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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings - What You Have To Know (Essential Facts)

Princess cut diamond engagement ring for a wedding proposal to commit a love and emotions towards fiancée.

A love relationship is based on "trust and dedication."

These two aspects are very common for making a relationship more engaging and soulful. A couple who visualizes themselves as husband and wife prominently perform the engagement ceremony and afterward join in an authenticated connection, a "Wedding."

In all, presenting an engagement ring is the most important moment for both individuals. For a most beautiful and gorgeous appearance, a princess-cut diamond ring can be a fine choice due to its brilliant reflection and square shape. This diamond is versatile for every setting, from solitaire to the unique three-stone design where the shine appears.

With white gold and platinum, princess diamonds appear distinctive and have a wonderful selection due to their sharp edges and square shapes. Also, the rose gold ring made with the princess diamond looks more romantic and soulful, appeal to getting married too soon. For a warm and passionate love proposal, a yellow gold can be the perfect option for the ring.

So, when you choose to select a princess diamond ring for engagement, you have to consider some points and facts like color, clarity, cut, and carat weights. In addition, there is a rule to know when shopping for a ring with your favorite design and style. After the purchase, the best moment adds more emotional value to the ring and makes it a true piece of love commitment.

In addition, the best care and maintenance practice makes a princess cut engagement ring always newly purchased and allows us to know if any damages have occurred to prevent it from being big. Thus, always follow the best guidance for cleaning and preserving it in the different boxes that jewelers are recommended.

In this article, you'll understand everything about a princess diamond cut: it's the best 4cs grades, benefits, proportions, matching ring settings, cleaning tips, and maintenance techniques, and consider accurate ring size for that. If you're not familiar with the diamond industry and it's a technical term, don't worry. You can understand everything you must know before shopping for a princess diamond engagement ring for a woman.

What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

Princess diamond appearance in three possible view with the chevron faceting that makes it famous for engagement ring selection.

A princess cut diamond is a popular and distinctive diamond shape characterized by its square or rectangular outline and pointed corners. It's renowned for modern elegance and brilliance; the princess cut is a versatile choice for engagement rings and other fine jewelry like women's jewelry pendants.

This cut, often referred to as a square-modified brilliant, combines the classic appeal of a square shape with the dazzling sparkle associated with brilliant-cut diamonds.

One of the key features of the princess cut is its faceting arrangement, typically consisting of numerous chevron-shaped facets that contribute to the stone's exceptional brilliance. This cut is designed to maximize the reflection of light within the diamond, creating a captivating play of light and enhancing the overall visual appeal.

This square shaped diamond is also known for its versatility, as it complements a variety of settings, from classic solitaires to intricate halo designs. The pointed corners of the princess cut can be vulnerable to chipping, so choosing a setting that protects these delicate points is advisable, such as eight claw prong solitaire setting or a cathedral setting that secures the risky parts of the diamond.

Buyers should be aware that princess cut diamonds may vary in terms of length-to-width ratios, affecting the stone's appearance. Preferences for a more square or rectangular shape are subjective, and individuals should choose based on personal taste and style choices. The number of facets can also vary among princess diamonds, influencing the stone's brilliance and fire.

When evaluating princess diamonds, buyers should also consider the diamond's color, clarity, and carat weight, commonly called the "Four Cs." These factors contribute to the overall quality and value of the diamond, allowing buyers to make informed decisions based on their likes and budgets.

Dynamic Rule For Shopping a Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Do you ever know, there is a rule for shopping a princess cut diamond engagement ring?

If not then don't worry.

This rule is called the "PBFW rule." Familiar with this principle, you can purchase the correct and high-quality graded princess diamond engagement ring in solitaire to modern halo ring design, as per your choice.

To understand why this square shaped diamond is beneficial over other shapes, then this rule will help you know it.

So, the PBFW stands as,

  • P = Price Friendly
  • B = Brilliance
  • F = Fancy Shaped Diamond
  • W = Wider Table

Let's understand this rule.

  • Princess cut diamonds have 33% less prices than round brilliant cut diamonds.

Princess cut diamond has 33% less price than a round brilliant cut diamond in same carat weights, clarity and cut grades.

As you want to make your engagement ring meaningful and stylish, that compliments love messages and promotes a romantic appeal, then a princess cut diamond is a good enough choice than a round brilliant cut.

The square shaped diamond has 33% less price than a round cut. It means you can experience the same quality graded diamond by spending only 67% of the cost of a round diamond to get the princess diamond.

You have a question: Why square a shaped princess diamond cheaper than a round cut? The answer is that making a round brilliant cut from the rough diamond consumes more weight. That's why it has more costs. There's not so much rough weightage for a princess cut, and they are priced at a low value.

For example, 1 carat round brilliant cut lab diamond has a $1500 to $15000 price, and a princess cut engagement ring is selected within the $700 to $7000 price range. Even at these mentioned prices, 4cs grades like color, clarity, carat weights, and cut remain identical to both diamonds. Thus, it's a clear indication the square brilliant cut princess diamond is a winner from a price-friendliness perspective.

