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Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings The Comprehensive Buying Guide

Emerald cut engagement ring

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Buying Guide - If you're planning to express your love and commitment, an emerald cut engagement ring is a perfect choice. This type of ring symbolizes more than just your relationship; it's a constant reminder of love, honesty, and loyalty. These rings are renowned for their elegant, step-cut design and clear surfaces, which create a dazzling "Hall of Mirrors" effect thanks to their precise symmetry and polished edges.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: You and your partner share a strong passion for your relationship. Often, you might look for support from someone who knows you well, while your partner seeks affection and warmth. This is the essence of being in a loving relationship and it's crucial to keep trust alive between you. This guide will help you find an engagement ring that mirrors the strength and beauty of your bond.

When choosing an emerald cut diamond ring, it's crucial to consider the "4Cs of Diamonds" — color, clarity, carat, and cut — to ensure you're getting a high-quality gemstone. This is not just any gift; it's a profound expression of your bond, so selecting a top-quality diamond should be a priority.

Ensure your engagement is unforgettable by opting for a premium emerald cut diamond ring. Along with the 4Cs, there are other important factors to consider when making your purchase. Don't worry, we'll guide you through all the necessary details to help you find the perfect ring that reflects the depth of your feelings.

Let's start our journey to analyze the emerald cut rings.

What Does The Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Mean?

The emerald-cut engagement rings define independence and clarity. The clean and transparent surfaces of the emerald-cut diamond drive the most exquisite appearance than other shapes. Remember, the emerald diamond is rectangular and elongated in shape that, represents farsightedness, honesty, and self-control.

On the emerald diamond, 57 facets appear from table to pavilion surfaces with the least cropped corners. Also, the rectangle shape of the emerald looks bigger than the same carat weighted other shaped diamonds. The reflections of the brilliance that you found in the cushion and princess cut diamond; the emerald still releases lights and flashes that attract the eyes.

The facets of the emerald-cut diamond are concentric, which means the crown and pavilion anatomy shares the same center surfaces and reflects lights and flashes. Sloppy curving edges and rectangle shapes for emerald stone create a beautiful appearance and provide the required durability.

Why To Choose Emerald Cut Engagement Rings?

Emerald cut diamonds feature 57 facets, less than its cousin diamond shape, a "Radiant Cut." But, still, between these two rectangular-shaped diamonds, the emerald is a good choice if you're looking for a cost-effective choice with an identical appearance, a radiant cut diamond, an elongated shape to a square one, clear surfaces, and versatility.

The most important reason is to select an emerald cut diamond, the "Sloppy Crown and Pavilion Anatomy," than round, cushion, radiant, and heart-shaped diamonds. As a result, couples refer to select the elongated and beveled cornered emerald diamond for the engagement ring.

Emerald cut engagement rings reasons to select it

If you're selecting an emerald diamond for an engagement ring, you can get all these benefits. That's why we recommend you pick the best quality graded elongated emerald diamond.

Let's see the reasons in depth for a clear understanding of this rectangular diamond shape. Also, these reasons could be defined as benefits for you.

  • It's Price Saving Option Than Other Brilliant Cut Traditional Shape

The cost for the emerald-cut diamond is less than a round brilliant-cut one. It means you can select a same-quality graded emerald cut diamond from paying a low price than a round brilliant cut.

>When you neither want to compromise with quality nor cost compression, a rectangle-shaped emerald is an excellent choice for you than a round brilliant cut. You can still get flashes and lights from this rectangle diamond without paying more load to your bank account.

You can refer to the below chart to understand the cost difference between the emerald, radiant, and round-cut diamonds.

























You're requested the mentioned price is described only for understanding purposes. Meanwhile, the overall cost of the diamonds depends on color, clarity, carat, cut, dimensions, symmetry, and fluorescence grades. The actual cost might differ from the actual one. You can take our help by contacting us.

  • The Flashes and Lights Reflections

The emerald-cut diamond can release flashes and light reflections through the beveled corners and sloppy facets from the crown anatomy. The concentric facet placements of these elongated shaped diamonds offer a good luminosity and sparkles.

