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Top 6 Most Expensive Diamond In The World

Most Expensive Diamond In The World

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Kohinoor Diamond, Sancy Diamond, Centenary Diamond, Cullinan Diamond, Steinmetz Diamond, and Hope Diamond is included in the most expensive diamond in the world. Read the history of the most expensive diamonds in the world and be aware of the valuable diamonds. Kohinoor Diamond is precious and invaluable means that still now, it's value is can't be defined by any experienced jewelers with accuracy for having best symmetry of a diamond.

Introduction of the most expensive diamond

Expensive diamonds includes Kohinoor Diamond, Sancy Diamond, Cullinan Diamond, Hope Diamond, Centenary Diamond, and Pink Steinmetz Diamond. All these diamonds have counted in millions to billions value since their foundation. These expensive diamonds are known for their uniqueness and precious appearance. All the expensive diamonds have special looks on the surfaces, which makes them more royal and masterful than other diamonds.

Today, we show the top 6 most expensive diamonds in the world, which have value in billions or millions.

Remember that diamonds have some benefits like attracting wealth, keeping healthy, give calmness to the wearer. For these reasons, many other shapes or cuts of diamonds are invented from the earth’s crust. In the list of the most expensive diamonds, the names are as follows.

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List of top 6 most expensive diamonds in the world

Let's take a look at the list of the most expensive diamond in the world. Here we show the list of 1st number to 6th number of expensive diamonds which are very rare to get and found again.

1. Kohinoor Diamond

2. Sancy Diamond

3. Cullinan Diamond

4. Hope Diamond

5. Centenary Diamond

6. Steinmetz Pink Diamond

Let's see the list for expensive diamonds in the more depth that could be more helpful. A Kohinoor diamond's details are described later in the article to see which expensive diamonds exists. 

2. The Sancy diamond (precious and valuable)

The Sancy diamond is getting 2nd Number on a list of the most expensive diamond in the world. Sancy diamond has a weight of 55.23 carats with pale yellow color. While talking about the cut type of Sancy diamond, it's a "Shield Modified Cut."

In 1867, the sancy diamond appears in a Paris exhibition with the value of millions of francs. After in 1906, the Astor family owned the sancy diamond. The Astor family maintained the sancy diamond was sold to Louvre(France Museum) with a value $100,000.

History of Sancy diamond

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The history of Sancy Diamond shows that it surpassed the hands of many European emperors like Charles the Bold, James VI and I(Scotland emperors), Prince Paul Demidoff(Russian Emperor), and the Astor Family. Prince Paul Demidoff gives the Sancy diamond to his wife, aurora demidoff.  After his death, aurora demidoff sold the diamond to Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy for £100,000.

3. Cullinan diamond (Price= $400 Million)

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The Cullinan natural diamond gets 3rd number in the World's Most Expensive Diamond list. Some experienced gemologists said that the Cullinan Diamond has sparkling effects and appearance like a Sancy Diamond.

Cullinan diamond looks like the ice part or glacier. The name of this diamond came from the mine owner Thomas Cullinan. The value of the Cullinan diamond is $400 million because it is a natural diamond that not carry a diamond inclusion.

Historical facts about Cullinan Diamond

This Cullinan Diamond was founded in the Cullinan mine, South Africa, in January 1905. The Cullinan Diamond was the highest weighted (3106.75 Carat) diamond globally.

After knowing its importance, the Cullinan diamond was presented to the United Kingdom's King Edward VII in 1907. In addition, a Cullinan diamond was divided into nine parts, and all parts of the Cullinan diamond were fixed on the British crown.

The first part of the Cullinan diamond gained a weight of 530.2 carats, the second most weighted diamond globally than the Golden Jubilee Diamond.

4. The Hope Diamond(antique brilliant cushion cut diamond price= $350 Million)

A Hope diamond is known as an "antique brilliant cut cushion diamond according" to the Gemological Institute Of America statement. This Hope diamond has 45.52 carats of weight.