  • Princess diamonds are referred as the "hub of brilliance."

After a round brilliant cut diamond, a princess diamond features hub of brilliance due to their expert faceting placements on the anatomy.

To make a unique engagement ring, a perfect diamond shape selection matters. The brilliance comparison between a princess cut and a round brilliant cut is a crucial factor that demands careful consideration. Both cuts possess unique charm, but the princess diamond stands out as the optimal choice for those seeking a diamond with unparalleled brilliance.

The faceting arrangement of the square diamond, with its numerous chevron-shaped facets, contributes to its brilliance by remarkably dispersing light that backs within 0.01 microseconds.

In contrast, while a classic and timeless choice, the round brilliant cut matches the princess diamond in brilliance. The average time of reflection for the sparkle in a brilliant cut diamond is 0.001 microseconds.

Round cut diamonds have 360-degree surfaces that roll the luminosity around, which is absent in the princess diamond. That's why there's not so much difference of dispersion in light reflection between square princess and round brilliant cut diamond.

  • In fancy shaped diamonds, princess cut is 1st choice.

Princess diamond is the first ranked fancy shape among Asscher cut, cushion, pear and marquise shape.

The princess cut diamond stands as the unrivaled first choice among fancy shaped diamonds, capturing the hearts of buyers seeking a blend of sophistication, versatility, and brilliance. Several key aspects contribute to the princess cut's status as the premier choice of fancy diamonds, making it an ideal option for those discerning buyers looking for a distinctive and timeless gem.

First and foremost, the princess diamond is a unique combination of a square or rectangular shape with pointed corners and contains a larger surface area compared to other shapes like cushions or pear of similar carat weight, delivering exceptional visual impact.

This diamond shape is versatile due to its clean lines and symmetrical balances. It is suitable in a modern or vintage-inspired mounting and effortlessly complements various styles, allowing buyers to express their individuality through their chosen design.

Furthermore, the princess cut's ability to conceal inclusions enhances its overall appeal. This is particularly advantageous for those seeking a diamond with high clarity without compromising visual impact. The pointed corners of the princess diamond add an extra touch of refinement, elevating the stone's overall elegance.

  • The princess diamond has a wider table surface compared to the cushion diamond.

Princess diamond has wider table surfaces than a cushion diamond shape due to their facets arrangements and proper skilled polishing.

When it comes to choosing the perfect diamond for an engagement ring for women, understanding the table surface area is a key factor that can greatly influence a gem's appearance and overall appeal.

The table surface area is the flat top facet of a diamond, and it plays a crucial role in how light interacts with the gem.

This area is typically larger in the princess cut, contributing to the diamond's impressive visual presence. The square or rectangular shape of the princess cut diamond allows for a generous table surface, showcasing the brilliance and sparkle that captivates admirers.

On the other hand, the cushion cut, with its rounded corners and larger facets, may have a relatively smaller table surface area than the princess diamond. While both cuts contain distinctive reflection, the princess cut larger table surface area often translates to a bolder and more eye-catching appearance, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a diamond with maximum visual impact.

This brilliant sparkle is a hallmark of the princess cut, adding a touch of modern elegance to any piece of jewelry. 

Essentially, this PMFW rule is implemented in every jewelry style with square and rectangular princess diamonds. For example, if you're proposing to your best friend as you feel a soft corner for her, the promise ring will be a good option ahead of the engagement ring.

Meanwhile, if your wife's birthday comes within a month, a princess cut diamond tennis bracelet with 18kt white gold is the best present to celebrate her day with happiness and love. Tennis bracelets for women made with princess diamonds appear to be the most charming and fine jewelry worn with the watch and every clothing attire.

Ideal 4Cs Grades For Princess Diamond

4cs grades for a princess diamond shape to consider as color, clarity, carat weights and cut grades.

Choosing the perfect princess cut diamond involves considering the essential 4Cs ‚Äď Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, and Cut. Each aspect works parallelly and helps decide how much the diamond will sparkle. Also, the ideal¬†price for the customer pay for diamonds depends on the 4Cs of diamond quality.

Let's break down these aspects that guide you to pick a perfect and beautiful princess cut diamond ring.

  • Princess Diamond Color:

Color grade chart for princess cut diamond to choose the best color for engagement ring.

Princess cut diamonds, known for their brilliant sparkle, often look stunning with a color grade in the colorless to near-colorless range (typically E to J on the color scale). This ensures that the diamond appears bright and pure, allowing you to appreciate its sparkling beauty without any noticeable hints of color.

If you insist on the princess solitaire ring setting with prong settings in a 2.00 carat diamond ring, then the G color grade is the ideal option ahead of the D color. For a yellow gold halo ring, a 1.00 carat diamond is suitable with the I color grade that costs in the range of $1000 to $3000 in lab-grown diamonds.

