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OM NAMAH SHIVAY Diamond:- "Symbolism Of Auspiciousness"

[OM NAMAH SHIVAY Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

Explore into the beautiful world of OM NAMAH SHIVAY diamonds, a unique collection of lab-grown diamonds created by Green Lab Diamond in Surat, India. This collection comprises the Marquise Step Cut "OM," the Rose Cut Pear "NAMAH," and the Emerald Parallel Cut "SHIVAY," which all combine wonderful work with spiritual meaning. These diamonds are not only gorgeous, but they also have significant cultural importance, making them great for individuals who respect both beauty and symbolism. These spiritually inspired diamonds provide a unique combination of modern technology and traditional values.

  • Brief description of OM NAMAH SHIVAY diamonds

Before we start our discussion, first we know about what diamonds? The answer is that diamonds are made from carbon. So in scientific terms, diamonds are the solid form of carbon. There are two types of diamonds in the market that compete with each other. The first type is Natural Diamond, and the second is Lab-grown Diamond.

OM NAMAH SHIVAY is the type of lab grown diamond. Before the invention of lab diamonds, only Natural Diamonds were ruled the person’s mind. But lab grown diamonds are the revolutionary invention of the diamond industry.

So, today we saw the largest lab grown diamonds, which are manufactured in Green Lab Diamond, Surat, INDIA. Green Lab Diamond LLP is known for its elegant and most refined craftsmanship worldwide. As a result, they hold the major share of the lab-grown diamonds market. 

Green Lab Diamond is proud to announce that they represent their craftsmanship in the form of three sensational lab-grown diamonds in JCK Exhibition Show-2022 Las Vegas, USA. Those three lab-grown diamonds are called as “OM NAMAH SHIVAY”(Religious And Holy Slogan OF HINDU Religion).

  • Which diamond shape are known as OM NAMAH SHIVAY Diamonds?

First of all, you know the “OM NAMAH SHIVAY” diamonds are manufactured in a man-made environment in the laboratory. So even if you don’t know about lab-grown diamonds, don’t worry. We clarify it here. GIA(Gemological Institute Of America) officially states that “Lab-created diamonds are the type of real diamonds.”

In short, Lab Diamonds are not found in mines, but they are produced in a safe and secure atmosphere, which is eco-friendly and human-friendly.

So, let’s take a look at the appearance of OM NAMAH SHIVAY. In these OM NAMAH SHIVAY Diamonds, three types of diamond shapes are selected, which are as follows:- The First Diamond is called “OM,” and its shape is known as “Marquise Step Cut.” The second Diamond is known as “NAMAH,” which is in the form of a “Rose Cut Pear Diamond.” Finally, the rest of the Diamond is called “SHIVAY,” this diamond is the form of “Emerald Cut Diamond.”

So, we start with the characteristics of OM NAMAH SHIVAY Diamonds.

1. OM Diamond (27.27 carats marquise step cut)

A Marquise Step Cut diamond known for its brilliant sparkling ability. Many lab diamond manufacturers have started talking interset in the step cutting process. Because customers like to wear fashionable and religious ornaments that protect themselves forever. Step cutting diamonds are selected by customers who like to wear vintage lab-grown diamond rings or necklaces.

[OM Diamond In Step Cut Marquise Shape]-[Ouros Jewels]

This OM Diamond is in the shape of Marquise Step Cut. Marquise diamond has narrow width(customization available) and long length.

In addition, Marquise step cut diamond features stylish girdle facets and crown facets. Thus, when light enters into step cut diamond table surface, then the diamond surface divides the light into small parts, and you can get better sparkle than ever.

OM Diamond Characteristics

[OM Diamond Characteristics]-[Ouros Jewels]


2. NAMAH Lab Diamond (15.16 carats rose cut pear)

In pear cut diamond is another appealing choice for a classic appearance. A pear cut diamond has structured a “Leaf Shape Diamond.” So, when you notice pear diamond, you get that it has swallowed crown facets and pavilion facets. In addition, a pear-shaped diamond is known for its big size than the same carat weight of the diamond. 
[NAMAH Diamond in form of Rose Cut Pear Shape]-[Ouros Jewels]

In this 15.16 carats NAMAH diamond, you notice the elegant beauty of the diamond because it’s rose cut. Yes, rose-cut diamond has a transparent appearance as crystal clearity. Also, in this Rose Cut Pear Lab Diamond, you’ll get the extra sparkling and optimum look. 

NAMAH Diamond Characteristics

[NAMAH Diamond in Shape Of Rose Cut Pear Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]


3. SHIVAY Diamond (20.24 CT emerald parallel cut diamond)

Have you ever looked at the 20.24 CT’s Emerald Parallel Cut Diamond with its splendid appearance? No. So, let’s look at it. Emerald Diamond presents the last diamond called “SHIVAY.” In addition, Emerald Diamond has a rectangular shape and the same girdle faceting in both directions. Thus, Emerald Lab Diamond is known for its flashing ability to the eyes. 

If you want a combination of parallel faceting and traditional faceting work for a gorgeous look, then you can select this “SHIVAY Emerald Diamond.” Because Emerald Diamond has ”V Shaped Faceting” on the top and bottom level of the crown. While at the center table surface, parallel facets are placed for awesome lightning as thunder.

[SHIVAY Diamond in shape of Emerald Parallel Cut]-[Ouros  Jewels]

SHIVAY Diamond is made in the laboratory with clever and skillful craftsmanship in Green Lab Diamond, Surat. As a result, SHIVAY Diamond features an exquisite appearance on the hand or any of the jewelry. So, if you’re a true diamond lover, you must see this SHIVAY Diamond once in a lifetime.

SHIVAY Diamond Characteristics

 [NAMAH Diamond in Emerald Parallel Cut Shape]-[Ouros Jewels]

  • Conclusion

We hope that you like this article which is based on the out-of-the-box choices for customers. In before time, lab diamond manufacturers were not taken an interest in the customer's preferences. But, now the scenario has changed, and diamond makers understand the choices and preferences of the customers. As a result, they don’t stand a limit to making only traditional diamonds like round, oval, heart, radiant, and others.

Manufacturers of lab created diamond now started to produce the diamond in religious ways like Criss-cross cut and OM Diamond. Also, the above-mentioned “OM NAMAH SHIVAY Diamond” symbolizes positivity and motivation. Now, most lab diamond producers know that customers do not purchase diamonds for their luxury, but they believe that diamonds are protected themselves.


Q1. What are the OM NAMAH SHIVAY Diamonds?

Ans.OM NAMAH SHIVAY Diamonds are a special collection of lab-grown diamonds from Green Lab Diamond in Surat, India. This set features three diamonds: the Marquise Step Cut "OM," the Rose Cut Pear "NAMAH," and the Emerald Parallel Cut "SHIVAY," all made using high-quality methods and showing spiritual significance.

Q2. How are the OM NAMAH SHIVAY Diamonds created?

Ans. These diamonds are created using the Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) process. This process allows for the synthesis of high-quality diamonds in an environmentally friendly and regulated lab environment, simulated the natural factors that produce diamonds.

Q3. Why are the OM NAMAH SHIVAY Diamonds called after a Hindu mantra?

Ans.  These diamonds, named after the renown Hindu mantra "OM NAMAH SHIVAY," are meant to symbolize deep spiritual importance. Each diamond's name and shape contain facets of spirituality, making them more than just diamonds.

Q4. What are the characteristics of the OM Diamond?

Ans. The OM Diamond has a 27.27-carat Marquise Step Cut, which is recognized for its bright shine and vintage look. Its elongated form and highly carved facets improve light reflection, making it a great choice for stylish jewelry.

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