm and warmth, making it a perfect choice for a romantic and elegant statement. Also, with the touch of rose gold, a pink diamond ring defines a romantic appeal toward a love partner. With 1.00 to 5.00 carat and VVS clarity diamonds, there is enough selection to experience vibrancy on the fingers.

6. Sunny Yellows: Joy and Positivity

Fancy yellow colored oval shaped precious and rare diamonds for making rings not beautiful but meaningful that glimpse warmth and love.

In a love relationship, a stage frequently features in life, and there warmth and support are always needed from one partner to another. Yellow diamonds radiate joy, positivity, and a zest for life. That's why pear shaped diamond engagement and wedding ring sets are made with these vivid-colored gems.

It is a cheerful and vibrant choice, capturing the essence of happiness and optimism. Opting for this sunny colored diamond for a woman's bridal wedding ring set is recognized as a pure emotional connection. Select a combination of square and elongated diamond shapes with a 1.00 to 6.00 carat weight range.

7. Mesmerizing Purples: Royalty and Creativity

Purple colored diamond with a saturation effect for making jewelry more beautiful when worn with the matching dress and everyday wear.

Loves a lavender shade, as your bedroom is adorned with that shade, you can gift a purple velvet colored diamond ring to your love who will share the room with you. There is a reason behind the selection of purple diamonds that embody a regal charm, representing luxury and creativity.

A platinum ring made with a 3.00 carat purple radiant cut diamond is a distinctive choice, reflecting sophistication and a touch of artistic flair. Make your jewelry collection ordinary to extraordinary by selecting velvet colored diamond jewelry for engagements and weddings. A lab-grown purple diamond costs $350 to $1000 and can be anywhere. This price depends on the color intensity level, clarity grade, and carat weight.

8. Chocolate Diamonds: Elegance and Invigorating

Chocolate brown colored diamonds have a stunning reflection ability for making jewelry ordinary to precious. It is mostly selected for women's and men's jewelry made with gold and platinum.

Dark brown diamonds exude warmth and depth, ranging from rich coffee tones to luxurious cocoa shades. They're called chocolate diamonds for having a deep brownish shade in every corner and internal component. Choosing these diamonds in the ring is refined, radiating an aura of understated elegance and comfort.

If you need a lighter shade in brown color, it's available easily in lab-grown diamonds at a cheap price and great quality. For a softer touch to your chocolate diamond ring in rose gold or white gold, caramel color can evoke those unrevealed feelings. Most importantly, all diamond color variations are certified by GIA, IGI, and SGL with written certification.

9. Captivating Oranges: Energy and Warmth

Warmish and deep natural orange colored oval brilliant cut shape diamonds similar to a topaz gem with their original appearance reflect a keen sign when worn on the jewelry styles.

Don't be confused if your love partner doesn't want to make a yellow sunny shade diamond part of your wedding ring. An orange color exists as an alternative option to symbolize energy, warmth, and a zest for adventure. With 2.00 carat brilliant cut diamonds, an orange hue appears charming in rings that define a love feeling.

An orange diamond eternity ring is a bold and energetic choice, perfect for those seeking a ring with vibrant allure. As you plan a surprise proposal for her at candlelight dinner under the glittering stars, then hide the ring box, and after completing a meal, unbox the ring containing a brilliant and vigorous orange marquise cut diamond ring made with white gold.

Why are Colored Lab-grown Diamonds Preferable rather than Mined Diamonds?

Natural fancy colored diamonds in different and vibrant shades are available in rings, bracelets, necklaces, and jewelry sets made with gold and platinum. It can be selected for men's and women's jewelry styles.

Colored lab-grown diamonds are preferable to mined diamonds, and to prove this right, there are ten reasons you should know.

Here's the list of why vivid colored lab diamonds should be selected.

  • Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing
  • Conflict-Free Assurance
  • Traceability and Transparency
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Innovative Technology and Customization
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Consistent Quality
  • Innovative Colors and Varieties
  • Evolving Consumer Preferences
  • Industry Advancements and Acceptance

Let's understand them.

  • Ethical and Sustainable Sourcing:

Colored lab-grown diamonds are ethically produced through controlled, environmentally conscious processes. This contrasts with the concerns surrounding traditional diamond mining, such as "blood diamonds," which may involve environmental disruption and social implications.

