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VVS Diamonds: understand in just 5 minutes

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VVS Diamonds are still the best choice because they are not available in inclusion. Inclusion stops the reflecting light from exiting but in VVS Diamonds, there is no chance of no reflection of lights. In VVS Diamonds, reflecting lights will surpass all the anatomies or surfaces. VVS Diamonds have best ability to sparkling at top without any help because in making of vvs diamonds highest scale of craftsmanship is used. That's why VVS Diamonds are selected by 73% of customers. So, VVS Diamonds are the best choice to fix it in engagement rings or wedding rings.


  • What Are VVS Diamonds?

VVS Diamonds represent the gemological term very very slightly included/inclusions. When a diamond grading/certification report shows the Diamond clarity VVS1 or VVS2, then you have to understand those diamonds are ready to purchase. VVS clarity-graded diamonds are not carry inclusions on the table and crown surface, and they help the reflection lights to exit with more power through the table. VVS Diamonds are the most popular clarity grade diamonds after flawless or internally flawless diamonds. The price of VVS Diamonds are 30-40% less than flawless diamonds and Internally flawless diamonds price.

In VVS Diamonds, you noticed that the inclusions are not more than SI or VS clarity diamonds. After FL(flawless) or IF(internally flawless) clarity diamonds, VVS diamonds are the 3rd superior clarity diamonds in gemological terms. VVS Diamonds are usually made for engagement rings or wedding necklaces. In VVS diamonds, you found that the surface of the diamonds releases better reflection light than VS or SI clarity diamonds.

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  • Why do VVS Diamonds have a great chance of being selected by customers?

First of all, VVS Diamonds have less amount of inclusions around the surface, especially on table and crown surfaces. Customer wants those grade of diamonds that release more sparkle from engagement rings or wedding rings. So, VVS diamonds are the choice for them becuase in VVS Diamonds the zero amount of inclusions. In our survey, we found that out of the 100%, 70% of inclusions are found from the diamond’s table surfaces and crown surfaces. So, IN VVS Diamonds, you can see that the Diamond’s table and the crown surface area are eye-visible and clear. In addition, VVS Diamonds have 1-5% of inclusions than VS1 or VS2 clarity diamonds.

[VVS Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels]

Thus, customers are looking for the best reflection lights from the diamond’s surfaces, so VVS Diamonds are the choice. However, VVS Diamonds have fewer inclusions, or sometimes VVS Diamonds are not found with inclusions. For this reason, sparkle light will be reflected across the surface of VVS Diamonds. Customers recommend VVS Diamonds in their love symbolism jewelry like engagement rings, earrings, wedding bands, necklaces, or pendants.

  • Appearance Of VVS Diamonds:

VVS Diamonds have a clear appearance from the table surface and culet point. In other terms, VVS Diamonds are visible as sparky from all types of anatomies. In VVS Diamonds, the sparkle release ability is sensational because VVS diamonds have less amount of inclusions, so it will be helpful to throw such a vast amount of reflection lights.

[VVS Diamond Emerald Cut]-[Ouros Jewels]

VVS Diamonds are the form of Very Very Slightly/Small Inclusions. So, in VVS Diamonds, you can find excellent symmetry and polishing grades. I mentioned the diamond symmetry terms because VVS Diamonds are a clarity grade that handles the table and crown anatomy of diamonds. But what about the below anatomies of diamonds?

If diamonds have a good or fair symmetry grade that is placed on a pavilion, then you’ll get less amount of sparkle. In other terms, from the diamond pavilion, the entered light is divided from the pavilion anatomy, and you can’t be able to get the amounts of reflected light that you expected to return.


VVS Diamond is very famous, but whenever you see antique cut diamonds in VVS clarity? So, today you have to see this VVS Diamond in an antique cut that indicates the best creativity and effort. Ouros Jewels introduce its antique cut diamond section that is made with VVS clarity. Sometimes, you find other clarity diamonds but don't worry. We make diamonds from your preferences. Have a look at the antique VVS Diamonds.

[Christmas Tree VVS Diamond]-[Ouros Jewels] [VVS Diamond Emerald]-[Ouros Jewels]


VVS Diamond Engagement Rings are still a good choice for celebrating your best love moments. Also, when you propose your life(wife) with VVS Diamond Engagement Rings, then it will be your love symbolism. Diamond Engagement Rings tell her how much you are drowning in love with her. So, let’s check out some of the best VVS Diamond Engagement Rings collections.

[VVS Diamond Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

Alternatively, You can buy VVS Diamond Rings for the proposal because VVS Diamond Rings are more cost-effectively(less price) than FL or IF clarity Diamond Rings. VVS Diamond Ring will be the best symbol of your love relationship with your wife.

VVS diamond wedding rings can be a love present forever and makes love nexus stronger.  In VVS diamond wedding rings, the sparkling ability is a quite good selection to tell her words which you hide in your heart. A wedding is a moment that will change JJ9J28P250S5 your life and living style, right? Yes, of course, when two hearts meet, then it will be the best moment, and they do promise not to leave each other hands in any difficult situation. But, as a life partner, you have to give something precious which becomes a symbol of your relationship, that is VVS Diamond Wedding Rings.

[VVS Diamond Wedding Ring]-[Ouros Jewels]

When Your wedding is held with your love, your mind tells you to give a special gift to your wife, right? A wedding Diamond Necklace is quite a better choice to reveal your feelings towards her. Select the best VVS Diamond Wedding Necklace from Ouros Jewels. We deal in Lab Diamond Jewelry.

[VVS Diamond Necklace]-[Ouros Jewels]


VVS Diamond is the best selection for someone who looks for some exceptional, reflecting light jewelry because VVS Diamonds have gorgeous looks. So, VVS Diamonds will become your love symbolism, a type of engagement ring, wedding ring, and necklace because your strong love relationship provides your energy to face any situation. Explore More VVS Diamond Jewelry from OurosJewels.Com because you deserve better diamond jewelry.



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