  • Princess Diamond Clarity:

Diamond clarity chart with the visual example for princess diamond cut to understand which clarity to choose from.

Princess diamond engagement ring looks perfect within VVS1 to SI1 clarity grade because it ensures that any imperfections are minimal and not visible to the naked eye, allowing you to enjoy the brilliance of your diamond without distractions. Also, these diamond clarity grades are cost-friendly compared to rare and heavy-price tag IF and FL clarity.

In diamond clarity, 11 grades are existable from IF to I3. All clarity scales are established from GIA, which decides how much blemishes or inclusions cover the surface. If the blemishes are in much amounts on the diamond surface, it scales a poor clarity that is not recommended in solitaire engagement rings. Visually unseen blemishes on the diamond counted as the selectable clarity.

  • Princess Diamond Carat Weight:

Carat weight chart for princess cut diamond to select a perfect carat for ring that appears gorgeous and keen on the finger.

The diamond-carat weight of a princess cut engagement is a personal preference that depends on your style and budget. While princess shaped diamonds tend to show off their brilliance well, consider balancing carat weight with cut quality for the most stunning visual impact. Remember, it's not just about size; it's about the overall sparkle and presence of the diamond.

The average carat weight range is 1 to 5 carats for princess cut remains ideal, where buyers can customize the size according to the preferable L/W ratio. If they opt for an accent engagement ring, a 2.00 carat diamond is preferable, and for a solitaire or bridal wedding ring set, at least 3.50 carat is an excellent choice.

  • Princess Diamond Cut:

Princess diamond cut chart to see the clear difference between other cut grades.

The cut of a princess cut diamond is crucial for its brilliance reflection. Thus, prefers excellent to good cut where the proper balance between table size, crown height, and pavilion depth.

A high-quality cut ensures light enters the diamond, creating that mesmerizing play of reflections. There are five types of diamond cuts available, but for a princess diamond, choose an excellent cut that allows you to experience a delightful brilliance.

This cut grade range is acceptable for every ring setting, whether it's a Toi et Moi ring or a flower accent halo design where a pink diamond is placed. Meanwhile, if you cannot compromise with the desired quality, go with the good cut grade where brilliance also exists.

Remember, each of the 4Cs contributes to the overall beauty of your princess diamond, and finding the right balance ensures a stunning and personal choice. Whether you prioritize color, size, clarity, or cut, understanding these aspects empowers you to make an informed decision that suits your preferences and budget.

If you're unfamiliar with this term, it's best to consult a professional jeweler or expert who obtained knowledge about it. If you want a one-on-one consultation, meet us at a virtual appointment, and we will guide you throughout the entire journey of shopping for a princess diamond ring.

Best Proportions For Princess Diamond

Ideal proportions and dimensions for princess cut diamond to consider for a better appearance.

Every love partner wants to make their engagement ring the best and most gorgeous in a diamond, but along with the ideal 4cs grades, one aspect should be considered, and it's "proportions." It refers to the ideal combination of geometric measurements and facets that optimize the visual appeal and brilliance of this particular diamond shape.

Proportions play a crucial role in determining how well the diamond interacts with light, ultimately influencing its sparkle and overall beauty.

For princess cut diamonds, the following proportions are generally considered optimal:

  • Diamond Table Percentage:

The table percentage is the width of the flat, top facet (table) in relation to the overall width of the diamond. For princess diamonds, an ideal table percentage often falls within the range of 65% to 75%. This balance ensures that the table is neither too large nor too small, contributing to the diamond's brilliance.

  • Diamond Depth Percentage:

The depth percentage is the depth of the diamond from the table to the culet relative to the diamond's overall width. In princess diamonds, an ideal depth percentage typically has a 64% to 75% range. This range helps balance brilliance and fire, ensuring light reflects and refracts optimally within the diamond.

  • Diamond Crown Height:

The crown height refers to the distance from the girdle to the table. A well-proportioned crown height is crucial for maximizing the brilliance of the square-shaped princess diamonds. The crown height is often recommended to be around 10% to 15% of the diamond's total depth. Meanwhile, it can be selected from 20% to get a larger diamond than its actual size without increasing the carat weight range.

  • Diamond L/W Ratio:

The length-to-width (L/W) ratio for a princess shaped diamond is a matter of personal preference, and there isn't a universal "best" ratio. The length-to-width ratio is determined by dividing the length of the diamond by its width. The average range for the L/W ratio is 1.00 - 1.05 for a square shaped princess cut diamond, which is the actual and original shape.

Meanwhile, the L/W ratio changed to 1.06 - 1.10 for a slightly rectangular shape. For wanting a princess diamond in an emerald and radiant cut elongated shape, the above 1.10 L/W ratio range is the best choice without increasing the carat weights. However, certain ranges are often favored based on individual taste and style.

  • Diamond Pavilion Depth:

The pavilion depth is the distance from the girdle to the culet. A well-proportioned pavilion depth in princess diamonds is typically within the range of 60% to 70%. This ensures that light entering the diamond reflects effectively, contributing to its overall sparkle.