  • Conflict-Free Assurance:

Lab-grown diamonds eliminate the ethical concerns associated with the diamond industry, offering a transparent and conflict-free alternative. Consumers seeking assurance in their diamond's origin find in lab-grown options more aligned with their values. These diamonds are the perfect choice for those seeking a minimal environmental impact while getting their expected appearance from fancy colors.

  • Traceability and Transparency:

As made in a laboratory, lab diamonds often come with detailed traceability information, allowing consumers to understand their diamond's journey from manufacturing to market. This transparency is a significant advantage over mined diamonds, where tracing the origin can be challenging.

  • Reduced Environmental Impact:

The environmental impact of diamond mining is well-documented. On the other hand, lab diamonds significantly reduce the ecological footprint associated with traditional mining practices, making them a more environmentally sustainable choice. That's why the selection of these diamonds in vivid colors is not limited to engagement rings; hoop earrings and women's pendant jewelry are also made with them.

  • Innovative Technology and Customization:

The accuracy level of colored lab diamonds is unparalleled because they're created using cutting-edge technology, allowing for precise control over their characteristics. Consumers can customize color, cut, and carat to meet their preferences, providing a level of personalization rarely achievable with mined diamonds.

  • Cost-Efficiency:

One of the most beneficial facts about lab diamonds is that they are often more cost-effective than their mined counterparts. The controlled production process and reduced environmental impact contribute to a more competitive pricing structure, making diamonds an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.

  • Consistent Quality:

Consumers can get identical quality as natural diamonds in lab-grown diamonds, which exhibit consistent purity. The controlled conditions in which they are created result in fewer inclusions and defects, providing consumers with a reliable standard of excellence that may be more challenging to achieve with mined diamonds.

  • Innovative Colors and Varieties:

Fancy colored diamond wedding yellow gold ring for women to present as a love gift, making a promise robust and transparent for eternal feelings.

Having a cheap price point and full control of the making process, lab-grown diamonds offer a spectrum of vibrant and unique colors that may be rare or even nonexistent in natural diamonds. This diversity allows consumers to choose from a wider range of colors, enhancing the appeal of lab diamonds for those seeking a distinctive and personalized look.

  • Evolving Consumer Preferences:

Do you think lab diamonds deserve a particular tag, "ethical diamond?" So, it's 100% ethical from manufacturing to reaching the hands of consumers. Due to environmental concerns growing, consumers increasingly seek alternatives aligned with their values, so colored lab created diamonds meet the evolving preferences of socially conscious consumers and are the perfect contender for being featured in "ethical jewelry."

  • Industry Advancements and Acceptance:

The diamond industry is witnessing increasing acceptance of lab-grown diamonds, supported by technological advancements and a shift in consumer mindset. Fancy colored lab diamonds are becoming a recognized and respected choice within the jewelry market. So, nothing is wrong with getting diamonds for jewelry like as engagement rings and wedding eternity bands.

In conclusion, the preference for colored lab-grown diamonds over mined diamonds is driven by a combination of ethical, environmental, and personalization factors. As consumers become more informed and values-driven, the popularity of lab diamonds, particularly in vibrant colors, continues to rise as a modern and conscious choice in the world of fine jewelry.

Which Fancy Colored Diamond Is Perfect For Your Love Relationship?

Every fancy colored diamond allows you to embrace unique attributes in a love relationship. For example, red diamonds show passionate affection and love toward someone special. While a yellow shade represents sunshine and joy. Check the below table about every color diamond symbolism.

Colored Diamond Significance
Color Symbolism
Red Passion and Love
Yellow Sunshine and Joy
Champagne Celebration and Elegance
Olive-Grey Nature and Growth
Green Prosperity and Renewable
Blue Serenity and Trust
Pink Romance and Femininity
Black Mystery and Strength
Chocolate Warmth and Earth's Connection
Orange Enthusiasm, Creativity, Energy, and Vitality

The belief of every colored diamond's symbolism depends on personal preferences and interpretation.