When you refuse to pay more for radiant-cut diamonds and look for the best alternative, an "emerald-cut diamond" will solve your issue. You need an identical light reflection as a radiant diamond, so emerald still offers it. The emerald diamond's symmetrical balance helps it reflect a shine that differs from another rectangular shape.

Emerald cut lab grown diamond

So, make your beautiful engagement ring more captivating by selecting the best emerald-cut diamond in an elongated shape. The transparent surfaces of the emerald one offer clarity and trust between two individuals. As a result, the combination of light reflection and clarity exists in an emerald diamond engagement ring.

  • Length: The Unique Selection Point

The length of the emerald-cut diamond is the unique selection point of this elongated shape. You're always looking for a distinctive benefit from your purchased product. So here in the emerald cut diamond, the USP is the "Length." If your spouse needs a rectangle-shaped diamond ring for engagement, choose the emerald wisely.

The emerald cut ring covers 40-60% of the finger's circumferences when worn on the finger. Having more length than other diamonds is ideal for selecting the rectangular shape. The rectangular diamonds have a required depth surface, and the pavilion is sloppy, which helps the lights to resonate easily.

The elongated shape of the emerald diamond provides a sophisticated and sleek appearance in all ring designs like three-stone, halo, vintage-inspired, solitaire, and Toi et Moi. Also, having more length, the emerald release its versatility in the form of a unique appearance from other diamond shapes.

  • The Clarity and Transparency Reflector Available

Due to the least cropped corners and step-cut facets, the anatomy of the emerald diamond offers clarity and transparency. Also, the larger facets and concentric row pattern are responsible for the emerald-cut diamond's clean surfaces. Compared to other diamond shapes, the emerald has a neat and clear surface that appears from the table and pavilion anatomy.

The emerald diamond has minimal internal and external flaws that exhibit a higher level of light reflection and increase the overall luminosity. In addition, this elongated diamond shape is a timeless and classic choice in any ring style.

You can prefer the emerald diamond for your engagement ring. Meanwhile, if your friend or relatives need advice on the best diamond shape in the selection of promise rings, then you can freely refer them to emerald-cut diamonds. After all, they're committing the statement to their love partner so that you can refer them to the benefits of the elongated emerald diamond shape.

  • Versatility Provider

If you have a strong desire to offer a unique appearance to select an engagement ring for your spouse, then the expectation is completed from the emerald cut diamond. This elongated diamond shape is a versatile choice for all ring designs, whether it's a solitaire, three-stone or vintage-inspired art deco style.

The emerald diamond solitaire ring design offers a precious and pretty wearing experience so that you can move with that option. While a halo ring refers to the elegant choice for engagement with a rectangle emerald-shaped diamond. Thus, every ring design has its own specialty, but you can create your unique emerald diamond engagement ring with a customization option.

The ring designs exist as halo, solitaire, vintage, three-stone, and Toi et Moi. All these ring designs are made with yellow, rose, and white gold metal. Consider the emerald cut diamond's best ring design and metal tone selection. Meanwhile, you can opt for any ring design your spouse loves to wear as an engagement ring in the emerald diamond.

Ideal 4cs of Diamonds To Choose

As we mentioned in the introduction, the 4cs of diamonds are important to consider when selecting an emerald cut engagement ring. So, you must focus more on selecting the best quality emerald diamond from color, clarity, carat, and cut grade.

The 4cs of diamonds influence the cost and appearance of your chosen engagement ring. That's why it is essential to know for making beautiful engagement rings the stylish and captivating signs of love.

An emerald diamond's best color, clarity, carat, and cut grades are described below. Get an emerald cut diamond in better quality for choosing the ideal 4cs grades.

  • Select D to J Color Grade Diamond

In an emerald-cut diamond ring, D to J color grade is a sufficient choice because it is free from the unnatural hues reflections that affect the overall appearance. Also, the length and sloppy facets look more prominent and excellent when the emerald should have a natural color reflection that found in the D to J color grade.

Also, the color grade selection depends on the ring design that you opt for. For example, when you choose a solitaire or halo ring design with an emerald diamond, the color grade is the most important factor to consider. The cost of D to J color grade emerald diamond is costlier than other fancy-colored diamonds. Remember this fact when selecting an engagement ring.

