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VVS Diamonds Guide For Buyers With Price, Appearance, Rings

VVS Diamonds are known for the relfective rays and it has 10/10 scores on index
Recent study and analysis of VVS Diamonds just shows that it is the only clarity grade diamonds which selected for engagement ring as well as for wedding jewelry. VVS Diamonds are still the best choice because they are not carry more inclusion. Inclusion stops the reflecting light from anatomies in exit ways, but in VVS Diamonds, there is no chance of it.

In VVS Diamonds, reflecting lights will surpass all the anatomies or surfaces. VVS Diamonds have the best ability to sparkle at the top without any help because of the faceting pattern in a triangle shape. So, VVS Diamonds are the best choice to fix in engagement rings or wedding rings.

  • What are VVS Diamonds?

VVS Diamonds represent the gemological term very very slightly included/inclusions. When a diamond grading/certification report shows the diamond clarity VVS1 or VVS2, then you have to understand those diamonds are ready to purchase. Because VVS Diamond has best refractive index on the scale which is better selection for jewelry. That's why VVS Diamonds are known as "glitter aeroplane" in gemological terms.

VVS diamonds, known as VVSI diamonds, represent that not a single faceting pattern is mismatched with each other facets. VVSI diamond is a short form of very very small inclusions in the industry. In VVSI diamonds the sparkle reflections aren't affected anymore. That's why manufacturers like to make VVSI Diamonds more n more to cover up the capital. 

VVS clarity-graded diamonds are not carried inclusions on the table and crown surface, and they help the reflection lights to exit with more power through the table. VVS Diamonds are the most popular clarity grade diamonds after flawless or internally flawless diamonds. The price of VVS Diamonds is 30-40% less than flawless diamonds and Internally flawless diamonds price.

In VVS Diamonds, you noticed that the inclusions are not more than SI or VS clarity diamonds. After FL(flawless) or IF(internally flawless) clarity diamonds, VVS diamonds are the 3rd superior clarity diamonds in gemological terms.

Usually for engagement rings or wedding necklaces VVS Diamonds are used. In VVS diamonds, you found that the surface releases better reflection light than VS or SI clarity diamonds. For best looking diamond jewelry you should have to see the VVS Diamonds appearance and not influenced by other people. After all, if you make your life changing moment better than VVS Diamonds for Jewelry is the right selection.

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  • Why do VVS Diamonds have a great chance of being selected by customers?

First of all, VVS Diamonds have less amount inclusions in diamond around the surface, especially on table and crown surfaces. There are three reasons to select VVS diamonds such as brightness, light reflection, and scintillation. 

Thus, customers are looking for the best reflection lights from the diamond’s surfaces, so VVS Diamonds are the choice. However, VVS Diamonds have fewer inclusions, or sometimes VVS Diamonds are not found with inclusions.

For this reason, sparkle light will be reflected across the surface of VVS Diamonds. Customers recommend VVS Diamonds in their love symbolism jewelry like engagement rings, earrings, wedding bands, necklaces, or pendants.

  • How much is 1 carat VVS Diamonds price?

VVS Diamonds have no amount of inclusions which affect the appearance, so the price of it starts at $1100. In VVS Diamond price, the Diamonds' cut, clarity, and color decide the overall value. So, a 1-carat round VVS Diamond has a $1400 price with an E color. Here. You can see the difference in price between two shapes of diamonds with the same VVS clarity.

VVS Diamond cost depends on other factors also, such as rough diamond supply and its influences and the quality type of rough diamonds. When a lower quality rough diamond wants to be a VVS diamond, then it will be the most economical hit for the manufacturers. That's why VVS Diamonds aren't available at less price. The price is influenced by the VVS Diamond's symmetrical and polishing grades.

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  • Did You Noticed and Checkout?

We give free solitaire settings in 10kt gold to buy our exclusive collection of diamonds. Hurry up it is made for buyers who don't want to surpass the provisioned budget. We give the solitaire ring in the price of loose diamonds. Moreover, we have customized diamond rings with less price. Visit our special collections of rings.

  • Appearance of VVS Diamonds

VVS Diamonds have a clear appearance from the table surface and culet point. In other terms, VVS Diamonds are visible as sparky from all types of anatomies. In VVS Diamonds, the sparkle release ability is sensational because they have less amount of inclusions, so it will be helpful to throw such a vast amount of reflection lights.

VVS Diamond In Emerald Cut For Special Appearance

VVS Diamonds are the form of Very Very Slight/Small Inclusions. So, in VVS Diamonds, you can find excellent symmetry and polishing grades. I mentioned the diamond symmetry terms because VVS Diamonds are a clarity grade that handles the table and crown anatomy of diamonds.