Fancy Colored Diamond Ring Choices

Talking about the rings, options for fancy colored diamonds stand out as timeless treasures, each reflecting a unique combination of sophistication and allure. There is an option to select a solitaire engagement ring or a winsome and classy unique ring that allows your relationship to be distinctive and pure.

Here's the list of colored diamond ring styles that you can opt for.

  • Solitaire Ring
  • Toi et Moi Ring 
  • Vintage Ring 
  • Pavé Ring
  • Halo Ring
  • Three-stone Ring
  • Eternity Ring
  • Unique Customized Design Ring
  • Art Deco RIng
  • Cluster Ring 
  • Cathedral Setting
  • Infinity Band
  • Filigree Engraved Ring
  • Stackable Bands

All of these ring styles are available in rectangular to square shaped diamonds like radiant to princess cut. But if you want a round brilliant cut stone, consider the best 4cs grades: color, clarity, carat, and cut. Diamonds with ideal quality grades deliver brilliance, elegance, and stylish looks in rings.

1. Dark Blue Diamond Solitaire Ring

Blue Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Hidden Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring In Yellow Gold and Claw Prong Settings that Appears Beautiful.

A solitaire ring, with its timeless elegance, represents a profound commitment and enduring love. The singular gemstone, typically a diamond, symbolizes the unique connection between individuals, emphasizing purity and clarity in emotions and intentions. This classic design, celebrated for its simplicity, draws attention to the center stone, showcasing its inherent beauty and quality.

A blue diamond hidden halo ring for women is a harmonious blend of classic elegance and contemporary allure. The discreet halo enhances the overall brilliance of the ring, creating an ethereal glow that complements the wearer's finger with understated grace. This ring is a statement of refined simplicity and enduring style, ideal for those who appreciate the seamless fusion of tradition and modernity.

Whether chosen for engagements or special milestones, the solitaire ring captures the essence of individuality and the unwavering pledge of a lifelong partnership, making it an iconic and meaningful choice that transcends trends and showcases the enduring beauty of love.

Pick 1.00 to 5.00 carat weight diamonds in a solitaire engagement ring for woman to express emotions through gifting it at candlelight dinner or proposing on Valentine's Day, where all vibes and air turn into a romantic and feminine.

2. Blue Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

Blue Heart and Colorless Pear-shaped Diamond Toi et Moi Engagement Ring For Women With Prong Settings and Platinum.

The "Toi et Moi" ring, translating to "You and Me" in French, epitomizes timeless romance and symbolic significance. This classic design features two distinct gemstones, symbolizing the union of two individuals. Toi et Moi rings represent a love and partnership between two individuals to make their connection robust and clear.

Fancy blue diamonds always seem to be the peace carrier to live in because they help couples make perfect decisions for the future, which helps avoid any unnecessary quarrels. The sea's watercolor shows clarification and transparency that allows to removal of any existing gaps in a love relationship.

Traditionally, Toi et Moi rings showcase contrasting gemstones or diamonds, creating a harmonious balance. The dual stones define the combination of two souls' eternal love that remains as a commitment sign. This style gained popularity during the Victorian era and is an enduring symbol of love and connection.

3. Vintage Charming Red Diamond Ring

Exquisite Red Oval Diamond Vintage Ring for Women in White Gold – Timeless Elegance and Sophistication in a Classic Setting.

Vintage-inspired diamond rings evoke the romance of bygone eras. Their intricate details, filigree work, and milgrain edges contribute to the timeless charm on the fingers of the love partner and adorn personality with elegance. With a vivid red oval diamond vintage design, this ring is ideal for those who appreciate a touch of nostalgia and a sense of history in their jewelry.

Referring to the price of a red colored diamond ring in 1 carat natural diamonds, individuals have to pay at least $100K because those gems are rare and precious. Their identical alternative, lab-grown diamond, offers a complete ring with an average price range of $1500 to $2500 with white gold and platinum metal.

4. Yellow Colored Diamond Pavé Ring

Spectacular Yellow Oval Diamond Pave Set Split Shank Fancy Ring for Women – Radiant Elegance and Unique Design in Every Detail.

The yellow colored pavé setting ring features small diamonds set closely together, creating a surface that appears to be paved with diamonds. This style adds a captivating sparkle to the entire ring, making it an excellent choice for those who desire maximum brilliance and a luxurious feel. The ring appears keen and impactful with a yellow elongated oval, conveying emotions and love.