Emerald cut diamond color grading scale chart from colorless to colored stone example

Also, the emerald diamond has a rectangular shape, and to experience its natural reflections, select D to J color grades. These color grades for diamonds also define as colorless to nearly colorless range because they don't have any unrequired and worthless hues. It only contains natural color reflections. That's why the elongated emerald diamond shape provides an ideal appearance.

  • Choose 1 to 5 Carats Weights

The carat of a diamond defines how much weight the stone has. An elongated emerald diamond shape has a length that looks bigger than other diamonds, even in the same carat weight. But for making your engagement ring more beautiful, select 1 to 5-carat weighted emerald cut diamonds. The carat weight you choose directly affects the appearance and cost, too.

Thus, carat weights should be selected by considering the ring designs. Every ring design has its uniqueness, so the carat weight selection for an emerald diamond must be coherent with that particular ring design.

Emerald cut diamond carat weight chart range from 1.00 to 6.00 carats in elongated rectangular shape

For example, for an emerald cut solitaire ring, select a 1 or 2-carat weight because it still looks bigger than a round or cushion diamond. While for a halo or vintage-inspired art deco design ring, choose 3 carat weighted elongated emerald diamond shape.

Keep in mind that the emerald diamond's carat weight selection should comply with the length-to-width ratio. Sometimes, you can find much carat weighted emerald cut diamond is square rather than its natural elongated shape. Then understand that their L/W ratio is changed and the width is more than the length of the emerald diamond.

  • Select Excellent To Very Good Cut Grade Diamonds

The emerald diamond is swallowed from the pavilion anatomy, and it has sloppy facets on the crown surfaces, so for an exquisite look, choose the best-cut grades. The best cut grades of the emerald diamonds are Excellent to Very Good because, in these grades, the depth and girdle thickness exists in ideal conditions.

The sloppy and step-cut facets of the emerald demand better cut grades for better light reflections. If you opt for a wrong cut grade, then you might not experience the elegance of the emerald cut. Understand that a diamond cut defines how properly the girdle and depth surface of the stone is allocated for the resonation of natural reflections.

Cut grade chart of emerald diamond shape ranging from Excellent to Poor grade

Here, also note that the cut grade for an emerald diamond is changed from the L/W ratio because sometimes, the square shape has more swallowed pavilion anatomy and less depth compared to an elongated one. Consider selecting the emerald diamond for the ring, knowing the L/W ratio and cut grade relation.

  • Select VVS To VS Diamond Clarity Grade Diamonds

The VVS to VS grade range is the best for emerald cut diamonds because it has less inclusions on the anatomy. Having less diamond inclusions on the surfaces does not affect the real sparkle reflections. As a result, we recommend choosing VVS to VS clarity emerald diamond, whether the shape is rectangular or square one.

In the VVS to VS clarity grade is the set of four categories: VVS1, VVS2, VS1, and VS2. In addition, these clarity grades are an alternative and intelligent choice ahead of the IF or FL clarity. VVS to VS emerald cut diamond costs less than FL to IF clarity.

Clarity grade scale chart for emerald cut diamond ranging from FL to I3 clarity grade

Remember always, when you opt for an elongated emerald cut diamond, the clarity grade should be higher such as IF(Internally Flawless) or FL (Flawless). If there's no probability of getting either IF or FL clarity, then VVS diamond is a good choice. For a small-sized emerald diamond, freely select VS clarity grade diamonds because the blemishes are not appearing quickly.

The clarity grade is the most influential factor to consider when choosing the best quality for emerald cut diamond rings. Diamond clarity represents how much the surface is covered with the inclusions or blemishes that affect the brilliance and scintillation of the stone.

In diamond clarity, 11 types of different categories exists and it decide on the inclusion's appearance. The less-included diamonds counted as the best clarity and cost more than those included. While blemished diamonds have lower prices and provide a faint reflection.

The Symmetry and Polish Grade Importance

You can't ignore the emerald-cut diamond ring's symmetry and polish grade importance. The diamond symmetry and polish work as the backend support to the light reflection. So, it could be selected according to ring design and carat weights, which offers a beautiful and appealing look for the wearer.

