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Paris Hilton Engagement Rings Collection

Paris Hilton Engagement Rings from the Natural Diamonds

Paris Hilton is an American actress, model, singer, and DJ. She is always covered by media attention and tabloid. Paris Hilton Engagement Rings are very famous becuase the rings are made from natural diamonds and gold/platinum metal.

Paris Hilton engaged with Carter Reum in December 2019. So, Carter Reum proposed to Paris Hilton with Natural Emerald Three Stone Diamond Ring in platinum metal for marriage.

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum announced their official engagement on February 13, 2021. They have dated for two years since their first meeting. After two years of dating, Paris Hilton and Carter Reum married in Los Angeles on November 11, 2021.  

  • Paris Hilton Engagement RINGS

1. Jason Shaw Engagement Ring To Paris Hilton 

When Paris Hilton was 21, she started dating Jason Show, an American model. Jason Shaw and Paris Hilton engaged in 2002. Jason gives Pear Cut Diamond Ring in the form of an engagement present to Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton liked the Pear Cut Solitaire ring made in yellow gold. 

Paris Hilton's first engagement ring is known as Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. A large pear-cut diamond is made from Natural Diamond. But, one year later, Jason Shaw and Paris Hilton took the exit from their relationship and split. They never disclosed the breakup reason to the public.

Paris Hilton and Jason Shaw Diamond Ring With Special Appearance
Many people believed that Jason Shaw presented a $1 Million valued diamond ring to Paris Hilton. In the Paris Hilton Ring, Pear Diamond has an excellent symmetry cut grade, which is essential for more sparkle reflection. Thus, Jason Shaw presented Pear Diamond Solitaire Ring to Hilton.

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2. Paris Latsis Give $4.7 Million Valued Ring To Paris Hilton 

After a long breakup with Jason Shaw, Paris Hilton started dating Paris Latsis, a shipping owner, and film producer. Latsis proposed to Paris Hilton after seven months of dating. They engaged in July 2004. Paris Latsis proposed to Paris Hilton with 24 Carat Canary Natural Diamond which has a $5 million cost.

Paris Hilton liked this Canary Diamond Ring from Paris Latsis and thanked him for such a precious engagement ring. This Canary Diamond Ring is made with White Gold Metal. They both break up their relationship within just four months of engagement.

Paris Latsis Give Ring To Paris Hilton In Form Of Most Expensive Canary Diamond Worth $4.7 Million

Suddenly, Paris Latsis and Paris Hilton gave shocked the world when they announced apart away due to personal reasons and avoiding them. Hilton said that she was very disappeared when they wanted to end the relationship. Thus, Paris Latsis also said that he was very grateful to have a friend like Hilton they would still remain friends.

Paris Latsis gave a $4.7Million valued diamond engagement ring to Paris Hilton. Because a Canary Diamond has a yellow color and an excellent cut grading scale.

Hilton was surprised by Latsis when they proposed 24 Carat Canary Diamond with an emerald shape. Thus, Paris Latsis and Paris Hilton tied their love relationship know with a nearly $5 Million priced emerald diamond ring.

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3. Paris Hilton Gets Engagement Ring From Chris Zylka 

In January 2018, Chris Zylka proposed to Paris Hilton for engagement, and he brought out a 20-carat pear diamond halo ring. In this ring, round shape diamonds are engraved in the double shank style. While talking about the Paris Hilton ring price from Chris Zylka is $2 Million.

Paris Hilton was wearing a big-carat diamond engagement ring on her hand, attracting the attention of tabloids and the media. 

When Chris Zylka Proposed to Paris Hilton with Pear Halo Diamond Ring. The Pear Diamond glitters due to the colorless pear diamond, this ring looks vintage and optimum for engagement.

Chris Zylka and Paris Hilton drive their love relation car more flexibly and easily. But, in their love life, a bumper decreased the speed of Zylka and Hilton's relationship. Hilton and Chris depart from their love relationship after 10 months of engagement. 

Paris Hilton Gets Ring From Chris Zylka With Pear Shape Diamond

Paris Hilton refused to give a Diamond Ring to Chris Zylka in 2018 because she said that the jewelry company would take all credit for this ring's publicity. After all, Paris is a model and a very known personality in Hollywood and America. Thus, Paris Hilton kept the $2 Million valued engagement ring from Chris Zylka.

The 20-carat pear-cut halo ring was very precious due to its strong fluorescence appearance through anatomies, and the shanked round diamonds increased the excellence of the $2 million valued ring of Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton liked very much the big appeared pear diamond ring from her ex-fiancee. Before he broke up with Hilton, Chris Zylka wanted to present a love symbolism in the form of a memorable piece; that's why his choice lands on the Pear Double Halo Ring.

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4. Carter Reum Engagement Ring To Hilton 

When Paris Hilton celebrated her 40th birthday on the private island then, Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Carter Reum proposed with a 20-carat emerald natural diamonds ring with two other baguette-cut diamonds.

She was proposed surprisingly by Carter Reum just three days before her birthday. Carter Reum is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and author. Reum likes Hilton very much when they first meet, and he is searching for an opportunity for proposed Paris Hilton; this time, he gets success.

Carter Reum personally took an update of the special engagement ring for Paris Hilton in the form of a proposal ring. Carter Reum spent around $2 million on this Emerald Three Stone Ring for Paris Hilton, and the ring is made with 18KT white gold metal. Paris Hilton was pleased with this Emerald Ring because it revealed the true love feelings of Carter Reum.

Carter Reum Offered Diamond Ring To Paris Hilton With Million Value

Carter Reum and Paris Hilton married in November 2021 in Los Angeles with their families and friends. They both lived with full happiness and enjoyment. From us happy wedding life to Paris Hilton and Carter Reum.

  • Final Thoughts Of Paris Hilton Engagement Rings

Paris Hilton Engagement Rings collection includes Pear Diamond Rings, Emerald Three Stone Rings, and Canary Diamond Rings. From this, we can understand that Paris Hilton liked to wear special engagement rings, and of course, it reveals love feelings or affection. So, from this article, we can understand that love never counts in the capital.

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