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Old Mine Cut Diamonds: Understand In Expert Gemological View

Old mine cut diamond beauty and elegance

The diamonds are known for their durability, sparkle reflections, and brilliant appearance, apart from synthetic stones and colored gemstones. Most people understand that diamonds are available in only brilliant and traditional cuts, but the most elegant diamonds feature in "Mine Cut." The mine-cut diamonds have a slightly similar brilliance reflection as the brilliant cut, but they differ in facets and formations.

The old mine-cut diamonds usually have a cushion-cut diamond shape, soft curving edges, and a high crown pattern that drives a scintillation. In the 18th and 19th centuries, mine-cut diamonds were famous among brilliant-cut diamonds.

These diamonds are cut from the eye and hands without any machinery usage that not delivers perfect proportions to the stone. However, an engagement ring or charming tennis bracelet is still an appealing choice. The high crown, small table, short and lower facets, and swallowed pavilion anatomy features that drive required light reflections in old mine diamonds.

You can find an asymmetrical shape in the old mine-cut diamonds rather than a brilliant cut, but it should not be analyzed as a flaw. For example, with a modern cushion cut, you can see the perfection of the table, crown, girdle, and pavilion surfaces. While in cushion cut mined diamond, you can see a different anatomical structure.

In this article, we will explore what is old mine-cut diamond, its history, and the modern scenario in the jewelry industry. Also, we disclose what to keep in mind when purchasing the mined cut diamond jewelry with real examples. So, keep staying tuned until the finish line of this article to help yourself for getting a beautiful piece of love.

What Is An Old Mine-cut Diamond?

The old mine-cut diamond usually has an elongated cushion shape where the smaller table, high crown, swallowed pavilion, and slight thin to thin girdle anatomy exists. The large culet is the identical mark of the old mine diamonds representing the circle shape. In these diamonds, mostly 58 facets appear on the stone's anatomy.

The word "old mine diamond" came from the end of the 18th century when they were found in African, Indian, and Brazilian mines. In Indian and Brazilian mines primarily, the mined cut diamonds were sourced to make it in the square and elongated shape that releases the intense sparkle reflections.

The African mined diamonds were founded in a better color and rough quality, offering such a beautiful wearing experience. These diamonds were excellent in quality, and at that time, the diamond manufacturers and cutters made the diamond in old mine cuts that looked captivating and distinctive.

2.09-carat weighted old mine cut cushion shape lab-grown diamond with VS1 clarity and F color-grade

The soft curving corner edges can be found on the old mine cushion diamonds, which means they resemble oval or pear-shaped structures. In these diamonds, 45° to 90° edges fill the elegance in this vintage diamond and give a modern touch.

There's a belief that the old mine diamonds were usually found in the Indian Subcontinental mines and cut from single-handled diamond cutters. These vintage gems were cut and polished from hands and skills without any usage of modern machinery. Imagine how beautifully the stone was made!

History Of Old Mine Cut Diamonds

The old mine cut diamonds sourced from Africa, India, and Brazil's mines, and they identified a beautiful stone in the late 1800s. In this tenure, the diamonds were cut, polished, and measured from the hands rather than using high-tech machinery and equipment. But, still, the skill and expertise of the diamond cutters gave dimensions, proportions, and appearance.

In the 18th to 19th centuries, the old mine-cut diamonds raised demands from across the world because of their vintage shape appearance. These diamonds were famous in the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras.

In India, most of the old mine-cut diamonds were found near Golconda, Hyderabad, Telangana. India contributed far share to the mined diamonds to provide a sufficient supply of stones at that time.

While in the 18th century, India and Brazil were most of the hubs of mined diamond sourcing. While in the 1860s, the African mines started to grab beautiful natural diamonds that were apart from Indian and Brazilian mined diamonds.

But there is a belief exists that an "Old Mine Cut" term refers to the old aged mines where the diamonds were founded and cut from the hands. By the end of the 19th century, the old mine-cut diamonds were usually in demand, but after, in the midway of the 20th century consistently reduced because of the old European-cut diamond emerging.

