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How To Buy Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

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    When we view the pear-cut diamond, it has come to its tick point cutting because it has a very sharp edge. We found that 48% of couples select pear shape diamonds for engagement rings. The pear cut diamond is a fancy shape of the diamond that is used for making diamond pendants, necklaces, bangles or bracelets, and rings.

    Today, we discussed the pear diamond engagement ring. It is an elite choice if someone is searching for a unique style diamond ring with a pear shape. Because pear diamond has the ability to look more bright and shiny than other shapes of diamonds. Also, pear-shaped lab-grown diamond has exceptional faceting and polishing process.


    ↦ Why Select Pear Diamond Engagement Rings?

    The answer is that a pear-cut diamond ring gives the wearer a dazzling look on the finger. The diamond ring's pear shape is famous due to its waterdrop shape. The pear-cut diamond has a brilliant, glittering look on its table surfaces, making it unique from others, and it has 58 facets. Pear Diamond Engagement Ring looks big than a round diamond ring.

    When a person buys a pear cut diamond ring, he looks for an elegant sparkling and that ring will be memorable to give someone. A pear-shaped diamond has much more weight than the same carat of another shape of the diamond. This shape of diamond features the trending style to emerge the beauty. The pear-cut diamond is the best choice for an engagement ring for her.

    ↦ Pear Cut Diamond Rings:-

    After you decide to fix pear cut diamond in the engagement ring, then it turns to the ring style. There are many ring styles are available like as solitaire ring, eternity ring, halo ring, and channel set ring. But, the pear diamond is curved from the middle surface, so the art deco ring is out of a box choice.

    In art deco ring style, a pear-shaped diamond is fixed at the center, and the other diamonds are engraved around the pear cut laboratory diamond.

    Five major types of engagement rings make the ring more beautiful and fantabulous. The ring style affects the diamond's look. Some new styles have come for customers whenever the ring style is invented, and they choose what they may be like. Here I show the diamond ring style to obtain more knowledge.


    Pear Art Deco Rings still in the choice of people because it represents the vintage and ancient time. Art Deco Engagement Rings are show the glorious appearance of the kingdom times. So, Pear Diamond is good selection for your art deco engagement ring. You have option to modify this art deco style ring with your mind's creation. You have to tell us which style you can prefer for pear diamond ring and rest of the work you can leave on our mind and skill.

    [Art Deco Pear Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Side view of art deco gold ring]-[ouros jewels]

    If you are looking for a stylish and antique cut pear-shaped lab-grown diamond ring, then you can choose the art deco style. In this ring, the surfaces are covered with the diamonds. In wide meaning, the art deco ring is the trending style. When you look at this antique art deco style ring, you must noticed that there is engraving craftsmanship has placed.

    The pear-shaped yellow diamond is fixed up in the center in this ring style, while the small pear diamonds are placed as side diamonds. Also, the center diamond connects other diamonds with a bridge which can provide it the durability to stay with lifetime.

    [Pear Three Stone Engagement Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Pear Diamond Three Stone Ring On Hand]-[Ouros Jewels]

    In addition, this style of ring can make the occasion more perfect and glorious due to this yellow pear-shaped lab diamond. This ring is not only for engagement wearing but also in a wedding or on anniversaries which may person like. 

    This pear tear drop lab-grown diamond engagement ring set looks “eye-catching” from far away due to its elegant sparkling with lights. In particular, two bands are separately placed. So you can say that one band is very similar to a chevron ring, which has round and pear-shaped diamonds.

    [Pretty Pear Diamond Bridal Set]-[Ouros Jewels] [On Hand Pear Diamond Bridal Set]-[Ouros Jewels]

    While another band has Halo-style structures in the center and on splits shanks, round diamonds are also placed there. That makes it a 100% engagement ring instead of a bridal ring. But, you have memorable engagement moments when you choose this ring.

    This antique style teardrop diamond shape ring reflects sophisticated craftsmanship. This style has no center locking mode that all rings usually have. A bypass-style diamond ring has two sides and diamond bands. A yellow pear cut diamond has been placed at one side of the band with a round diamond on the side.

    [Unique Bypass Pear Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Pear Diamond Ring On Hand]-[Ouros Jewels]

    White pear diamond has taken place on another side band with another side pear shaped diamond. Thus, this ring style is the most appropriate choice for an antique-style diamond engagement ring. For yellow pear cut sparkling diamond ability, this ring is called a "pear cut yellow diamond engagement ring."

    This pear diamond shape halo ring style describes that a center diamond has other diamonds that are friends of it. This pear shaped ring is for those who love glittering diamonds because its surfaces are engraved with full of diamonds on the ring center table place, making it the best choice for engagement wearing.