In addition, Hope diamond(antique cushion) was founded in Kullur Mines in Guntur city of the Andhra Pradesh state, INDIA. The worth of the Hope diamond is $350 million, which is very expensive due to excellent symmetry and polishing grade.

Hope diamond in cushion shape

For having $350 millions worth of hope diamond, the diamond symmetry is excellent and it is responsible for expensive and invaluable price tag. In hope diamond the cut of diamond is also excellent that's why it has $350 million price which shows the a girdle faceting placed exactly and without mismatching placement.

The reason behind the $350 million price of the hope diamond is a cushion fancy cut diamond. The hope diamond is a blue-colored antique cushion cut diamond that has triangle and round facets on the surfaces.

History of the Hope diamond: 4th numbered most expensive diamond

A history report of the hope diamond shows that it was founded at the end of the 17th century. While at 1666, a French gem merchant Jean-Baptiste Tavernier purchased a hope diamond. But, he was very confused due to the unmatched parallel facets of the cushion cut in hope diamond. So, Jean-Baptiste decided to recut the antique cushion shape diamond.

After successfully cutting the process, Jean-Baptiste sold the hope diamond to France's Emperor Louis XIV. After the 77th-year death of Louis XIV, hope diamond was stolen from the king's palace, and it again went into the process of recutting.

During the regime of Louis XIV, people said that the hope diamond was the "Cursed Diamond" to put the King in unexpected situation and his all province.

The hope diamond is made with boron's chemical proportions, which is known for its crystallization. In addition, the hope diamond was donated by its last owner Harry Wiston after nine years of purchase. He gave the Hope diamond to the National Museum Of National History in the United States Of America.

5. De Beers centenary diamond (Price= $100 Million)

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A De Beers Centenary diamond is known as a "Heart Shape Diamond," which carries 273.85 carats. This Centenary diamond was found in a premier mine in South Africa on 17th July 1986. Centenary diamond has a "D color" grade after the Cullinan diamonds. Also, this Centenary diamond carries the "IF clarity," which is known as superior clarity of grade of the diamond.

The De Beers Centenary diamond valued at $100 million, and this valued diamond is known as the 5th number most expensive diamond in the world.

History of De Beers Centenary diamond

The history of De Beers Centenary diamond shows that it surpasses many diamond cutters to spark. But in 1991, Centenary diamonds were introduced to the world, and everyone was felt shocked because, in heart shape fancy cut diamonds, no one could make this centenary type diamond.

But De Beers make it possible. This is the history of the Centenary diamond. In 1988 De Beers Board decided to cut this Centenary diamond in some antique shape. They appointed an experienced diamond cutter who named was Gabriel S. Tolkowsky.

After the appointment, Gabriel called up Goeff Woolett, Jim Nass, and Dawie du Plessis. De Beers Directors decided to make this Centenary diamond world famous. But the diamond-cutting team dropped the project mid-way.

In February 1991, the diamond was ready to show its brilliance appearance at 273.85 carats. Usually, in a heart-shaped diamond, notice that grooving facets are placed on the diamond pavillion, but no grooved facets are placed in this diamond.

The appearance of De Beers Centenary diamond

The appearance of De Beers Centenary diamond's faceting lines scaled with 247 numbers. On the pavilion surfaces, 164 facets are placed with clever and skillful craftsmanship. While remaining 83 facets are fixed on the table girdle surfaces, making this centenary diamond classy and luxurious.

6. The Steinmetz pink diamond (Price=$71.2 Million)

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When De Beers found this Steinmetz pink diamond from the South African mine in 1999, then it had 132.5 rough carats. At that time, the Steinmetz Diamond was the first most weighted fancy colored diamond.

After De Beers decided to make this fancy vivid pink diamond more glorious, then the board handover the cutting process to Steinmetz Group. After they cut the diamond with stunning artistry, they increased the overall value of this fancy pink-colored diamond.

This Pink Colored Diamond is the 6th most expensive diamond globally, and it is the 1st most expensive diamond of the gemstone.