The old mine cut diamonds; the prestige and fame can be found in its anatomy because it's connected to a vintage era where Kings and Queens wore this diamond jewelry in large weights. In the 19th century, couples offered promise rings to their spouse with one and only elongated old mine-cut diamonds.

Also, women's chosen the mine cut diamonds for hoops and stud earrings in a square shape with an asymmetrical shape that looks captivating. The old mine diamonds were used as anniversary pendants, tennis bracelets, and wedding bangles. Thus, these diamonds have a more prominent history as their name, "Old Mine Cut Diamond."

Certified and Uncertified Old Mine Diamonds Characteristics

In certified and uncertified old mine diamond characteristics, you can find short uncompleted facets, high crown anatomy, a small table surface, a thin girdle surface, and swallowed pavilion.

Furthermore, these diamonds have elongated and slight square shapes in cushion cut with a rounded curving edge. It means you can't grab sharp-edged corners as the emerald or radiant cut diamond in an old mine cut.

Still, old mine diamonds are holding the couple's choices who want a vintage-inspired gift for their spouses. It's a fact, these diamonds don't throw the intense sparkle reflection as a brilliant cut, but their affordability and cost make them ideal to select.

The scintillation effect in the mine cut diamonds offers sufficient light reflections that surplus the additional value to the overall structure. The scintillation effect refers to a spark appearance that has a luminous yellow tint. Every diamond has these attributes, but old mine stone elegantly carries the scintillation effect that offers a sparkle in the darkness.

While like as the old mine diamonds feature extra categories from fluorescence, symmetry, and dimensions according to the L/W ratio. When opted these diamonds for rings or bracelets, make sure they have the best clarity, carat weights, color, and cut grade.

Meanwhile, see the characteristics of these vintage old mine diamonds to know them better and make a perfect decision.

  • They Have a Small Center Table Surface

The old mined diamond's table surface is small compared to modern cushion and round cut diamond. The reason behind keeping a small table anatomy is to allocate a prominent space to the facets and larger culet.

If the table surface occupied more than 30% space on the anatomy, the facets could not be placed, and the overall look of the diamond was affected. That's why the small center table surfaces exist in old mined diamonds.

Another reason for having the small table is to make a curved edge softer and ideal that drives beautiful sparkle reflections. In addition, old mine cut diamond's 45 to 90° curving edges influence to not go beyond wider table surfaces.

The most important factor to keep the table surface small in old mine diamonds is the "High Crown." The high crown anatomy grabs the light reflections for a longer time. That's why buyers refer to these diamonds ahead of the modern cushion or princess cut.

  • The Big and High Crown Surface

The bigger crown surface is the most identical mark of the old mine diamonds. The crown is an integral part of any diamond because they connected with the girdle and pavilion facets. So, with the high crown, you can experience excellent light reflections rather than a flat and simple crown.

For example, take two diamonds in the hands. The first is an old mine cushion, and the second is the modern or rectified elongated radiant cut. Did you see the difference? The difference is the formation of crown anatomy. In radiant diamonds, the flat crown exists with the support of a table. While the old mine cushion cut has a variation on the crown that drives an elegant appearance.

Also, old mine diamonds have the 30° angled curving anatomy to connect with the table surface's faceting styles. That's why to match the table and girdle anatomy; these diamonds are made with the high crown anatomy.

The swallowed crown surfaces collect the lights from all directions that enter the pavilion facets from it turn into brilliance reflection. So, to make the light's reflection ability more distinctive, the crown is curved highly, which provides a gorgeous appearance to this vintage-shaped stone.

On the mine cut diamond's crown surfaces, 90% of triangle-shaped facets help lights turn out more sparkles. So, select these diamonds for an engagement ring or marriage anniversary pendant if you want to offer antique diamond jewelry to your love partner.

  • The Short and Lower Facets Existence

Usually, the diamonds haven't any longer facets on the anatomy except the emerald cut, where the step-cut type facets are placed. While in the old mine cut diamonds, the facets are placed in the short length and in the lower frequent pattern that makes them distinctive. Due to their asymmetrical shape these diamonds carry short and uncompleted facets.

But it's an exaggeration to say that the old mine diamonds aren't releasing a better sparkle reflection because of the uncompleted faceting patterns. The transparent anatomy and ideal polishing process make these diamonds unique to choose for jewelry. The light reflection isn't affected as so much as you opted for a lower clarity or blemished diamonds.