If you select a pavilion depth below 60% of the overall diamond surface, the diamond appears small and flat, which is the unique perception of the square and rectangular princess cut.

  • Diamond Girdle Thickness:

The girdle is the outer edge of the diamond. A very thin to slightly thick girdle is often preferred for square princess diamond engagement rings as it provides a good balance between durability and visual appeal.

It consumes less space on the diamond's anatomy as girdle thickness plays an important role in the light reflection. A very thin to slightly thick girdle is the best range for any ring settings made with 1.00 to 5.00 carat weight diamonds.

  • Diamond Symmetry:

As girdle thickness is important, symmetry for diamonds is also an essential aspect to consider when choosing a square princess cut diamond. Ideally, the facets on each side of the diamond should mirror each other, which is called diamond symmetry.

A well-symmetrical diamond enhances the overall aesthetics and contributes to its brilliant appearance. So, for princess shaped diamonds, excellent to very good symmetry can be opted over other types like medium, fair, and poor.

Here's the complete table of princess diamond proportions in the best range that makes a ring most complimentary and stylish without selecting a 3.00 to 8.00 carat weight and spending more amounts than defined.

Cut scales


Very Good




Table (%)

62 - 70

59 - 66

70 - 73

83 - 85


Depth (%)

64 - 74

64 - 73

70 - 75

79 - 87


L/W ratio

1.00:1 - 1.04:1

1.00:1 - 1.05:1

1.01:1 - 1.05:1

1.08:1 - 1.10:1

1.10:1 - 1.15:1



Very Good

Very Good




Very Good





Girdle thickness

Very thin - slight thick

Very thin - slight thick

Slight thick - very thick

Very thick - extreme thick

Extreme thick

These proportions collectively determine the cut quality of a princess diamond. Optimal proportions ensure that the diamond interacts with light to maximize its brilliance, fire, and scintillation. When considering a princess cut, paying attention to these proportions is advisable to ensure you select a diamond that truly dazzles.

Consulting a reputable gemological report, such as one from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), can provide detailed information on a diamond's proportions and cut grade.

Whenever you're selecting a natural diamond or lab-grown diamond, consider the certifications before the purchase. If you're confused between these diamond types, you must know the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds for better understanding.

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

Look, you choose the perfect moment from the best proposal idea for her, like asking the love question beneath the night sky where stars are proving their presence. So, having a beautiful and glittering square princess diamond ring made with platinum will make that moment grand and mesmerizing.

Be yourself as her soulmate and best friend, commit a promise for a wedding soon, and accept your feelings.

So, after selecting the best color, clarity. carat weights, cut grades, and proportions, it's time to pick distinctive ring settings. But before you choose at least one, know which options you have.

There are 10+ ring settings available for the princess diamond rings.

  1. Solitaire Engagement Ring
  2. Three-stone Engagement Ring
  3. Channel Set Engagement Ring
  4. Split Shank Setting Engagement Ring
  5. Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring
  6. Tension Setting Engagement Ring
  7. Halo Design Engagement Ring
  8. Cathedral Setting Engagement Ring
  9. Pavé Setting Engagement Ring
  10. Bezel Setting Engagement Ring
  11. Engagement and Wedding Ring as Bridal Set

Let's see the ring settings, and it's specialties.

1. Solitaire Engagement Ring (Hidden Halo)

    Brilliant princess cut lab-grown diamond solitaire engagement ring for women made with the four claw prong settings in a hidden halo design and white gold metal.

    The most common choice for a princess cut diamond is a solitaire engagement ring setting for a woman because a single diamond captivates the finger with its natural brilliance and sparkle. Additionally, the square shape of the princess diamond surges the combination of natural sunlight-like appearance on the finger.

    It allows the experience of a blending appearance of love and engagement. Choose a 1.00 to 5.00 carat weight diamond and suitable prong settings, spending $1500 to $10000 on lab diamonds.

    2. Three-stone Engagement Ring

      Fancy olive black colored princess cut three-stone women's engagement ring in dainty fancy design with customized prongs and 14kt white gold material with 5.00 US ring size for a snug wearing experience on the finger.

      In a three-stone setting, a princess cut diamond is flanked by two smaller stones on either side. This setting can symbolize the past, present, and future and adds an elegant touch to the ring. Opting for at least a 1 carat diamond ring in a fancy color like olive (similar to black) and 14kt white gold metal offers beauty and a glimpse of gloriousness.

      Aside from the olive color, a black diamond will be the best option due to its fine appearance in a three-stone ring. There's one consideration for taking an authenticated certificate for diamonds like GIA or IGI reports, whether selecting a lab-grown diamond or going with the natural and rare gem.

      The average amount spent on a princess cut three-stone engagement ring is $700 to $2500, as you prefer high-quality materials and a distinctive setting.