In 2013, Sotheby's corporation arranged an auction, which is incorporated in 40 countries. Sotheby's is a broker company that deals in vintage art, jewelry, paintings, and many more. Then a new York diamond cutter Isaac Wolf got this pink cut diamond with the value of $83,187,381, and it is the world record auctioned price for any gemstone.

Who owns Pink Steinmetz gemstone diamond?

After Isaac was insolvent to pay the Pink Steinmetz price then, in the 2017 auction, Chow Tai Fook Enterprises won the auction of this Steinmetz pink colored diamond with a value of $71.2 million. Chow Tai fook enterprises holds the ownership of Pink Steinmetz Diamond.

Special Note About Pink Steinmetz Diamond(Step Oval Cut)If you want to show the mixup of step cut and brilliant cut, you must fix your eyes on this pink-colored oval-shaped diamond. On this diamond's table surfaces, step cutting is placed. While at the pavilion surface of Pink Steinmetz Diamond, a brilliant cut faceting style has been fixed.

Is the Kohinoor diamond the most valuable and precious?

The answer is yes. The most expensive diamond in the world is Kohinoor(The King Of Mountains). Kohinoor diamond carries the most valuable and precious diamond price tag at $20 Billion in the world. The Kohinoor diamond price is scaled in Billions. Kohinoor diamond carries triangle and round faceting patterns. That's why it has a 20 Billion dollar value.

Kohinoor Diamond counts as the most valuable diamond in the world, and it is very rare to be found. Still, diamond miners can't find a copy of Kohinoor Diamond. That's why it has the most valuable diamond tag worldwide.

Kohinoor Diamond in old mine cushion

The Kohinoor Diamond price is measured recently at $20 Billion. For heaving $20 Billion Kohinoor Diamond, the reason is clear and transparent appearance. A $20 Billions Kohinoor Diamonds will provide an economical boost the underdeveloped countries.

The Kohinoor diamond is the property of the royal family of England. Kohinoor diamond has an exquisite appearance through the table and girdle facets.

Kohinoor Diamond has billions of thousands of dollars in value.

Last, we must say that Kohinoor Diamond is the only precious and valuable diamond on the planet. Kohinoor will remain the finest diamond in the world.

Also, Kohinoor Diamond carries 100 carats of weight which makes it unique and elegant. Kohinoor Diamond was found in INDIA, and many historians have different opinions on it. But, we believe that Kohinoor Diamond has been found in Karnataka, INDIA.

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History of the Kohinoor diamond

Some historians and reports strongly believe that Kohinoor originated in Kollur Mine, INDIA. During the Kakatiya Dynasty and Rulement, between the 12 to 14th centuries, Kohinoor was founded. When Kohinoor was founded, it had 186 carats weight.

Kohinoor diamond is surpassed from west to east Asian rulers. But, east India company present the Kohinoor diamond to queen. INDIA believes that Kohinoor Diamond is the ownership of Maharaja Dilip Singh, and it's a reality fulfilled by history books. This is the history of Kohinoor diamond.

The Kohinoor arrived in the United Kingdom on 29th July 1850. Then Kohinoor was presented to Queen Victoria on the 250th anniversary of the East India Company.

Kohinoor Diamond old mine cushion

The word Kohinoor comes from Koh-i-Noor. It is the world’s largest weight of diamonds which carries 105.6 carats now. The Kohinoor Diamond is the leading part of the British Crown Jewels.

From Kohinoor’s foundation, it wandered in many East and West Asian rulers. But in 1851, Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria, ordered to re-cut and polish the Kohinoor diamond because the original Kohinoor had a comprehensive and uncommon shape that looked no more brilliance appearance as “Brilliant Cut.”

Kohinoor diamond is fixed on the crown jewels part and makes the crown more precious and pretty as ancient time rulers crown. Now, the British Crown is the property of Royal Family of England, and she wore it. The crown is given from Queen Mary to Queen Elizabeth.