We define the chart for the accurate and ideal symmetry and polish grade range of emerald diamonds that can be helpful in purchasing. Consider the mentioned quality of symmetry and polish to make an emerald engagement ring gorgeous for your spouse.


Ring Style

Carat Weights



Elongated Emerald Cut


1.00 - 2.00


Very Good


1.50 - 3.00

Very Good

Very Good


2.00 - 3.50




1.00 - 1.50



Toi et Moi

.50 - 2.50

Very Good


Bridal Set

1.50 - 3.00

Very Good

Very Good


0.50 - 4.00




0.70 - 3.50


Very Good

The mentioned category of the diamond symmetry and polish grades depends on other circumstances like color, clarity, cut, and your budget. The symmetry and polish of the diamond affect the cost indirectly. So ensure you select the perfect combination of symmetry and polish. Meanwhile, you can ask for our help. We guide you to choose the most beautiful emerald-cut diamond ring.

The L/W Ratio Of Emerald Cut Diamond

The L/W ratio is the short form of the length-to-width ratio of the diamonds. To know the ideal length and width actually bought, the L/W ratio is calculated. For an emerald cut diamond, the ideal length-to-width ratio should be between 1.30 to 1.50 if you prefer a little squarish shape.

The perfect selection of L/W ratio for an emerald diamond is important because it indirectly affects the light's reflections. For example, the L/W ratio may have different facets placement in the anatomy. The L/W ratio is lower in square-shaped diamonds, so the crown facets appear differently than in a rectangular shape. That's why to offer an elegant appearance to your spouse from emerald cut rings, choose the L/W ratio wisely.

L/W ratio chart for square and elongated shaped emerald cut diamond ranging from 1.30:1 to 1.90:1

If you need a taller and longer emerald-cut diamond shape, then the length-to-width ratio should be 1.60 to 1.80. In these L/W ratio ranges, your emerald diamond has more length than its width. This L/W ratio diamond is suitable for bezel-set solitaire rings.

The Proportions For Best Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

The best emerald-cut diamond ring proportions include table, depth surfaces, crown height, and girdle thickness. If you choose the ideal proportions then it makes your engagement ring beautiful and stylish.

As a result, buyers consider the ideal proportions and dimensions that increase the overall appearance of the diamond. You have considered it, too. If you need a customized proportion, then it might be chargeable depending on your requirements.

The ideal proportions and dimensions for the emerald-cut diamond define below. Ensure that you have selected as mentioned below in the chart. For more details, ask your jeweler, or we can help you select the best proportions in the square or elongated emerald diamond shape.


Excellent Cut

Very Good Cut

Good Cut

Fair Cut

Poor Cut

Table %

60 - 67%

59 - 69%

57 - 72%

53 - 76%

50 - 78%

Crown Height %

12 - 16%

11 - 17%

10 - 18%

7 - 20%

6 - 25%

Total Depth %

55 - 65%

60 - 68%

62 - 72%

56 - 78%

53 - 80%

Girdle Thickness

Very Thin to Slight Thin

Slight Thin To Thick

Very Thin To Thick

Slight Thick To Thick

Thick to Extreme Thick

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Styles

In emerald cut diamonds there are many choices available for a ring styles and you have to decided which one could be your ultimate choice for your spouse. Every ring styles features their own specialty and uniqueness, so consider it. In rectangle shaped emerald diamond the ring design should be chosen to coherence their quality.

While a square shaped emerald ring design could be differ from the rectangle shape, but the as a buyer, you have a right to choose a perfect one for engagement ring. The most popular and selected ring styles are described here so you can choose it according to your intention and what to accomplish from offering it your girlfriend.