To make a wedding promise robust and real, a man gifted a yellow oval diamond pavé setting ring containing gold on the shank and overall prong settings. This ring is exchanged on the engagement ring and is acceptable for everyday wearing, and when a wedding day comes, it can be worn with a matching eternity band that he is exchanged on the stage.

A price for 1 carat of natural yellow diamonds costs $15000 to $80000, and it's rare to find. While you need the best clarity like FL or IF, the cost might reach $125K to $150K, as your diamond has great quality. Also, to have less diamond fluorescence in anatomy, a cost reaches +30% thant it's actual.

Besides them, you can go with affordable options like lab diamonds of identical quality to save additional money to spend. Those savings can be helpful for your honeymoon trip or purchasing a beautiful wedding gown for her. Make decisions wisely and precisely as per your discretion.

5. Pink Heart Diamond Halo Ring

Pink Heart Diamond Halo Ring – Captivating Romance and Sparkling Brilliance in a Halo Setting.

For a touch of glamour and added brilliance, consider the halo setting with pink colored diamonds, whether it's an emerald cut or fancy heart shape. This style surrounds the center diamond with a circle of smaller diamonds, enhancing its overall sparkle and creating a breathtaking effect. A combination of yellow and blue colored diamonds with a pink color diamond ring looks more prestigious and stylish when unboxed with a heavy surprise.

When selecting an engagement ring for yourself or your love partner, consider measuring ring size at home thrice at different times and preferably visit a professional ring sizing services provider. You don't want to spoil the gifting moment due to opting for the wrong dimension for ring sizes.

Also, look at some customization options like engraving and additional prong settings surrounding center diamond or platinum material for a luxurious appearance. In prong settings, plenty of choices exist that help protect the natural symmetry of diamonds and allow diamonds to reflect a perfect brilliance in a defined way.

6. Black Three-stone Prong Setting Ring

Black Emerald Diamond Three-Stone Ring For Women – A Stunning Fusion of Elegance and Distinctive Style With Shiny Yellow Gold.

Looking for a more profound appeal to your love partner? A three-stone diamond ring choice can be the perfect selection. These rings are a meaningful choice to symbolize the past, present, and future for evoking happiness and grief, parallelly, that makes a relationship the finest.

Opting for a 2.00 carat black emerald cut diamond as a center diamond, with two trillion cut gems, you can experience a unique look that matches every attire. A yellow gold material can be a good option for this ring style due to its warmish and sunny shade.

Besides emerald cut diamonds as the center stone, a princess cut or heart-shaped diamond is a distinctive selection flanked by two smaller diamonds, creating a harmonious, balanced design that represents enduring love and commitment.

The average price range for 1 carat black lab-grown diamond is $1000 to $1500. As mentioned earlier, a 4C grade decides the overall costs. So, if your budget fits the price range, then you prefer to offer such a delightful black diamond ring.

7. Orange Lab Diamond Wedding Eternity Band

Fancy Orange Colored Lab Diamond Round Cut Eternity Wedding Band With White Gold Material and Shared Button Prong Settings.

The orange lab diamond eternity band for women is a radiant expression of everlasting love and vibrant sophistication. This captivating band features a continuous circle of exquisite orange diamonds, symbolizing eternal commitment and passion. A sophisticated touch of white gold makes a wedding band more precious and wonderful.

The warm and lively hues of the orange diamonds infuse a unique and modern twist into the traditional wedding eternity band, making it a distinctive choice for those who seek both elegance and individuality. To commit love, a clear, pure, vivid orange diamond is chosen in a round brilliant cut, preferably radiant or oval.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, wedding bands for women are a statement piece that beautifully complements a bride's personality, adding color and brilliance to the symbol of forever. The shared button round prong settings complete an eternity ring as the individual meets his love as defined in destiny.

8. Modern and Stylish Green Gem Ring

Dark Green Gem Modern Stylish Ring For Women In White Gold That Looks Keen and Ideal For Committing a Love.