See this VVS Diamond in an antique cut that indicates the best creativity and effort. Ouros Jewels introduced its antique cut diamond section that is made with VVS clarity. Sometimes, you find other clarity diamonds but don't worry. We make diamonds from your preferences. Have a look at the antique VVS Diamonds.

Christmas Tree VVS Diamond Which Is Antique Cut Diamond Emerald VVS Diamond With Special Appeance On The Surface
  • VVS diamond engagement rings

VVS Diamond engagement rings are still a good choice for celebrating your best love moments. Also, when you propose your life(wife) with VVS Diamond engagement rings, then it will be your love symbolism. VVS Diamond engagement rings available in 14kt, 18kt white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

VVS engagement rings available in halo rings, solitaire rings, unique rings, antique rings, and toi et moi rings. Check it out.

Diamond engagement rings tell her how much you are drowning in love with her. So, let’s check out some of the best VVS Diamond engagement rings collections.

VVS Diamond Ring Reveal the reflection from the surfaces with more ability

Shop VVS Diamond engagement rings

Alternatively, you can buy VVS Diamond rings for the proposal because VVS rings are more cost-effectively(less price) than FL or IF clarity Diamond rings. VVS Diamond ring will be the best symbol of your love relationship with your wife.

  • VVS Diamond Wedding Rings

VVS diamond wedding rings can be a love present forever and makes the love nexus stronger. In VVS diamond wedding rings, the sparkling ability is quite a good selection to tell her words that you hide in your heart.

But, as a life partner, you have to give something precious which becomes a symbol of your relationship, and that is VVS Diamond wedding rings.

VVS Diamond Wedding Ring With Clear and Special Appearance In Affordable Price

Shop VVS diamond wedding rings

VVS Diamond wedding rings includes eternity bands, pave sets, bridal sets, bezel sets, and channel sets in 14kt, 18 white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

  • VVS Diamond wedding necklace

VVS Diamond necklace carries the best and most special appearance due to its optimum framework. A wedding Necklace in VVS diamonds throws beautiful reflections on the eyes, making the bride look more precious and luxurious.

Shop VVS Diamond wedding necklace in 14kt, 18kt yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold from Ouros Jewels. Diamond necklace in VVS Diamond allow to experience the luxuriousness from wearing it.

In this VVS Diamond neckalce, round cut, marquise, and pear cut diamond are fixed in the above below and horizontal and vertical format.

Must purchase this VVS Diamond Necklace for your love with the heart feelings and wishing flexible marriage life ahead of the wedding.

VVS Diamond Necklace has gorgeous appearance from the all side framework with preciousness

Shop VVS diamond wedding necklaces

  • VVS vs VS1, which is the best?

Between VVS and VS1, VVS diamonds are the best because they have less amount of inclusions than VS1 diamonds. In VVS Diamonds, the inclusions identified with the 10x loupe, but it available in less amount to doesn't affect the appearance. VVS Diamonds have the sequence faceting patterns on the anatomies and not a single faceting line mismatched. That's why VVS Diamonds are better than VS1 diamonds. In addition, VVS diamonds have more sparkle reflection ability than VS1 diamonds. Thus, VVS diamonds are the best.

  • SI vs VVS, which can I choose?

Between SI vs VVS, you have to select VVS Diamonds because they have less inclusions and scratches on the surfaces which affects the sparkle reflections. As a result, buyer have to select VVS than SI clarity. For selecting VVS Diamonds ahead of SI than it has three reasons which includes special appearances, inclusions amounts, and faceting matching patterns.

SI means small inclusions which always affect the sparkle and stop the lights due to more inclusions. Thus, SI vs VVS shows the comparison between this two clarity and from there VVS is the best.

VVS jewelry means very very small included diamonds are used which looks very special and optimum from the surfaces. VVS jewelry is a good choice for all couples who want to make their love symbolism precious. In the VVS jewelry, all the elements that look glorious and superior are available.


VVS Diamond is the best selection for someone who is looking for some exceptional jewelry because these Diamonds have gorgeous looks. So, VVS Diamonds will become your love symbolism in a type of engagement ring, wedding ring, and necklace. 

Make love relationship strong and energetical to face any situation together with this VVS Diamonds jewelry or another type of jewelry. It really boosts your confidence and helps future to solve the issue. Explore more VVS Diamond Jewelry from OurosJewels.Com because you deserve better diamond jewelry.


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