  • The Scintillation and Fire Effects

Due to having an elongated shape, the old mine diamond features scintillation and fire effects. To gain these effects in the stone, buyers choose the diamonds in jewelry. The mine cut diamond observes the scintillation and fire effect from the skilled cutting and polishing process.

That's why with the proper dimensions and the least asymmetrical shaped old mine diamonds carries more value than a brilliant cut. So, you can experience attractive light reflections when opting for a proper old mine cut diamond. Ensure you pick the ideal quality graded diamond that features effulgence.

  • The Asymmetrical Formation of Facets

In diamond sparkle reflection, symmetry is an important part to consider. As a result, most of the manufacturers emphasize keeping a diamond symmetry between Excellent to Good grades. But in the old mine cut diamonds, you can find the asymmetrical formation of facets, while in the modern cut diamonds, their proper symmetrical structure appears.

Thus, if you want to offer a distinctive experience to your love partner in a vintage diamond engagement ring or bracelet, then an old mine cut will help you. In these diamonds, the symmetry isn't matched, but the brilliance is still adorable. Make sure not to go below Good symmetry grade in old mine diamonds.

Why To Choose Old Mine Lab-grown Diamonds?

To select old mine lab-grown diamonds, you can take a proud buy an ethically made stone that releases a less environmental footprint. Also, with the lab diamonds, you have to spend not so much cost even in the best clarity (from FL to VVS or maybe VS) and color grades (from D to J).

In addition, you can get the identical appearance as natural old mine cut diamonds. So, you can offer your spouse a beautiful wearing experience with old mine cut lab diamonds.

With the old mine lab-made diamonds, you can hold great sentimental value in jewelry and makes it special. For example, a mine cut lab diamond ring offers a vintage-inspired wearing experience. While a charming tennis bracelet with old mine diamonds gives a tangible glorious appearance.

The most important fact in picking a lab-grown diamond is its crystalline and symmetrical formation and structure. Also, these diamonds are eco-friendly and ethically made using natural resources and renewable energy like solar energy. Offer a special value to your jewelry by selecting old mine cut lab-grown diamonds.

Important tip to identify old mine cut diamonds easily

An old mine cut diamonds have “X” sign facets with a double line. Also, old mine cut diamonds have cross-size table surfaces, and in the center, a tiny round size circle is placed to authenticate that it is old mine diamond.

Old mine cut diamond is a combination of parallel and steps faceting styles which introduces the transparent appearance of the diamond. When purchasing old mine cut diamonds, always keep remembering about the certification of that particular cut diamond.

Usually, old mine cut diamonds are founded in a cushion cut, but there is a change now. Recently, we introduced the old mine oval cut diamonds with brilliance and scintillation.

Old Mine V/s. Old European Cut Diamonds: The Comparison

There are many misconceptions and illusions exist about old mines and old European cut diamonds. So, here we describe the difference between these two vintage diamonds, so you can know which one is perfect for making your jewelry pretty, an old mine or a European cut diamond.

Differentiate points

Old Mine Cut Diamond

Old European Cut Diamond


Better sparkling appearance than an old European cut diamonds.

Less sparkle reflections due to milky and white surfaces.


India, Africa, and Brazil. Also, found in laboratories as lab-grown diamonds.

Made in the laboratories.

Faceting Styles

 Step cuts and shorter facets compared to European cut. But it offers a good sparkle reflection.

Brilliant cut and flower shaped facets.

Shape Of Facets

 Triangle and square shape that drives an elegant lights reflections throughout the symmetry.

Sunflower shaped and long facets as brilliant cut diamond.


For 1-carat cushion old mine cut lab-grown diamond cost is $1200 with VVS clarity and EF color grade.

1 carat old European cut diamond with VVS clarity and EF color grade price is $1400.

Symbolism Loyalty, Dedication, and Love. Romance, Commitment, Connection.
Shape Elongated cushion and oval shape. Always round shape with 360° surfaces.
Symmetry Mostly featured asymmetrical formation. Proper alignment of the symmetrical structure.
4cs Old mine diamonds have less variations in color, clarity, carat and cut grades. In old European cut diamonds, there is a choice to pick a favorite color, clarity, carat, and cut grades. They have more variations over a mine cut diamond.