Ring Styles

Why Choose It





Provides extreme brilliance


In 14KT/18KT white gold, colorless diamonds

$1000 - $3000



Love, romance, and promise

In 14KT yellow gold with colored diamonds

$900 - $2000


It offers a royal look

Luxuriousness and opulence

With 1.50-carat elongated emerald-cut diamond

$2000 - $4000


For style and elegance

Present fidelity and commitment

Choose a 1.50 L/W ratio in a rectangular shape

$1500 - $3000

Toi et Moi

Bypass patterned band

Provides faith and trust

Colored emerald cut diamond up to 3-carat weights

$1300 - $4000


Alternative for the solitaire ring

Promise and loyalty

Small size square and rectangle-shaped emerald diamond

$500 - $2500


Curving formation of the band and wedding ring sign

Support and dedication

2.00 TCW emerald cut diamonds with 18KT yellow gold

$1800 - $3000


Distinctive appearance

Indicates goodwill and connection of love relationship

Prefers 1.00 carat, VVS clarity, and E color

$1700 - $3000


Ideal for glorious looks

Honesty and modesty

Select 2.00-carat emerald cut center stone

$2000 - $3500

The mentioned price is for the emerald cut lab grown diamond engagement rings and it could be differ from actual.

Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

This solitaire engagement ring has a 2.60-carat weighted emerald cut lab-grown diamond. This solitaire engagement ring uses a rectangular emerald cut diamond with VVS clarity and E color grade. An 18KT yellow gold metal makes this elongated diamond engagement ring unique and excellent.

2.60 carat emerald cut lab grown diamond solitaire engagement ring in yellow gold

Thus, solitaire rings are quite an impressive selection from a couple's point of view. You can select this ring style for revealing fidelity and commitment towards your girlfriend. Ensure that for a comfortable experience thick band is the ideal choice ahead of a thin band, and choose suitable metal, especially yellow gold.

"Keep in mind when selecting a rectangular emerald-cut diamond shape for a solitaire ring then, the L/W ratio should be 1.50. While for that choice, the best clarity should be FL or VVS, E to J color grade, 1 to 4-carat weights, and Excellent to Good cut emerald diamond. For a square-shaped emerald solitaire ring, synchronize the mentioned quality, selecting it in descending order."

Three-stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

The three-stone ring presents "Love, Romance, and Promise" between couples that help them to handle the relationship smoothly. With an elongated emerald shape, you can choose colorless or colored diamonds in the three-stone ring style. This ring style is more cost-effective than a halo or solitaire one.

Selecting a baguette or shield-cut accent stone gives you an identical appearance to the emerald-cut diamond three-stone ring. Remember, an emerald diamond is placed as a center stone, so it should have a proper L/W ratio and carat weights—for example, a 1.50 L/W ratio and 2.00-carat weight.

2 carat emerald cut three-stone engagement ring in yellow gold with colorless baguette cut accent stones

A 2-carat emerald lab-grown diamond ring starts from $4000 in 10KT white gold with VVS clarity and HI color grades. As mentioned, emerald engagement ring prices fluctuate depending on your desired quality. If you want to purchase a higher quality emerald cut ring, allocate at least $2000 to $4000.

This ring design features three stones, so the band should neither thick nor thin, but it should comply with the overall appearance. Select the bandwidth and depth according to your comfortable wearing experience, considering the ring size.

"For an emerald cut three-stone engagement ring, the best quality is 1.00 to 2.00-carat weight center stone in FL or VVS clarity, E color grade, and Excellent cut. Simultaneously, the Excellent symmetry and bandwidth should be coherent with the comfortable wearing experience. Choose 18KT yellow/rose gold for this ring style, first prioritizing your spouse's preference."

Emerald and Pear Diamond Toi et Moi Ring

The combination of emerald cut and pear-shaped diamond counted as traditional and modern shapes. These diamonds have their own legacy and significance, similar to you and your spouse. The emerald diamond refers to clarity, while a pear is a teardrop shape.

Thus, want to make your engagement ring graceful, then the "Toi et Moi" ring style is an ideal choice from other styles. The Toi et Moi ring represents the word "You and Me," which helps to reveal emotions with more confidence to love one spouse. Make sure a recipient prefers to wear a bypass patterned engagement ring you plan to offer.

4.00 carat weighted emerald cut and pear shaped lab grown diamond Toi et Moi ring with claw prong settings in rose gold

In Toi et Moi ring, the diamonds and gemstones should have equal carat weights that balance the overall appearance and durability of the ring. The diamond shapes differ, so you might find them smaller than the emerald cut. But with a pear-shaped diamond, your emerald-cut Toi Moi ring looks pretty and lovely.