Wanting a contemporary elegance and innovation design in a modern ring for women – an embodiment of love? This green gem ring made with white gold is a masterpiece that redefines sophistication with clean lines, geometric shapes, and avant-garde settings. The lush green emerald gem, set amidst the modern brilliance, not only adds a pop of color but also symbolizes growth, renewal, and a connection to nature.

The sleek design ensures a comfortable and eye-catching fit on the finger, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate bold expressions of individuality. Elevate your style with this stylish ring, where innovation meets timeless beauty, creating a stunning accessory that seamlessly blends with the dynamic spirit of the modern woman. Celebrate your love relationship without any limit and declare publicly that you're now committed to someone special for you.

The matching metal for the green colored diamond ring is white gold and platinum. Also silver or palladium could be a low priced metal that appears similar to white gold. Meanwhile, if you choose yellow gold for a warmth reflection or to appeal a romance and femininity, pick rose gold. Select a purity of metal range from 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT to get an original gold material with the alloy of other metals.

In essence, the world of fancy colored diamond rings are filled with a style to suit every taste and preference. Whether you gravitate towards the classic solitaire, the vintage charm of yesteryears, or the modern brilliance of contemporary designs, each style tells a unique story. You can select the perfect colored diamond for a ring style that not only complements your style but also becomes a cherished symbol of your individuality and love.


In the captivating world of fancy colored diamond rings, we've delved into the allure of these exquisite gems, exploring the spectrum of colors and the unique characteristics that set them apart.

From understanding the essence of color diamonds to unraveling the vivid options and the allure of lab-grown alternatives, our journey has been guided by a commitment to quality, individuality, and responsible choices.

These diamonds, born from nature's artistry and enhanced through innovation, offer a diverse palette for expressing personal style and making meaningful statements. As you embark on the journey of selecting your ring, consider the brilliance of lab-grown options and the vivid hues that resonate with your unique taste.

Make a statement transcending time with a colored diamond ring, where each shade tells a story. Elevate your style, embrace sophistication, and launch on a journey of timeless elegance with fancy colored diamonds that reflect your distinctive allure.

Discover the perfect hue that resonates with your style and celebrate the artistry of colored diamonds. Your journey to timeless elegance begins now.

If you want to talk to us directly or through a virtual appointment regarding making your colored diamond ring not only beautiful but meaningful and cost-friendly, then click the Contact Us button.


  • Is fancy colored lab-grown diamond an eco-conscious choice?

Yes, fancy colored lab-grown diamonds are an eco-conscious choice. They minimize environmental impact by avoiding the environmental disruptions associated with traditional diamond mining. These diamonds are produced using sustainable practices and ethical standards and offer a brilliant and environmentally responsible alternative. It allows individuals to make conscious choices that align with their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing.

  • How much cost does 1 carat fancy colored lab-grown diamond?

One carat fancy colored lab-grown diamond price ranges from $271.80 to $2500 as color, clarity, and cut grades may evolve and have high quality. The price for a 1 carat lab diamond changes over time and can stay cheaper than a mined diamond.

Here's the complete price chart for 1 carat colored lab-grown diamonds.

Colored Lab Diamonds Price (According To 4Cs Grades)

Color Carat Weights Clarity Price $
Red 1.00 VVS $2000
Pink 1.00 VVS $2500
Black 1.26 VS $271.80
Yellow 1.14 VVS2 $1620
Blue 1.00 VS $1125
Champagne 1.00 VVS $725
Orange 1.10 VS $2475
Olive-Grey 1.06 VS $468
Chocolate 1.00 VVS $649
Green 1.14 VS $1940

The price maybe different from the opted quality and shapes.

  • Which quality to select colored diamonds?

Selecting colored diamonds revolves around the 4Cs—carat, cut, color, and clarity. Each factor contributes to a diamond's overall beauty and value. Additionally, symmetry grade plays a crucial role, ensuring balanced facets for enhanced brilliance. Mastering these criteria is essential for choosing exquisite colored diamonds that meet both aesthetic preferences and investment considerations.

  • What is the correct price to pay for a colored diamond ring?

Determining the right price for a colored diamond ring involves various factors, including color intensity, carat weight, cut, ring designs, metal, and clarity. Generally, prices can range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars per carat, depending on these attributes. A balanced approach is crucial; aim for a price that aligns with your budget while ensuring the diamond's quality meets your desired brilliance and color intensity standards.

