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Blake Lively Engagement Ring Details

Blake Lively Ring has more value due to natural pink oval and round diamond on the ring surface
  • Who is Blake Lively?

Blake Lively was born on 25 August 1987 in Los Angeles, California. Blake Lively is an American actress known for her contemporary acting skills, and she won many worldwide awards and recognition. Blake Lively started her acting career at the age of 10 in 1998 in the English movie sandman.

In 2007 Blake Lively was featured in the Gossip Girl television series, and the series ended in 2012. In 2013, Blake Lively signed a film, The Age Of Adaline, earning $65.7 Million worldwide, and it was a blockbuster Hollywood film that year. In addition, she made her directorial debut in a music video. 

Blake Lively met Ryan Reynolds in 2010 in the Green Lantern film. Ryan and Lively started dating each other in October 2011. After 11 months of dating, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively married each other in September 2012. They are known as the sweetest couple in the industry. Ryan and Blake Lively now live in New York.

Ryan Reynolds gave 12-carat Natural Oval Shaped Diamond Ring to Blake Lively in the form of an Engagement Ring and love symbolism. That ring is famous worldwide for its rose gold metal and flawless clarity diamonds; it is very rare to be found still now. Thus, Blake Lively Ring measured at $2 Million worth.

  • Blake Lively engagement ring beauty and appearance

Blake Lively Engagement Ring is usually made in pink oval diamond shank accent that brides wear. But this engagement ring is not common. There's no doubt to say Ryan proposes to Lively with the combined diamond ring for wedding and engagement. The diamond symmetry is scaled at excellent grade in the Blake Lively ring.

This diamond engagement ring features a pink-colored oval shape diamond, and it is secured with gold prongs. While talking about Blake Lively diamond Ring, it’s typical to pave set band engraved with diamonds.

Oval Diamond Ring makes the love relationship stronger where Blake Lively and Ryan selects it

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In Blake Lively engagement ring, 12 carat pink oval diamond is fixed, and this diamond has Flawless clarity. In Blake Lively engagement ring, fancy and fantastic brilliance and fiery looks releases from the diamond anatomy. Also, in Blake Lively's ring, a fancy pink colored diamond is used in the form of romance.

Lively’s jeweler friend Lorraine Schwartz makes this Blake Lively Engagement Ring. Blake Lively is very confident about her engagement ring’s beauty. Ryan Reynolds also took an interest in creating a unique engagement ring for her fiancée Blake Lively. In Blake Lively's engaged ring, 18kt rose gold metal was added, matching the center pink oval shape diamond.

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  • Price of Blake Lively engagement ring

Price of the Blake Lively engagement ring, then it measured at $2 Million, which in numbers could be $200,00,00. That’s very obvious because a natural pink oval shape diamond is very rare to be found and especially in 12-carat weights. 

Pink oval diamond

The pink-colored oval diamond has no more inclusions on the anatomy which means diamond inclusion does not decrease the appearance of the Lively Ring. That's why her ring is valued at $2 Million. The pink-colored oval diamond is costly to acquire with 12-carat weight.

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  • Can you buy Blake Lively's engagement ring in reality?

Yes, it is possible to buy Blake Lively engagement ring in reality. We can make same engagement ring as Blake Lively with pink oval diamond and flawless clarity with usage of 18kt rose gold metal. From ouros jewels, you can buy Blake Lively engagement ring as it is as she wears.  

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