Above mentioned ring has 4.00-carat weights of lab-grown diamonds in elongated emerald and teardrop pear shapes. A 2.00-carat emerald diamond has VS clarity and FG color grade with concentric row facet patterns. While a teardrop shape diamond measured with a 2.00 carat, VS clarity, and FG color. An 18KT rose gold metal was added to the band showing romance and endearment.

"Make sure your Toi et Moi ring has proper prong settings, typically a claw prong that holds the diamond corners with more better grip. The best clarity for the emerald diamond Toi Moi ring is VVS to VS, depending on your choice. While a color grade should be between E to G and proportions to be aligned with the overall ring appearance."

Emerald Cut Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

The cluster-style engagement ring refers to the two attributes of human beings "Honesty and Modesty." So, if you're looking to add those attributes to the love relationship, then choose a 2.00-carat weighted emerald cut. Consider the diamonds' formation and symmetrical balance when selecting a cluster engagement ring. Still, when you opt for an elongated emerald cut diamond, then you don't have to take the stress.

All the ideal formations and symmetrical balances are available in the emerald diamond. So, you can select that elongated diamond shape to make the engagement ring unique and pretty for your spouse. The cluster engagement ring gives an ideal appearance when it has an emerald-cut diamond.

1.00 carat weighted emerald cut and 0.80 carat baguette cut lab grown diamond cluster style engagement ring for women in yellow gold and thick band

To prove your engagement ring is unique and distinctive, choose atleast 1 or 2-carat weighted emerald cut diamond as the center stone. While for accent stones, select a shield and baguette cut diamonds within the 1.00-carat weight range.

The best gold metal for the cluster-style ring is 14KT/18KT yellow gold because it shines naturally and offers a brilliant appearance. While you opt for a fancy-colored emerald cut diamond, then select 14KT rose/white gold metal for their matching appearance.

"In cluster designed engagement ring with emerald diamond prefers the best clarity as VVS because of the less inclusions. While for an ideal color grade is F which has a natural color reflection in stone. The carat weights should not exceed 3-carat for the center stone, and the Excellent cut grade is acceptable. Spend around $3500 for cluster style diamond ring."

Blue Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

The blue-colored emerald cut diamond refers to the peace and independence that every love relationship requires. Also, the emerald diamond's elongated shape and step-cut facets offer a supportive nature and kindness. When selecting the blue, emerald diamond, consider picking VVS to VS clarity for a clear appearance that helps in the light reflections.

When you opt for any ring style for a blue emerald center stone, select at least a 1.00-carat weight with an elongated shape, and for a square shape, the carat weight shouldn't exceed 3.00. The L/W ratio is the most important fact in the emerald diamond selection. Make sure you select the ideal best L/W ratio.

1.40 carat weighted blue colored emerald cut elongated diamond engagement ring with 0.95 CTW colorless emerald accent stone and 0.25 CTW baguette cut in 14KT white gold

Reveal your endearment feelings towards your partner by selecting a blue-colored emerald cut center stone engagement ring. Pick an excellent quality grade in an emerald diamond engagement ring that reflects your real emotions. In addition, the combination of enhancement and purity can be found in the blue-colored emerald diamond ring.

For the blue-colored emerald diamond ring, spend around $3000 when you opt for a three-stone and halo style. Consider the option for an elongated and square shape for the emerald-cut diamond. The best 4cs of emerald-colored diamond engagement rings should be in the following order: VVS clarity, Vivid Fancy/Dark Blue color, 1 to 5-carat weights, and Excellent cut grade.

"In blue colored emerald diamond ring spend around $3000 when you opt for a three-stone and halo style. Consider the option for elongated and square shape for the emerald cut diamond. The best 4cs of emerald colored diamond engagement ring should be in the following order: VVS clarity, Vivid Fancy/Dark Blue color, 1 to 5 carat weights, Excellent cut grade."

Rose Gold Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

The rose gold emerald engagement ring always suggests a remembrance of love and those moments which make you happy and motivated. If you're planning to prove your feelings for your spouse and looking for a moment to reveal it, then rose gold is an excellent choice, especially with the emerald cut diamond.