Old Mine Cut Diamonds Jewelry

The old mine cut diamond jewelry refers to vintage jewelry because of its connection with the 18th century. Offer a beautiful and elegant appearance with the mine cut diamonds jewelry as a sign of your loyal emotions towards the spouse and relationship.

You can find solitaire engagement rings, halo pendants, wedding eternity bands, and stud earrings in the old mine diamond jewelry. Aside from this jewelry, you can pick an old mine diamond for bracelets, bangles, and necklaces. You can offer your bride a vintage-inspired mine cut diamond wedding necklace that signifies elegance.

Make sure your bought old mine diamond jewelry is ethically sourced and made with the least blemishes and scratches. Insist the diamond certification from your jeweler to inspect the stone's color, clarity, and other details. It will make your purchase experience trustworthy and authenticated.

1. Engagement Ring In Old Mine Cut Lab Diamond

Old mine cut lab diamond engagement ring is a good choice if you want to offer a vintage wearing experience to your spouse. In engagement rings, you have a choice to pick a traditional solitaire ring style or a minimalist modern halo style with pave engraving. With lab-grown diamonds, your old mine cut stone features cheap cost but high quality, ever.

The best metal for old mine rings is the silver, white gold, and platinum. All these three metals have the same appearance but different qualities. Pick silver metal if you want to save 10-30% cost to spend on white gold or platinum. Simultaneously, consider the color, clarity, and carat weights selection.

2.15 carat weighted old mine oval cut lab-grown diamond halo engagement ring in VS clarity and EF color grade

For example, a 2.15-carat weighted center old mine oval lab-grown diamond costs $3115.25 with a .30 CTW round brilliant cut. In this halo-style engagement ring, VS clarity and EF color grade lab diamonds are placed, and 925 Sterling silver metal is used. You can customize the metal silver to 18KT white gold or platinum metal.

Allocate a proper budget to shop for a glorious old mine engagement ring. If your spouse insists on spending around $1500 to $2000 on a ring then you can select VVS clarity grade old mine diamonds within 2-carat weights. Make sure you purchased the authenticated and certified mine cut diamond from your jeweler. Also, pick metal from yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold according to the ring style you opted for.

2. Old Mine Cut Stud Earrings For Women

In earrings, you have choices to pick a particular style from hoop, stud, drop, dangle, chandelier, and bar. But out of these styles, the stud earring is the perfect choice with old mine oval-shaped diamonds. The stud earrings feature a push back, screw back, and secure lock back with a better appearance.

VS clarity and colorless old mine cushion cut lab-grown diamond stud earrings for women

So, you can gift the old mine diamond earrings as an anniversary present or engagement sign to your love partner. You can customize the metal tone of the earlobe and band in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. But platinum is the best choice for stud earrings because it delivers a luxurious wearing experience.

Talking about the quality to choose in mine cut lab diamonds, then pick at least 1-carat total weights, VVS to VS/SI clarity (if you have a tight budget), D to G color grade, and Excellent to Very Good cut grade. Spend around $2000 to $2500 for old mine earrings.

3. Solitaire Pendant For Women in Mine Cut Diamond

If you're searching for a wedding anniversary gift for your girlfriend or wife, then the solitaire pendant is a perfect choice, especially with the mine cut diamonds. You can choose from oval, elongated cushion, heart, and pear-shaped stones in old mine cut diamonds. These stones can range from colorless to faint yellow colors and have at least 0.50-carat weights.

When selecting a solitaire pendant, consider choosing the ideal carat weights that look still larger when worn in the gold chain. We recommended selecting atleast 1 to 3-carat old mine cut diamonds that look gorgeous, and the clarity grade should be VVS to VS. Also, pay attention to choosing a diamond fluorescence in none to faint grade, which means your stone reflects a natural light without any UV rays.