  • Which is the best metal for a colored diamond ring?

For vivid colored diamond rings, the best metal selection is rose gold and yellow gold, which match the stone's natural saturation. A pink rose and canary yellow gold shade contain a beautiful appearance that adds more value to the ring design.

We mentioned the best metal selection for every colored diamond ring, so select according to it.

Metal Selection According To Colored Diamonds

Color Silver Rose Gold Yellow Gold White Gold Platinum
Yellow -
Blue -
Champagne -
Orange -
Olive-Grey -
Chocolate -
Green -

The selection of metal in colored diamond rings depends on personal preference, budget consideration, and ring design. You can choose anything between gold, silver, and platinum at your discretion.

  • Where to shop for colored diamond rings?

When shopping for colored diamond rings, reputable jewelry retailers, both online and in-house, are excellent choices. Well-known establishments, certified dealers, and trusted online platforms provide authenticity and quality assurance. It's essential to research customer reviews, certifications, and return policies knowing additional facilities like jewelry insurance or extended warranty period before making a purchase, ensuring a secure and satisfactory buying experience.

  • Is Fancy Color Lab-grown Diamond Cheap?

Fancy color lab-grown diamonds are often more affordable than their natural replicas as raw diamonds. The controlled environment of lab creation reduces production costs, making these diamonds a cost-effective option without compromising on quality or visual appeal. Embracing color lab-grown diamonds allows for budget-friendly choices while still enjoying the beauty and uniqueness of vibrant, colored gems.

  • With a $1500 budget, can I purchase a fancy color diamond ring?

Yes, with a $1500 budget, you can acquire a stunning fancy color diamond ring, particularly if you explore lab-grown diamonds. Lab-created gems offer vibrant colors and exceptional quality at a more affordable price point compared to natural diamonds. This allows you to enjoy the allure of fancy colors within your budget, making diamonds an excellent option for those seeking both value and beauty.

  • Which fancy color is most attractive for a ring?

The choice of the most attractive fancy color for a ring is subjective and depends on personal preferences. Some may find the romantic allure of pink diamonds enchanting, while others may be drawn to the vibrant richness of blue or the timeless elegance of yellow. Ultimately, the most pretty color is the one that resonates with the wearer's style and holds sentimental value for them.

  • My ring size is 5.50 US; still, can I shop for colored diamond rings??

There is no rule to select a colored diamond ring for a specific size. If your ring size is 5.50 US, you can freely purchase a ring without hesitation. Every ring size is available for selection, whether wider or bigger as you want to buy. The ring size range is 3.00 US to 10.00 US, according to the ring size chart. Considering the snug wearing experience allows an ideal appearance on the finger. Meanwhile, every country has different dimensions for the size, so ensure you opt for the correct dimension.

  • Which diamond shape will look better in fancy colors?

Various diamond shapes can showcase fancy colors beautifully, but the radiant, princess, and oval cuts are particularly well-suited. These shapes enhance the color intensity, offering a stunning display of hues. In particular, the elongated surface areas of oval and radiant cuts allow for a vibrant expression of fancy, vivid colors, making them appear more prominent and captivating in these shapes. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference and the desired aesthetic for the individual wearer.

  • Can I gift bridal jewelry set in colored diamonds to my daughter?

Absolutely, gifting a bridal jewelry set in colored diamonds to your daughter is a thoughtful and unique gesture. Fancy colors add a distinctive touch to bridal sets, symbolizing individuality and personal style. Consider her preferences and choose a set that complements her taste, whether a stunning ring, earrings or a necklace. Colored diamond bridal jewelry makes for memorable and cherished gifts, adding a touch of vibrant elegance to her special day.

  • How Colored Diamonds Get Their Colors In Mines?

Colored diamonds obtain their hues through trace elements or the distortion of crystal lattice structures during their formation deep within the Earth's mantle. Various factors, such as nitrogen, boron, or radiation exposure, contribute to the distinct colors. Natural forces and conditions during crystallization imbue these diamonds with a stunning array of colors, creating the unique and rare beauty found in colored diamonds mined from the Earth.

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