An elongated emerald-shaped diamond should be selected according to the proper L/W ratio; it's 1.50:1. So, when you opt for a rose gold metal for the band, the diamond should be in the proper shape. Still, here you are selecting an emerald that is prominent from all beveled crown surfaces.

14KT rose gold emerald cut pave set engraved engagement ring with round cut accent stones

The least cropped corners and soft edges make the emerald diamonds the most elegant to pick in the engagement ring. You can too select this diamond shape for your unique engagement ring with a selection of 10KT/14KT/18KT rose gold metal.

Talking about the ring style that suits the rose gold metal then, solitaire, halo, three-stone, and pave band is the ideal choice. A pave band engagement ring looks beautiful in the 14KT rose gold metal, costing between $1500 to $3500. Now, it's your turn to select such a memorable love sign for your spouse.

"When selecting a rose gold engagement ring, ensure it has a gold purity stamp/hallmark like 14KT/18KT. In colorless emerald diamond pave band style, select a round cut accent stone that complies with the center elongated shape stone. The prong setting should be accomplished to the pave band ring style. The $3000 is the ideal cost to pay for the rose gold pave band in an emerald cut diamond."

What Is The Price To Pay For Emerald Cut Engagement Rings?

The ideal price to pay for emerald cut engagement rings should be between $1000 to $5000 with a solitaire, three-stone or vintage-inspired style with 14KT/18KT gold. Understand the emerald cut diamond price depends on the color, clarity, cut, carat, symmetry, L/W ratio, and it's shaped (whether elongated or square).

If you select high quality, then you have to pay more, but the wearing experience of that quality graded emerald diamond is luxurious. Here, the quality matters, and your expectations should match it. Prioritize your spouse's preference to allocate a particular budget.

The lab-grown emerald cut rings are cheap but carry the ideal quality in a symmetrical formation. So, you can select a lab-grown emerald cut diamond for engagement rings in colorless or fancy colors according to your preference. Also, in lab diamonds, plenty of options exist in clarity, carat, cut, and shape that you are eager to grab.

The most important fact to understand about how the emerald cut ring price is decided and why every jeweler has fluctuation and price differences. For the answer, you have to know the quality of 4cs. The 4cs of diamond include color, clarity, carat, and cut grade that influences and shrinks the overall cost of the ring.

Here, we mentioned the chart to see the difference between the prices of emerald-cut diamond rings.

Ring Style





Price ($)


















$2500 - $3000







Toi et Moi






The cost mentioned is for emerald-cut lab-grown diamonds. This price could be changed. Also, other factors like symmetry, polish grades, and metal tones influence the cost of emerald-cut lab diamond rings. So, decide according to your requirements. Meanwhile, you can tell us what your expectation from the ring so we can suggest the best consideration that matches your preferences.

When allocating a budget for buying an emerald-cut diamond ring, select the factors below wisely and cleverly. These factors affect the overall costs and appearance according to their quality grades.

  • 4cs of emerald cut diamonds
  • Diamond symmetry
  • Polish grading scale
  • Metal tone selection
  • Metal purity
  • Style and design of the ring
  • Prong settings

The first three factors you can understand from diamond certification, while the rest of them depends on your personal choice. In emerald cut diamond rings, those factors are the key players for brilliance appearance and offering a durability.

Which Is The Preferrable Metal For Emerald Cut Rings?

14KT rose and white gold is the best metal selections for emerald cut rings because they provide elegance and a pleasing appearance. Also, rose gold signifies pure romance, the white gold refers to emotional clarity and attachment. So you can select either white or rose gold for all ring styles in emerald cut diamonds.

Aside, from the 14KT rose and white gold selection there are other choices available to select a metal according to your preference.









Identical tp white gold/platinum

Cheaper than gold and platinum




The superior choice to silver

Costly than silver




Offer luxurious appearance

Expensive than silver and platinum

Shop Emerald Cut Engagement Rings


Buying an emerald-cut diamond ring may be simple and enjoyable. This shape is identified by its long form and symmetrical design, which highlight its brilliance and attractiveness. Emerald cuts are a low-cost alternative to classic round diamonds, providing brilliant flashes of light that complement any engagement ring. Their bright, open facets highlight the stone's purity and depth. When choosing an emerald-cut diamond, look for high-quality cuts that match the ring's overall design. Consider symmetry and polish to make the ring seem unified. Proper proportions are essential for making the ring truly stand out.