      3. Stylish Channel Setting Pre-wedding Ring

      Yellow color princess cut lab diamond channel set pre-wedding ring to present a fiancée for a marriage proposal. This ring is made with 14kt white gold metal and a bypass band for a more pretty appearance to offer a fiancée.

      As you wish to make your wedding proposal real and committed, a channel setting ring is a perfect choice due to the sleek and modern appearance that brides like wearing.

      Decorate your fiancée's finger by selecting a 2.00 carat yellow princess cut diamond channel set ring having at least an average 6.00 US ring size. Besides yellow color diamonds, a brown and orange princess diamond looks proper for this ring setting within the price range of $1500 to $3500.

      Meanwhile, consider measuring the ring size at home twice or thrice with easy tips to ensure about proper dimension of finger. But it's recommended to consult a professional jewelry store if you're in doubt. With ring sizes, consider the materials also. White gold metal is an appropriate choice for adorning your jewelry collection, especially an engagement ring offered by a love partner.

      4. Split Shank Ring With Princess Cut

      Fancy colored princess cut diamond split shank engagement ring made with platinum and bypass setting that makes ring most acceptable for a wedding proposal.

      A split shank setting features the band splitting as it reaches the center stone, adding a touch of sophistication. It can create a bold and stylish look for a recipient and add more brilliance to the princess diamond. Having a fancy colored diamond ring as a commitment to a wedding creates an unforgettable memory with a love partner, and it defines the relationship stage.

      There are 20+ options to choose a colored diamond from pink to yellow, but the best selection is a blue diamond. The serene and deep saturation of blue allows individuals to decide while considering each other's values and experiences.

      That's why a 2 carat princess cut lab diamond is opted for this ring setting as an engagement ring in platinum metal. At the same time, white gold is not far from the selection, and you can opt for it if there is any skin sensitivity you don't have or the recipient has.

      5. Vintage-inspired Princess Diamond White Gold Ring

      Crown style vintage engagement ring for women made with the fancy yellow colored princess lab diamond in 14kt white gold and 5.00 US ring size.

      A princess shaped diamond usually has a square shape and sharp edges that reflect distinctive reflection. So, if you're searching for an opportunity to incorporate a 1.00 to 3.00 carat princess cut in a vintage-inspired ring setting, it can be a marvelous choice you opted for your love.

      Art Deco is a good choice for a more comprehensive setting for a princess cut. The center diamond has a big appearance; other accent diamonds are the most beautiful stones to increase the overall appearance. Also, the flower pattern or cluster design is mostly selected, with the basket and cathedral settings and skillful engraving on the shank that remembers the 17th to 19th-century jewelry style.

      You can insist on creating intricate details, filigree, or milgrain work different from the eight-claw prong solitaire setting. A brown-colored chocolate diamond is a unique choice for this ring setting that shows a profound, meaningful commitment you will present. Here, you must ensure you understand the importance of ring size.


      6. Tension Set Engagement Ring

      Red princess cut diamond white gold tension setting ring with the customized band design and prongs for making an engagement ring proposal memorable and unique, remembered for a lifetime and always.

      As you want to protect your love relationship, that is also implemented for the engagement ring that lays the foundation of a wedding. Selecting a red colored princess diamond in VVS clarity is the ideal choice to commit to love and ask your fiancée, "Is she ready to join you on the love journey?"

      Unboxing the tension-setting engagement ring and having a red princess cut on the mountain hike adds more memorable moments in your relationship that add trust and loyalty.

      But you have a question: Why did neglect bezel set over a tension-setting?

      So, the tension set ring has a more fancy and stylish appearance, and it opens up the sparkle from the back of a diamond, which the bezel set does not.

      Also, it consumes a metal to securely hold the center diamond, whether a red square princess cut or a blue rectangular princess diamond containing an excellent grading cut scale that promises a natural reflection.

      Make sure you're purchasing the ring within staying in your budget limits, and you can average spend around $500 to $2500 as per your desired quality in carat weights, clarity, and material selection like 14kt yellow gold or 18kt white gold and rose gold.

      7. Princess Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

      14kt white gold pink colored halo princess cut VS clarity diamond engagement ring for a woman having the basket setting that prominently holds diamond with prongs.

      Every engagement ring contains a meaning and intention that should be reflected in its appearance. A princess cut halo engagement ring shows those memorable moments spent together. Also, the sparkle reflection combines feelings and trust in a single row where the love poem is written.

      A pink diamond will be an excellent choice for making a halo ring, not just an ornament but a wedding registration that will be celebrated through the ceremony with family members and friends. Apart from the pink diamond, the yellow and red colors bring two characteristics: warmth and passionate affection. 

      For this engagement ring setting, you prefer to spend around $400 to $4000 as you choose a quality like carat weights and clarity grades. Also, selecting a fancy color in diamonds affects the cost, so lab diamonds are the b;est option if you're looking for cheap but better quality.

      In the halo design ring, customization can be done, whether it's a wider band dimension or right-to-left direction placement of the diamond as an east-to-west design. This pattern is used in the solitaire setting with prongs, but now couples like something unique as their ring tells a love story, so selecting it in a ring also looks conceivable.

