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Lab Grown Diamonds What To Know Before Buying

Lab-grown diamond looks and appearance

Lab created diamonds are called eco-friendly, conflict free, lab grown, man made, lab made, earth friendly diamonds because it's not harmful to the planet. As a result, the they're known as human friendly diamonds for having the benefit for society.

In other terms, lab grown diamonds are made from technology; it's not found in mines as usual. That's why they are known as lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are auspicious boon from science & technology because it's making process doesn't harmful to nature.

Let's see all details for the lab grown diamonds to understand them with more knowledge.

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are made in a laboratory. In that laboratory, diamond crystal seed is placed with carbon and other gases, these gases helps the seed to take a particular shape just as the rough diamonds founded in the mines.

Just like test tube babies and IVF-treated babies, lab grown diamonds are made without taking birth in the uterus of mines or lands.

Lab diamonds are known as eco grown diamonds because it produced with a environmentally friendly process. 

How Are Laboratory Diamonds Made?

Laboratory diamonds are made with the seed that contains the carbon molecular and pressured with the heat to grow. The diamond seed absorbs all the energy in its structures and create a layers upon layers that looks like a rough diamond. There is two process used for making laboratory grown diamonds as CVD and HPHT.

Why Lab Diamonds Useful To Environment?

Lab-grown diamonds consume less energy and natural resources in the manufacturing cycle that release less environmental footprint. As a result, the ecological impact of making lab-grown diamonds is significantly less than mined diamonds. Thus, having little effect on the environment, laboratory diamonds are preferable.

Reasons To Buy Lab Grown Diamonds

There are reasons to buy lab grown diamonds including doesn't require in land mining, cheap price, ideal structure as the natural diamonds, less water and electricity consumption. 

Let's understand the reasons for buying lab grown diamonds in little detail which could be helpful.

1. Don't Involving In Land Mining

Lab diamonds are made not found in the mines, so mining is not required. In an artificial laboratory, the diamonds are grown at full of concentration and follow all norms for ethical manufacturing. For making the diamonds in labs, the mining lands could be saving from being barren or losing their natural characteristics like fertility.

2. Cheap Prices

From growing in the laboratory, the lab diamonds have fewer prices than natural diamonds, something around 30-70% cheaper. In lab-grown diamond manufacturing, there is no need to pay indirect expenses for making it costly. In lab diamond manufacturing, there is a zero cost of mining or purchasing heavy equipment.

3. Same Components and Structure As Natural Diamonds

In lab grown diamonds the same components and structures are found as the natural diamonds like 4cs, symmetry, anatomy, or polish grades. There is a no difference between lab diamonds and natural diamonds, they both are the same due to the carbon element in their structure. 

As a result, if buyers doesn't want to compromise for buying the diamond jewelry then lab diamonds are alternative choice than a natural diamonds. Because the lab created diamonds still maintaining the ideal structures as natural diamonds, in less prices.

4. Less Energy Consumption In Manufacturing Stages

In lab grown diamonds manufacturing stages there are two types of energy used as electricity and water. This kind of energy is essential for making a best artificial diamond to compete with the natural diamonds. The electricity and water consumption is significantly less in the lab diamonds makings.

Let's understand those facts.

Mined diamonds used 480 liters of water per carat, while the lab grown diamonds consumed 70 liters. Wow. Lab diamonds save +600% of water wasted in the mining process for natural diamonds.

The HPHT process consumes 36kWh/CT for making colorless lab-grown diamonds. While mining diamonds uses 96 to 150 kWh/CT electricity for manufacturing. It means lab diamonds save approximately 4 times more electricity than natural and mined diamonds here. Thus, this data could differ from manufacturers' processes.

Seeing the reasons for buying lab diamonds let's understand the price difference with the mined diamonds.

Lab grown vs Diamond Price

Lab grown diamonds have a 40-50% less price ever than natural diamonds. For example, a 1 carat lab grown diamond is usually available for $1655. While a 1 carat natural diamond has a price of $4300. You have to pay $2655 more in Natural Diamond for the same characteristics.

Having significant less price for lab grown diamonds the null indirect expenses for mining or usage of less water could be the reason. But still, lab diamonds remains it's characteristics.

Have a look on the below chart for the price comparison between lab diamond and natural diamond.







Price $

Natural Diamond

Round Brilliant

1.00 CT





Lab Grown Diamond

Round Brilliant

1.05 CT





Showing the price comparison between lab grown and natural diamonds, it's a time to see the jewelry appearance.

Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

In lab grown diamond jewelry, all kinds of ornaments are included, like engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, earrings, bangles, and necklaces. Lab diamond jewelry can match the buyer's preference for weddings, engagements, promises or proposal moments.

Buyers can select metal tones from silver, gold, and platinum in lab diamond jewelry with their provisioned budget. Lab-created diamond jewelry is available in types of quality like 1 to 10 carats, VVS clarity, fancy color diamonds, and with better structure.

Lab Grown Diamond Necklace

Lab grown diamond necklace for women

Shop this Lab Grown Diamond Necklace

A lab diamond necklace could be purchased as a wedding present because it's available in varieties. In the lab grown diamond necklace, buyers can select the best 4cs diamonds and symmetry scales that ultimately increase the brilliance appearance.

In the lab diamond necklace, the appearance of the brilliant reflections depends on the grades and quality.

There's a no difference between lab diamond necklace and diamond necklace because they both have same characteristics and appearance. But the price are differ, lab diamond necklace available at 30-50% less price than a diamond necklace even in the same grades.

Lab Created Diamond Earrings

Lab diamond earrings for women

Shop Lab Diamond Earrings

A lab diamond earrings are available in the hoop, drop & dangle, and stud settings with the options of 14kt yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Moreover, buyer can select their favorite lab created diamond shaped in the earrings with the considering the diamond certification.

In lab diamond earrings, 10kt and 18kt gold purity is available to select in the white gold and rose gold. When selecting the lab grown diamond earrings then focus on the settings because from that the durability is decided. Looks for the shared surface bezel or basket prongs settings for more security for the stones.

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Lab diamond rings for women

Shop Lab Diamond Rings

A lab diamond rings available to choose for the promise rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, and proposal rings. It's a buyer choice to give a lab diamond ring to their beloved one to any of the occasion. In the lab diamond rings the varieties settings exists as halo, solitaire, vintage, unique, and accent.

When a buyer want to make the lab diamond ring more precious from adding the gold then the options is available as 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt purity in the yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. The lab diamond rings available in the 1 carats to 5 carats weights to been selected with the suitable settings.

Moral lesson for lab grown diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are not harmful to nature and don’t affect our health, this is why it is called “Eco Diamond” and “Earth-friendly diamond.” So, always make a wise decision to choose a diamond.

In lab diamond making process less amounts of the energy used which makes them preferable in all kinds of jewelry that looks more appealing. A lab grown diamonds are real diamonds that is similar to natural diamonds.

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