Re polishment of the most valuable diamond(Kohinoor)

While Kohinoor looked extremely ugly then, Prince Albert decided to re-cut the Kohinoor. He appointed a team that has the finest experience in cutting diamonds. Kohinoor Diamond Polish counts that it gets an excellent grade which helps to release more sparkle through the anatomies. The experienced team of graders was specially allocated to the Kohinoor Diamond polishing.

Prince started the cutting process of Kohinoor at Garrard & Co, which is a big brand now. Kohinoor has 170 facets, reducing its classy and luxurious appearance, and its wide table surface looks no more appealing.

When Kohinoor was founded, it carried 186 rough carats of weight, and it had a different shape. So, for excellent appearance diamond was cut and re-polished and gained 105.8 Carats with Brilliant Cut. Prince Albert spent 8000 Pounds on the re-cutting of the Kohinoor Diamond.

Cutting and repolishment cost of Kohinoor diamond

If we measure the price of the Kohinoor cutting and repolishment now, it shows a value of 10448 $. So when we talk about the value of the repolishment of Kohinoor at that time in the Indian Rupees, it has 6,10,447. This is the cost of the cutting process of Kohinoor diamond at that time which was held in 1851.

The Kohinoor Diamond Price

The value of the Kohinoor in the Indian Rupee is 162680000000, and it is the total GDP of underdeveloped countries. But, the Kohinoor Diamond's price still remains uncertain due to its best appearance.

Kohinoor Diamond has a $20 Billion price because of the VVS Diamonds appearance and old mine oval shape diamond. In Kohinoor Diamond's $20 Billion price, the transparent appearance plays a key role. That's why Kohinoor still remains the most expensive diamond price worth $20 Billion.

Crown Jewels have 2800+ Natural Diamonds, and the most valuable diamond is the Kohinoor. The metal of Crown Jewels is platinum which has been very expensive till now.

When gemologists looked at the Brilliant Cut Kohinoor, which has an Oval shape, they were surprised and told Prince that Kohinoor is very precious and has no value to be measured in capital or anything else. This shows that Kohinoor is only the Diamond on the planet with high value.

What happened to Kohinoor diamond after Queen Elizabeth II death?

The Kohinoor Diamond is an integral part of Crown Jewels, which is the royal property of the United Kingdom's royal family. After Queen Elizabeth II death, the crown jewels were handed over to King Charles III's wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, who became the Queen Consort of the United Kingdom.

The Kohinoor Diamond is now handed over to the new Queen Of the United Kingdom, Camilla Parker. Camilla Parker Bowles become a 14th commonwealth region as Queen.

On the accession of King Charles III as King of the United Kingdom, a Kohinoor Diamond's Crown Jewels give to her wife Camilla Parker Blows. A Crown Jewels were given to Camilla Parker in legacy from her Mother-In-Law, Queen Elizabeth II. Now, Crown Jewels are placed in London Tower, and Queen Camilla has a right to wear it on royal occasions and holidays.

Expert words on the most expensive diamonds in the world

The world is eager to know why Kohinoor is the most expensive diamond Of the world. The answer is simple, Kohinoor has oval Shape with 105.6 carats. In Kohinoor diamond, a brilliant cutting style is an example of master craftsmanship.

Also, Kohinoor diamond has star bezel facets on the table surfaces. For this reason, Kohinoor is the world’s most expensive diamond still now from its origin. Added that Kohinoor was founded 1000 years ago. The Kohinoor diamond is fixed on the British Crown Jewels, and it's the property of England's royal family.

This British Crown is maintained and under the security of the London Tower(United Kingdom).

Kohinoor has no more visible impurities to reduce the optimum appearance. At the same time, Kohinoor diamond has a “D” color, known as a colorless characteristic of diamonds. Excellent Symmetry is graded on the Kohinoor diamond, which is very helpful in reflecting a sensational appearance.

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If you like to show the British Crown jewel, you must visit the tower of London with the proper permission from the Government.

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