Old mine cut lab-grown diamond solitaire pendant for women in VS clarity and EF color grade oval shape

An old mine solitaire pendant costs $1017 with VS clarity and EF color grade oval shape lab-grown diamond. Within this price range, you can purchase 16 inches necklace chain in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. So, are you ready to offer such a luxurious gift to your love? Then choose this mine lab diamond pendant for your love partner's Birthday or Anniversary gift.


The old mine cut diamond is an elegant and vintage choice to engrave these gems in your engagement or wedding jewelry. These stones have a small table, high crown, asymmetrical shape, and thin girdle surfaces. Still carrying a unique shape, the mine cut diamonds are selected to make a jewelry appearance beautiful.

These diamonds have journeyed far from at least 300 years from the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian eras. Old mine cut diamonds first appeared in India and Brazil. While South Africa found these stones in better quality.

You can find the same durability and hardness in old mine cut diamonds as the brilliant cut, even cut and polish with the hands. So, if your spouse likes to wear handmade diamond jewelry, then you can select these diamonds with the best quality.

You can offer the old mine cut lab diamond jewelry as anniversary presents, birthday gifts, and occasions of Valentine's Day. With atleast $1500, you can get beautiful old mine diamond jewelry. Ensure that you buy mine cut diamond jewelry with the certifications.

Question Window

  • Why loose old mines diamonds valuable today?

From the sparkle to the appearance of the jewelry, loose old mined diamonds retain their different value than modern brilliant cut diamonds. These diamonds were primarily used in the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian times. Thus, old mine diamonds are selected in engagement rings and pendants to make vintage jewelry. Also, combining step and mixed cutting styles on the anatomies reduces the chances of inclusions in diamonds.

  • How to shop a old mine cut diamond jewelry with perfection?

When shopping an old mine cut diamond jewelry with perfection, keep in mind to get a GIA and IGI certificate that describes an unbiased evaluation of the gem. After it, insist on selecting VVS to VS clarity and D to H color grade that offers a beautiful sparkling light reflection. Also, choose atleast 14KT yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold metal in the old mine diamond jewelry. Also, consider a reputable jeweler who promises to make your jewelry beautiful at an affordable cost.

  • Why Old Mine Cut Diamonds Not Valuable?

Due to unmatched symmetry, few sparkle reflections, and less demand, the old mine cut diamonds are not as valuable as round brilliant or modern radiant cut diamonds. Instead of their rarity, old mine diamonds have an asymmetrical shape and uncompleted facets on the anatomy. These diamonds have not so much value as brilliant diamonds with the same carat weights and clarity.

  • Is Old Mine Cut Diamonds Cheaper?

Compared to brilliant cut diamonds, the old mine diamonds have 20-30% cheaper because of the less demand and asymmetrical shape. Also, the reason behind the low cost of mine cut diamonds is that it has few choices or variations in color, clarity, and customization as modern stones. That's why old mine cut diamonds have low prices.

  • How Much Old Mine Cut Diamond Cost?

The 1-carat old mine cut lab-grown diamond cost should be $1500 to $2000 in VVS to VS clarity and Colorless grade. While a modern brilliant cut diamond could be available from $1200 to $1800. Keep in mind, the diamond prices depends on color, clarity, carat and cut grades. So, if you're insist to get higher quality in diamonds then you have to pay more about that.

  • Does Old Mine Cut Diamond Have Sparkles Reflections?

No, the old mine cut diamonds do not have the same brilliant sparkle reflections as the brilliant cut. Due to unmatched facet patterns and symmetrical structure, the lights are distributed differently and not released optimally. Also, due to improper dimensions and proportions, these stones carry fewer sparkle reflections.

  • Which Diamond Shapes Available In Old Mine Cut?

Old mine cut diamond has oval, elongated cushion, pear, heart, emerald, and radiant shape. Also, for a square shape, the princess cut is still available for you. Meanwhile, these stones are available in French cut and hexagonal shapes known as customized and vintage diamonds.

  • Is Old Mine Diamond Pendant Good Choice For Anniversary Present?

The old mine diamond pendant is a good choice for anniversary presents because it offers a distinctive appearance to the wearer. Simultaneously, the mine cut diamonds refer to vintage diamonds, so you can select them in solitaire, halo, or customized pendants with yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold chain at $1400 to $1800.

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