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Kate Middleton Engagement and Wedding Ring

Kate middleton engagement ring

Kate Middleton is known as Catherine and Duchess of Cambridge. She is a member of the British royal family and the wife of Prince William. Prince William is the second successor to the British throne.

Kate Middleton is a mother of three children: Princes George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother Princess Dianaโ€™s legacy engagement ring, and the ring price was ยฃ50,0000. Kate Middleton engagement ring is also known as her wedding ring.

  • Who is Kate Middleton or Catherine Middleton?

Kate Middleton was born on 9 January 1982 in Berkshire, south-east England. She got her nursery education in Jordan in May 1984. While the Middleton family moved to Berkshire again in September 1986, Kate Middleton joined St. Andrew School.

In 1995, she moved to Marlborough College, a co-educational school that was very famous. Kate Middleton took an interest in sports activities, and she was captain of the hockey team.ย 

Kate completed her graduation in history of art from St. Andrews University in 2005. Middleton urged many funds for the charity to help the people who were underprivileged and not capable of earning a meal or medical curement.ย 

Catherine Middleton met Prince William in 2001 while both were St. Andrew University students. In 2002, Prince William started to like Kate Middleton. As a result, they both started dating in 2003.

But after five years of relationship, they broke up with each other. In July 2007, Kate Middleton attended the Concert Of Princess Diana. Kate Middleton and Prince Williams conciliate their relationship.ย 

Catherine Middleton married Prince Williams in 2011. She is the third number person to become a British throne succession.

  • History of Kate Middleton engagement ring

History says that Kate Middleton engagement ring is the ring of Princess Diana, her late mother-in-law. Princess Diana and Prince Charles were engaged in 1981 then the Prince proposed to Diana with this Sapphire Ring.

When Princess Diana died then, Prince William(her son)ย took possession of the ring, and he gave it to his love life, Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton was engaged to Prince William, a Cambridge Duke, in October 2010 in Kenya. Prince William gives his mother's legacy Saphhire engagement ring to Middleton. This engagement ring has a natural Sapphire as the center stone, while white round cut diamonds are fixed around the framework.

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Middleton's wedding ring has amazing historical facts that describe the legacy of the British royal family. In February 1981, Prince Charles and Princess Diana got engaged, and the engagement ring was designed by crown jeweler Garrad. In the ring,ย 12-carat Ceylon blue oval sapphire birthstone was fixed, and the metal was 18kt White Gold.

When Prince Charles and Princess Diana got divorced in 1992 then, Diana continued to worn Sapphire gold ring. After the death of Princess Diana, her two children, Prince William and Prince Harry, started to get memorabilia of their motherโ€™s possessions.

Princess Diana left a ring as sign for her children, Prince William and Prince Harry. So, Prince William takes ownership of her motherโ€™s Sapphire gold ring andย proposes it to Kate Middleton.

After Kate Middleton engaged Prince William, she wore 12ย carats blue Sapphire ring, and thatโ€™s why the ring is known as Kate Middleton wedding Ring. Kate Middleton was blessed with this Natural Sapphire engagement ring, and this ring is included in the most expensive rings engagement clubs in the world.

  • Which diamonds/gemstones are used in Kate Middleton's engagement ring?

In Kateย Middleton's Ring, 12 carat blue oval Sapphire Birthstone is used as the central stone.ย This means Kate Middletonย woreย a Sapphire stone in her ring. While other accent diamonds are fixed of round brilliant cut diamonds around the center of Blue Sapphire.ย 14 round accent diamonds placed in the Dutchess Of Wales Kate Middleton's ring, which are covered in a clockwise shape.ย Sapphire Blue Birthstone Increase The Appearance Of Kate Middleton's RingKate Middleton's Sapphire ring is a style of halo ring and it is Kate's wedding ring. In this Kate Middleton wedding ring, blue oval Sapphire gemstone is fixed with prongs for the best durability. While prongs grasp round accent diamonds to sustain the permanence of the ring.

  • What is the price or cost of Kateย Middleton's engagement/wedding ring?

Kate Middleton engagement/wedding ring has already booked the name in the worldโ€™s most expensive diamond rings club. While talking about Kate Middleton's wedding ring price is ยฃ50,0000 now because the 12 carat blue oval Sapphire gemstone and round brilliant cut diamond is the most expensive.Kate Middleton Engagement Ring With Sapphire Birthstone

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In Kateย Middleton's engagement ring, 18KT white gold metal makesย the ring differentย of other expensive diamond rings already famous. So, when we count the Kate Middleton wedding ring price in US Dollars, it shows $ 5.9 Million. How expensive and luxurious this Kate Middleton wedding ring.ย 

  • Final thoughts on Kateย Middleton's engagement ring

Middleton's Engagement ring shows the bequest of the British royal family. But, in reality, Kate Middleton's ring has vintage looks and describes the history of love. A Kate Middleton ring is designed byย crown-makingย jewelerย Garrad. This Middleton wedding ring is designed from queen victoria blue colored diamond and diamond cluster brooch, which Prince Albert presented in 1840. Queen Victoria said that day was a blue day for her.

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