      8. Princess Diamond Cathedral Set Engagement Ring

      Olive grey colored princess cut lab diamond cathedral setting engagement ring for fiancée with fancy infinity band and white gold material that shines every time on the finger.

      Wanting to make a ring royal and distinctive that resembles beauty with your emotions, then a cathedral setting will be the first choice on your list. Selecting a 1.00 carat princess diamond as a center stone with the stylish infinity band allows you to express yourself confidently in front of your fiancée.

      A black olive-colored square-shaped princess cut diamond has always been a good option with consideration of correct dimensions like depth, L/W ratio, and crown height in better table anatomy. As you unbox the ring for the first time after purchase, it's best to present it as a surprise proposal when you enjoy it and take her for a long drive.

      The average price on a cathedral-setting engagement ring is $1500 to $2500, where you can get at least 1 carat princess diamond in desired clarity and color grade. This setting features arches of metal that rise to meet the center stone, providing additional height and showcasing the diamond with an elegant and regal look.

      9. Square Princess Diamond Pavé Setting Ring

      Princess diamond pavé setting 14kt white gold double halo design engagement ring for women.

      As eternity bands are made with the shared surface prongs settings, a pavé setting features small diamonds together closely along the band, adding a continuous sparkle. With a brilliant cut square princess diamond, this ring setting complements the brilliance and allocates a unique sparkling way, which other designs don't consider.

      Are you looking to propose to your girlfriend for a wedding but do not want to get an eternity wedding band? Then, a pavé setting is a much better contender for gorgeous appearance on finger having a yellow gold and platinum material. As lab-grown diamonds evolve as real diamond alternatives, they are preferred in this pre-wedding ring because they're ethically made and not "blood diamonds."

      The best moments to propose to her with this ring are Christmas Eve, New Year's Morning, Valentine's Day, and First Meeting Anniversary. Most couples are taking a tour vacation or renting a private yacht where they can enjoy the candlelight dinner and reveal their feelings while unboxing the stylish ring. If you do not like it, arrange a small ceremonial program with your family and friends to invite her to the meal and ask love questions.

      10. Bezel Setting Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

      White gold princess cut bezel set engagement ring for women to propose for a wedding and celebrate that moment with true happiness and considering the love feelings to narrate through this ring.

      A bezel-set princess diamond engagement ring suggests a clear message: a love relationship is protected from potential risks and doubts. Offering a bezel set of prongs in rings describes a love partner who doesn't want to doubt a relationship and is capable of securing his girlfriend from all the probable things that can be harmful.

      This indication allows love partners to understand their deep connection and commitment to each other. A bezel setting is an additional feature created for the engagement ring because it protects any potential debris from entering the slight space of the diamond and is suitable for every attire. A bezel set is perfect for the ring if you have a rare diamond, like a 1.00 carat pink natural diamond, and are concerned about its luster protection.

      For a modern ring appearance, combine two ring settings, such as the eternity band and solitaire design, three-stone and halo, and Toi et Moi and accent stones. Meanwhile, you're the ring owner and can customize a particular design according to your preference. Every customization is an additional feature for the ring, but sometimes, it is offered as a premium service.

      11. Princess Cut Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

      Blue princess and colorless pear cut lab diamond Toi et Moi engagement ring made with the white gold and prong setting for better durability.

      The French term "Toi et Moi" refers to "You and Me," which shows how the love story begins and which moments become memorable and great. The Toi et Moi ring is the best choice ever to reveal love feelings to a fiancée because this setting carries only two diamonds.

      Selecting a 2.00 carat blue princess cut diamond in Toi Moi engagement ring with white gold metal looks most gorgeous on the finger when opted with the perfect ring size and prong settings.

      As you wish to promise her about the wedding and so on, you're preparing the ceremony celebration, but with that, you have to pick a perfect ring that sends your message through its sparkle and setting for a deliberate and grateful reflection. Here, a Toi et Moi ring works for you as you commit a love feelings.

      With a princess diamond, try the combination of emerald and radiant cut elongated shapes for a distinctive appearance. A round brilliant cut is also acceptable to experience luminosity through the setting. Oval, pear, and marquise diamond shapes are fancy shapes, and selecting them for a princess Toi et Moi ring shows the versatility that you want to offer.

      12. Princess Cut Engagement and Wedding Ring Set

      Princess cut diamond engagement and wedding ring set for women in white gold and perfect quality graded diamonds.

      A bridal ring set is presented to make the wedding proposal moment memorable and significant.

      Do you know why?

      This ring design features an engagement ring and a wedding ring set together, and nowadays, a couple prefers it to shop as a bridal ring set. A princess cut engagement ring looks more prominent in this setting because of its square shape and brilliant reflection.

      The common choice of engagement ring is solitaire and halo with small-sized accent stones as hidden halo design. A wedding ring could be an eternity band with a shared surface prong in white gold or a channel set band with diamonds covered above and below a constant round metal pattern.

