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Top 10 Trending Lab Diamond Jewelry

Why does lab diamond jewelry is good choice to select ahead of Natural diamond jewelry?

For select lab diamond jewelry, the three reasons influenced to get it ahead of Natural diamond jewelry as brilliance, eco-friendly, and less price. Lab diamond jewelry is available at 50-70% less value than Natural diamond jewelry. Lab grown diamonds have the same characteristics and structure as Natural Diamonds, known as 4cs diamonds, symmetry, polish, and chemical weightage.

Lab diamond jewelry is eco-friendly jewelry because, in its making, no natural resources are used, such as lands or mines. Moreover, the lab diamond jewelry making process uses recycled water and fewer consumptions of electricity. Thus, buyers can select lab diamond jewelry ahead of Natural diamond jewelry.

The Top 10 Lab Diamond Jewelry

  1. Pink heart diamond halo ring
  2. Round cut diamond ring
  3. Oval diamond pave ring
  4. Pear and round diamond ring
  5. Emerald diamond eternity wedding ring
  6. Emerald and pear toi et moi ring
  7. Round diamond stud earrings
  8. Diamond bangle in yellow gold 
  9. Diamond necklace for women 
  10. Marquise and round tennis bracelet

Pink heart diamond halo ring

The clarity in this pink heart diamond halo ring is SI1, and the symmetry grade is excellent. In this pink diamond halo ring, the light reflections are released from the anatomies for having a combination of round shape and pear diamond. A pink heart diamond halo ring made with 14kt white gold metal.

The diamond symmetry and polishing grades increase the appearance of the halo ring from the corners and angles. Therefore, this halo diamond ring is preferable for the engagement and proposal.

Pink Haert Diamond Ring in White Gold

Shop Pink heart diamond ring.

Round cut diamond ring

This round-cut diamond ring is made with the VVS clarity and E color grade for brilliance and glittering light reflections. The round cut diamond features 58 facets when it is in excellent symmetry, and in this ring, it has.

On the shank, other round shape diamonds placed with the surface shared prongs patterns. The center 0.65-carat round diamond is fixed in the basket settings. Buyers can select this round-cut diamond ring for proposals and anniversary presents.

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring For Women

Shop Round cut engagement ring.

Oval diamond pave ring

Oval Diamond Pave Ring made in 14kt white gold metal with a combination of the round diamonds in an engraving pattern. This oval diamond paves ring is identical to select in weddings and engagements also because of the VVS clarity and E color scale. In this pave ring, a 2.35-carat oval shape and 0.55-carat round diamond are used to give the best amount of light reflections in return.

The center oval shape diamond is fixed with the prongs and basket settings with the ideal polish grade. In this oval diamond pave ring, the diamond 4cs are used in higher grades to look better on the hand.

Oval Diamond Pave Ring For Her

Shop Oval diamond pave ring for engagement.

Pear and round diamond ring

Pear and round diamond rings provide the best shining reflections for the structure's VS clarity and F color grade. The diamond anatomy of this white gold ring is crafted with skillful craftsmanship that always delivers appreciative love and good effective lights.

The round shape diamonds are fixed on the bands with better and more durable baskets and prongs. Get this pear and round ring for her with white gold.

Pear and Round Diamond Ring in White Gold

Shop Pear and round diamond ring.

Emerald diamond eternity wedding ring

This emerald diamond eternity wedding ring carries durability tage because of the basket settings. All emeralds are connected to each other, giving a message to stay together in a relationship. In this emerald eternity ring, the white gold metal is used with the 14kt variations.

VVS Diamonds are used in this eternity wedding ring to give the best amount of reflections in the exit. Select this eternity wedding ring for her to make memorable moments.

Emerald Diamond Wedding Eternity Ring

Shop Emerald diamond eternity wedding ring.

Emerald and pear roi et moi ring

Toi et moi ring presents the love moments that celebrate by couples. In this toi et moi ring, emerald and pear diamonds are used, which suggests she and himself provide durability and trustworthiness in the relationship.

Moreover, this pear and emerald diamond ring carry VS clarity and E color grade, making the moment more unique. In the pear and emerald diamond ring, 14kt yellow gold is used. Emeralds and pear are fixed in the basket of gold and stabilized from the prongs grip.

Emerald and Pear Diamond Toi et Moi Ring in Gold

Shop Emerald and pear diamond toi et moi ring.

Read more Toi et moi ring trends.

Round diamond stud earrings

These round diamond stud earrings are made in 14kt yellow gold metal to match with the VVS and VS clarity grade. The stud earrings in diamonds get stability from the basket settings and curving bands on the structure. All diamond shapes are round that is used in the earrings with no fluorescence grade.

The stud diamond earrings usually look better in the screw back pattern, and fortunately this earring is made in that pattern. Thus, select these diamond stud earrings for her as a present for her birthday and marriage anniversary.

Round Diamond Stud Earrings For Her With Yellow Gold

Shop Round diamond stud earrings in yellow gold

Yellow gold round diamond bangle

This yellow gold round diamond bangle is the perfect choice for an anniversary gift or proposal present due to its bright appearance. A diamond bangle in yellow gold is suitable for everyday wearing.

This diamond bangle is made in 14kt yellow gold with the VS clarity grade. The prongs style of this gold bangle is a shared surface that makes it more preferable and durable. Select this diamond bangle for love as a surprise gift to get more love in return from the relationship.

Yellow Gold Round Diamond Bangle

Shop Round diamond gold bangles.

Diamond necklace for women

This diamond necklace for women is made 14 inches in length to deliver beauty and glory in return. The round shape diamonds are used in the necklace with the best grade as VS clarity and E color.

It means the diamond inclusions don't affect the appearance of this necklace appearance. In these round diamonds, the usage of gold is in the 14kt variations that connect to the colorless diamonds' appearance and release better light affection.

Diamond Necklace for Women

Shop Round diamond necklace for women.

Marquise and round diamond tennis bracelet

Marquise and round diamond tennis bracelet made in 18kt white gold metal to match with the VVS and VS clarity grade. The Marquise and round diamond are placed in the basket settings to give extra hardness for escape from the fallen.

Moreover, Marquise and round diamond have excellent symmetry grade, meaning buyers will surely experience the luxuriousness of purchasing this tennis bracelet.

This diamond tennis bracelet is the prior choice as a birthday present or a 5th marriage anniversary present to fuel the relationship with love feelings and enjoy that moment.

Marquise and Pear Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Shop Marquise and round shape diamond tennis bracelet.


These all lab diamond jewelry comes with the certifications that can be helpful to buyer for taking proper decision in the purchase.*


These are the top 10 lab diamond jewelry 2023 list that suggests selecting the best present for the relationship to make it more secure, durable, trustworthy, authentic, and enjoyable. Want to make customized diamond jewelry with higher to superior grades then contact us. Otherwise, see our masterpiece collection that differentiates Ouros Jewels from others. We surely help to reach demanded jewelry in lab diamonds with the certifications.

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