Emerald-cut rings are ideal for romantic proposals, as they represent commitment and love. Before selecting a ring, it may be useful to understand your partner's preferences and ring size, particularly the band width and depth. Consult a jeweler for advice and alternatives for a surprise proposal. The cost of an emerald-cut engagement ring ranges from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on customized and quality. Those want top-tier quality should be prepared to spend extra. Visit our customizing page for exclusive offers and alternatives on emerald engagement rings. We're here to make your ring unique and unforgettable, suited to your unique style.


Let's take a look on the FAQs related to emerald cut diamond and engagement rings which could be more helpful to you. If you can't find your answer here then we're open 24*7*365.

Q1. Should I Select Fancy Color Diamond In Emerald Engagement Rings?

    Ans. Yes, you can select a fancy color diamonds in emerald cut engagement rings because the different color defines their meaning. A fancy color diamonds contains orange, blue, pink, yellow, red, champagne, chocolate, purple, and dark blue color.

    Q2. What is the difference between emerald cut and princess cut diamond rings?

      Ans. Emerald cut diamonds have step and sloppy facets with the least sharp-edged corners. While princess cut is a square shape diamond with internal step facets and a flat table. The difference between these two fancy shape diamonds is their formation of the facets and symmetrical between anatomies. Emerald and princess-cut diamonds are the two most fancy shapes that carry the brilliance of the light's resonation. 

      Q3. Are emerald cut diamond rings more expensive than other diamond cuts?

        Ans. Not actually; the emerald-cut diamond rings are cheaper than other round or princess-cut diamond rings. The final decision depends on how high-quality grades for color, clarity, carat, and cut are used for emerald diamonds. Also, the ring style and the metal tone selection affect the overall price.

        Q4. Can rose gold looks pretty on my emerald cut engagement ring?

          Ans. Yes, rose gold looks pretty on your emerald-cut engagement ring because of its shining pink color. Also, the rose gold is identical in durability to the white and yellow gold. The rose gold defines a romantic vibe and commitment between relationship and spouse. The rose gold purity is available in 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT.

          Q5. Is emerald cut three-stone engagement ring a stylish choice?

            Ans. Emerald-cut three-stone engagement rings are stylish because they represent three attributes: Romance, Love, and Promise. The emerald three-stone ring's symmetrical formation differs from a traditional solitaire and modern halo style. You can select an elongated or square-shaped emerald diamond to make the three-stone ring style special.

            Q6. Are emerald cut engagement rings a good investment?

              Ans. Yes, emerald cut engagement rings are a good investment, but it is an exaggeration to say that they sustain accurate prices. In addition, emerald engagement rings fluctuate over time with market trends, political conditions, and the financial status of the target market. Thus, if you want to invest in emerald cut rings, you can do so with proper research.

              Q7. Is 1 carat emerald cut engagement ring looks unique?

                Ans. Yes, the length and step facets with concentric surfaces make the 1-carat emerald-cut engagement ring unique. You can select a 1-carat emerald diamond ring style from halo, solitaire, vintage, three-stone, or unique ring designs. Consider the proportions and dimensions of the emerald diamond. Select the metal tone according to your ring style.

                Q8. Can I choose emerald cut lab grown diamond engagement rings?

                  Ans. Yes, you can choose emerald-cut lab-grown diamond engagement rings because it offers 30-50% less cost than natural diamonds, have an identical appearance, and are available in any quality. In addition, emerald-cut lab diamond engagement rings release less carbon footprint on the environmental cycle. Thus, you can opt for it as an eco-friendly engagement ring.

                  Q9. Which is affordable price range for the best emerald cut engagement rings?

                    Ans. For emerald-cut engagement rings, the affordable price range is $1000 to $5000. You can get the best ring style and quality by spending money within this price range to buy an emerald engagement ring. It depends on which kind of ring style, 4cs grades, and proportions you select. Discuss with her which design she prefers and then spend money according to your budget.

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