      With a princess diamond bridal ring set, the best combination of other shapes is an emerald cut and elongated radiant cut diamond. Also, with a 1.00 carat princess diamond, an old European cut and a round brilliant cut look more prominent with the ring set because it offers a vintage appearance, and the price of a white gold metal ring remains between $1000 to $3000.

      In essence, every ring style is unique, and each looks distinctive in your love relationship. Another ring setting, like a solitaire accent, will be a good option if you want more diamonds on the ring. A princess diamond is a versatile shape that suits any ring setting and budget preference with lab diamonds. So, pick it as per your discretion and additional need for romantic appeal.

      Princess Cut Diamond Ring Caring and Maintenance Tips

      Cleaning a diamond rings at home from using the mild water and soapy content.

      You shop for a princess cut diamond engagement ring for your fiancée as you wish to get married. But after purchase, learn how to take proper care and invest in maintenance to make a ring more beautiful and ideal that always looks as keen as your love relationship.

      Here's the breakdown of cleaning and maintenance of the princess diamond ring to remove any debris or other particles that potentially affect the appearance.

      • Regular Cleaning:

      Diamonds love to shine, and to help them do that, a regular cleaning routine is a key aspect to know. Mix a mild solution of warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Gently soak your ring for 20-30 minutes, then use a soft toothbrush to scrub away any dirt or oils. Rinse thoroughly the ring setting and pat dry with a lint-free cloth.

      • Avoid Harsh Chemicals:

      Your diamond is tough, but it's not invincible. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals like chlorine or bleach, as they can damage both the metal setting and the diamond itself. Take off your ring before diving into the pool or using cleaning products. Ensure that your hand is not in contact with other kinds of chemicals that affect the natural appearance and originality of the precious metals and diamond corners.

      • Mind the Setting:

      Check the prongs or ring settings regularly to make sure the diamond is secure. If you notice any loose prongs, get them fixed promptly to prevent the risk of losing your precious gem. A quick check every few months can save you a lot of heartache. You don't want to lose your ring from any damage because your memories are allotted in it. So, it's better to decide a time and send it to a professional inspection if you find any damage or loss.

      • Safe Storage:

      Store a ring in a safe place when you're not flaunting its beauty. Consider a soft jewelry pouch or a lined box to prevent scratches and avoid tossing it in with other ornaments to minimize the risk of any accidental damage. Many jewelers offer a secure jewelry box to keep your ring secure when you don't want to wear it and protect it from any damages or risks that can affect the real settings and materials.

      • Professional Check-ups:

      Just like a health check-up for you, your diamond ring deserves some professional attention, too. Schedule a yearly visit to your jeweler for a proper inspection and cleaning. They can ensure everything is in tip-top shape and catch any potential issues early on. Also, they offer a monthly or quarterly service for cleaning and inspecting your diamond ring, so take advantage of it.

      • Be Mindful of Activities:

      While diamonds are strong, they're not immune to impact. Remove your ring when engaging in activities that might put it at risk, like heavy lifting, playing sports, or any hands-on work. This will help preserve its brilliance and prevent any accidental damage. Some of these activities demand more energy, and if you're engaging in them, you forget that you are already wearing the ring, resulting in losing the precious gemstone and metal's luster.

      • Insurance:

      For additional protection of your ring, you must take jewelry insurance because it helps against loss, damage, theft, and other risks. This is the best way to maintain the original appearance and quality of the ring within a defined timeframe. In addition, insurance isn't an orally made contract. Still, it's a written and legally accepted bond between the contractee (insurance recipient) and the contractor (insurance provider) for taking the risk and liabilities.

      Remember, caring for your princess cut diamond ring is a small investment of time that pays off in maintaining its breathtaking beauty. So, keep it clean, check it regularly, and enjoy the endless sparkle of your stunning diamond throughout your love journey. Follow these tips to get a better appearance in the ring.


      In conclusion, the princess cut engagement ring is a captivating choice that combines elegance and modernity effortlessly. Its square shape, sharp corners, and brilliant facets make it a popular choice for engagement rings. When choosing the perfect setting, opt for a secure prong or sleek bezel setting to showcase the diamond's beauty while ensuring durability.

      Remember to consider the ideal dimensions for a princess cut diamond counted as a length-to-width ratio, which should be between 1 and 1.05, ensuring a classic square appearance. Additionally, prioritize a setting that protects those delicate corners, enhancing aesthetics and longevity.

      Princess diamond is a versatile shape that suits a four-claw prong setting solitaire ring style and a cluster flower pattern halo design. Also, vintage-inspired ring settings like Art Deco look wonderful with this diamond, and most couples like to have it in their jewelry collection. White gold, rose gold, and platinum are often selected for princess diamond rings, but with that, original yellow gold is counted as the prime choice.

