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Diamond cut and its types

People understand that a diamond cut is similar to a diamond shape, but in reality, it’s a different fact after all. In diamond cut, the sparkle reflection is decided when it surpasses the girdle anatomy. In other words, the diamond cut represents the faceting and polishing work that has been done on the anatomy girdle and pavilion.

Diamond Cuts

In diamond cut appearance, the girdle anatomy suggests the cut's grade. When a diamond polish grade placed the girdle anatomy on the grading wheel then on it the faceting work started with a 360° surface cover. From that process a diamond acquires faceting on the pavilion and girdle anatomy it is called a diamond cut.

Types of cuts of diamonds are excellent cut, very good cut, good cut, fair cut, and poor cut. Types of cut diamonds are decided with the girdle anatomy placement on the surfaces. Types of cuts of Diamonds solely decide the price and appearance that's why it includes one of the pillars to determine it. As a result, the types of cut diamonds are known as diamonds' appearance deciders.

Thus, today we will understand the diamond cut with its types. The diamond cut has ideal, very good, good, fair and poor grades decided by the girdle and crown surfaces fix-up.

How long it takes to cut a diamond?

Diamond cut in the laser process where it takes to 5-6 hours with proper dimensions and proportions. The laser cutting process is the key part of a diamond cut; from that diamond cut process, types decide. If the laser cutting process doesn't go well, the diamond cut type has been fair of poor which no one buyer wants to buy. Because it loses the sparkle reflections and has more inclusions on the anatomy.

What is diamond cut?

The diamond cut definition is how carefully the crafting process has been done on the girdle and crown surfaces. Diamond cut presents the small block faceting placed on the diamond girdle and the curving edge of the crown surface to interact with the table. When a diamond pavilion anatomy has length or width, the diamond cut is decided on it.

Diamond cut means on which level of craftsmanship is done on the diamond anatomies. Also, when a diamond surfaces look ugly or beautiful, the cut of a diamond is responsible. If you ever know about the Diamond 4cs, then you can understand what’s the importance of diamond Cut. The cut of the diamond precisely influences the overall price of the diamond.

What cut diamond sparkles the most?

Excellent cut diamond sparkles the most, here a round cut diamond or other cut diamonds are not exists because they're the shape of particular diamond. Excellent cut diamond has ideal placement of the girdle faceting and from there the sparkle reflection is fantastic. That's why excellent diamond cut sparkle the most out of the rest. Diamond cut has five types and decided from the girdle faceting styles scales with excellent, very good, good, fair and poor.

Why diamond cut is essential for sparkle and reflections?

For three reasons, the diamond cut is essential for sparkle and reflection: first is the overall proper appearance, second is the crafting structure (exact girdle facets and pavilion depth), and placement of facets on the anatomies. These three reasons make the diamond cut king in the 4cs.

Let me explain. If you select VVS diamonds with an E color grade, these are the superior graded, but if you choose a good cut diamond, your diamond does not spark instead of the best clarity and color grade.

Thus, the diamond cut is important because it takes a load and weight of the overall high sparkly appearance on its crafting structure. If the buyer doesn't recognize the diamond cut, then they may take the wrong type of cut of diamond for not knowing about that. So, want to know about diamond cut types, then read below about them.

What are the types of diamond cut?

The diamond cut has five types: ideal or excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. Whenever the diamond girdle anatomy and the depth are evaluated, then the diamond cut grade decides. Diamond cuts are play role as a key player to decide the price. 

For example, if the diamond cut has a deep and long pavilion length, it scales on the poor or maybe a fair cut. While a pavilion and girdle anatomy has the required length to release better sparkle, then it scales on the ideal or excellent cut of the diamond.

What is an excellent cut of diamond?

An excellent cut of a diamond suggests that all the anatomy is placed with perfect proportions and dimensions, and no error has occurred on the surfaces. In excellent cut diamond, the pavilion surface and girdle anatomy are placed in the deserved places with no exceptions.

They are ready to flow and sprinkle the reflection in the returns. Excellent cut of the diamond is the superior grade for having special reflections abilities.

Excellent Cut Diamonds Appearance With Its Characteristics

What is a very good cut diamond?

A very good cut diamond means when the diamond anatomy has a single or four mismatch faceting placement and the girdle is slight thick. In this cut graded diamond the tiny amount of sparkle affected. In very good diamond cut, the appearance of the sparkle might be affected by losing the perfection, but it’s still counted in the best cut of diamonds.

For example, when a diamond pavilion faceting has the same width of an excellent cut diamond, but it’s not matched with pavilion depth, then it is called a very good cut diamond.

Very Good Cut Diamond With Its Elements On Girdle and Crown

Here in the Very Good Cut Diamond, the surfaces of covered with the best clarity, such as Flawless or VVS. Because when the times come for the reflection of sparkle, then it will help the lights to exit with more effort to spread the shining appearance around the outer environment.

What is a good cut diamond?

Good cut diamond carries the swallowed pavilion faceting, and the girdle pattern has more width, which makes it less preferable to fixed in the jewelry. The appearance of the good diamond cut isn't dull and untransparent compare to fair or poor cut diamond grade. 

In good cut diamond, the appearance looks like less beautiful for having more more wide surfaces. Buyers can save money with good cut diamonds because it takes less cost to fix in the jewelry.

Good Cut Diamonds have wide length of the girdle and crownIn good diamond cut, the surfaces have exact proportions and dimensional spaces, which helps the light to exit. But due to the long length and wide width of pavilion and girdle, it will release less amount of reflections. That’s why in the necklace, a good diamond cut is used for the bright and shining looks.

What is a fair cut diamond?

The fair diamond cut's crown surface is wide and curved to connect with the table anatomies. When a diamond has thicker girdle placements and pavilion depth is look likes a shallow then it called as fair diamond cut. When the reflection time comes, it affects the sparkle due to the long length. Thus, I less recommended this cut grade diamond in all of the shapes.Fair diamond cut looks narrow from the pavilion surfaces to have less lengthAs a result, the fair diamond cut is used in cheap engagement rings and jewelry such as synthetic stones, but in reality, they’re diamonds. Thus, people refused to select fair diamond cut in the jewelry instead of heaving less price.

Fair cut diamonds mean that a girdle faceting is not placed with exact proportions or may be very thick or thin. Fair cut diamonds have more deeper pavilion length, which absorbs more amounts of light, but they reflect at less quantity which looks duller.

Peoples didn't select a fair cut diamonds in engagement rings or wedding bands(except in cheap engagement rings and jewelry). But fair cut diamonds are used in wedding necklaces because more diamonds are placed together. Fair cut diamonds decided with the girdle anatomy placements and appearance to catch the lights.

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What is poor diamond cut?

Poor diamond cut means the crown surface is curved at a 45°degree angle, and the pavilion surface carries the longer and deeper lengths until the culet points. In poor cut diamonds, the appearance looks very dull and ugly because the girdle faceting blocks are thin and mismatched with the pavilion faceting patterns. That’s why lower quality diamonds are known as poor diamond cuts.

Poor Diamond Cut has long and wide faceting blocks on the girdle anatomyIn poor diamond cut, the pavilion faceting pattern has mismatched formats, affecting the brilliant appearance when the light wants to exit. In addition, poor diamond of cut affects the shine reflection and decreases the overall beautiful looks.

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So, it’s done. Now, as a buyer, you’re aware of the diamond cut and its grades full of information. Diamond cut grades are the key elements to affect the sparkling diamond reflections. From the diamond certification report, you can see the diamond cut type and evaluate about the price with the diamond manufacturer. 

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