    [Pear Diamond Halo Engagement Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Pear Diamond Halo Ring On Hand View]-[Ouros Jewels]

    A Pear Diamond Ring helps to you reveal the love words on her lips because this diamond engagement ring has some invisible powers to say love words. Also, In Pear Diamond Ring VVQAQAMN56H8 you can see the better sparkle reflection which you demand in your engagement rings then we have crafted specially this ring for engagement or proposal moment. So, buy it now and make your love nexus more strong.

    You can contact us if you want this ring style in a yellow diamond teardrop engagement ring. We specialize in custom orders, and we deliver exquisite jewelry safely to your hand. 

    This Blue Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring is a sensational choice for your engagement, especially in solitaire style. A Blue Pear Shaped Diamond can reflect more sparkling lights on the eyes; it increases the wearer's beauty and appearance. In This Ring, 2.40 CT BLUE PEAR LAB GROWN DIAMOND is placed on the center shank.

    [Blue Pear Diamond Solitaire Ring]-[Ouros Jewels] [Pear Solitaire Diamond Ring On Hand]-[Ouros Jewels]

    A solitaire pear diamond ring comes with the solo format on the ring. Let me explain this. A solitaire diamond ring has only one center diamond that fixes in the bezel-set, prong style, and basket style to make it more durable. In addition, a solitaire diamond ring for who eagerly awaiting looks for spectacular sparkling reflections then Halo Rings or Accent Rings.


    • If you're searching for pear wedding rings in lab grown then you're at the right place. In our inventory you can find best affordable priced wedding gold rings with natural beauty. So, prefer below pear diamond wedding rings sample. The below ring is only for representation. You want same as below wedding band for your marriage then placed order. While you have to get customized wedding band in pear diamond then freely contact us. We retuns to you with the best price and design that's makes your wedding moments precious and irreplaceable.


    A Pear Lab Diamond Eternity Rings are usually designed for weddings. But, now all love birds are choosing eternity bands ahead of rings. That's the reality. In an eternity band, diamonds interact with each other with a bezel set or prong set. 

    [Pear Diamond Wedding Band]-[Ouros Jewels] [Pear Diamond Wedding Band On Hand]-[Ouros Jewels]

    In addition, Pear Cut Lab Diamonds are fixed in ascending and descending format in this gold eternity band. Do we ask customers for which are the reasons for choosing an eternity ring? They tell us that Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band has big width and length than a ring. It means that Diamond Eternity Band looks larger on hand than a ring.

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    Which Clarity Best For Pear Diamond Engagement Ring?

    For Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, VS1 clarity is the best becuase VS1 clarity shows that pear diamond has no more inclusions to stop sparkling reflection and VS1 clarity grade pear diamond is easily available at less price. But, it reflects full of brightening lights.

    A diamond engagement ring features brilliance and sparkling beauty. When you go for a ring, the clarity of the diamond VS1 Or SI1 is better than SI2. But the VS1 clarity comes with financial loads to your pocket. It doesn't mean that an SI2 diamond has more impurities than VS1. Also, SI2 diamond clarity is available at less cost.

    [Diamond Clarity Grading Scale]-[Ouros Jewels]


    Pear diamond has a different structure than other shape of diamonds. So, clarity grade is also important for choosing a pear diamond for an engagement ring. While a pear has a long look then, clarity is the most affected factor in the appearance of the diamond.

    Suppose you select the 1.00 CT Pear cut lab grown diamond, then choose clarity between VS2 and SI2. Pear Cut Diamond has many facets on the table surface. That's why it hides the inclusions. So, you can easily select VS2 clarity for pear diamond engagement rings.


    How To Wear A Pear Shaped Engagement Ring?

    [Right Way To Wear A Pear Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

    Yes, there is a way to wear a pear-cut diamond ring on hand. As you know now, the pear cut diamond has a sharp edge tick point due to this, when someone wears this shape ring in finger with downside it cause harm to them. But, the right way is a pear-cut diamond ring always worn on the finger when its edge is the upside to breathtaking looking.


    ↦ Which Is The Best Color Grade Diamond For Pear Engagement Ring?

    The color is an essential factor for a ring or diamond jewelry. For a pear engagement ring, a D-F color is an elegant choice. Because the D color pear diamond has no color that stops a release of tremendous sparkling light for an eye-catching one. But, the D color diamond is very scarce to find.

    [Diamond Color Grading Scale]-[Ouros Jewels]

     As a result, it has much price, but the love is not scaled with money. Also, G or I color diamond is nearly colorless to be a good choice for the pear diamond engagement ring.

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    We know which ring style suits the pear-cut diamond engagement ring from the above points. Also, we know in which clarity and color this shape ring looks more awesome. So, the pear-cut diamond is a superior choice ahead of all diamond shapes if you need some fantastic glittering and shining.

    In Pear shape, diamond Customers will get exceptional lights that are best for any type of ring. That is why 42% of customers have demanded Pear cut diamonds in Engagement Ring.

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