      Caring for your princess diamond ring is a breeze with simple yet effective tips. Regular cleaning, avoiding harsh chemicals, checking the setting, safe storage, and periodic professional inspections are all part of keeping your ring pristine. Being mindful of activities that may put your ring at risk and considering insurance add extra layers of protection and peace of mind.

      Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance in choosing the perfect princess diamond ring or maintaining your precious ring. We're here to help you navigate the world of diamonds and ensure your journey is as delightful as the sparkle on your finger.

      Let's keep that princess cut diamond engagement ring shining brilliantly for years to come! Connect with us today for personalized advice and expert insights.


      Let's check some FAQs related to princess cut diamond rings.

      Q1. Are princess cut diamonds durable?

        Ans. Yes, princess diamonds are durable, but their pointed corners can be susceptible to chipping. Choosing a protective setting, like a bezel or V-prong setting, helps safeguard the diamond and ensures longevity. Essentially, a princess diamond contains 100% durability as a round brilliant, and oval shape.

        Q2. How do I choose the best princess cut diamond for an engagement ring?

          Ans. Consider the 4Cs (Color, Carat Weight, Clarity, Cut), preferred setting style, metal, and the recipient's personal taste. Excellent proportions and a reputable gemological report, such as one from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), are key factors in making an informed choice. Considering these aspects allows you to purchase a neat and precious engagement ring for your fiancée.

          Q3. What are the acceptable L/W ratios for a princess cut diamond?

            Ans. Acceptable length-to-width (L/W) ratios for a princess cut diamond vary based on personal preference. Ranges include 1.00 to 1.05 for a square shape, 1.06 to 1.10 for a slightly rectangular shape, 1.11 to 1.20 for moderately rectangular, and 1.21 and above for highly rectangular shapes. Having a clear knowledge about L/W ratios makes the perfect purchase decisions.

            Q4. Are princess cut diamonds more prone to damage due to their corners?

              Ans. While princess cut diamonds have pointed corners, they are less prone to damage if set correctly. Choosing a setting that protects these corners, such as a bezel setting, cathedral setting, or channel set, enhances the diamond's aesthetics and durability. Also, additional prongs feature more security to the stone, and that's why it has been selected in every princess diamond ring as a personal preference.

              Q5. Is insurance necessary for my princess cut diamond ring?

                Ans. While it's not mandatory, but an appreciative step to protect your ring from insurance shield. It provides coverage in case of loss, theft, or damage, offering peace of mind and protecting your investment. Insurance is the legal and written contract between you and the insurance company to accept the potential risks and remuneration. This helps you not to lose the created memory with the ring, but it can be retrieved soon.

                Q6. Can I use any cleaning solution for my diamond ring?

                  Ans. You can use warm water and a few drops of dish soap to clean the diamond ring without using any chemical solution that guarantees to remove particles. Some are counted as harsh chemicals that can damage both the metal setting and the diamond. Thus, avoid using chlorine or bleach. It's best to have a jeweler's recommended cleaning solution to perform a cleaning at home without any expertise.

                  Q7. What is the best color for a princess cut diamond?

                    Ans. The best color for a princess diamond is often in the near-colorless to colorless range, typically graded between E and J on the color scale. This ensures a bright and pure appearance without noticeable hints of color. Also, if you need a clear reflection in the diamond ring, this color range is acceptable due to its naturality and real hues.

                    Q8. Is there an ideal cut grade for princess cut diamonds?

                      Ans. Look for a princess cut diamond with a well-balanced cut, ensuring excellent light performance. Reputable gemological laboratories, like GIA, provide cut grades that guide buyers in selecting diamonds with superior brilliance. Thus, when considering a princess diamond ring, prefers the best cut grade as it guarantees a brilliance and fine appearance on the finger.

                      Q9. What is a princess cut diamond, and why is it popular?

                        Ans. A princess diamond is a square or rectangular shaped diamond with pointed corners. Its popularity lies in its modern and elegant appearance, versatility in various settings, and exceptional brilliance due to its unique chevron faceting. Also, this diamond shape is a fancy shape suitable for every occasion, making it famous for engagement rings and other jewelry styles.

                        Q10. How much to spend on a princess diamond ring?

                          Ans. With a lab-grown princess diamond ring, the average price to spend on it ranges between $1000 to $4000. You must pay $5000 to $40000 for a natural princess diamond on a 1 carat ring due to their originality and rarity. Meanwhile, lab diamonds featuring a GIA certification report are 100% real and authenticated. The price for a princess diamond ring depends on color, carat weights, clarity, cut, metal, diamond type selection, and ring settings.

                          Q11. Which to choose for between platinum and white gold for a princess cut engagement ring?

                            Ans. White gold can be a good choice for its identical appearance to platinum and cost-friendliness, even having pure gold content. Meanwhile, platinum is considered a luxurious choice due to its 95% purity, much more density than gold, and premium selection. Also, platinum metal is hypoallergenic, which does not cause allergic reactions in sensitive skin. So, picking the best material between white gold and platinum depends on personal preference. 

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