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What is a Lab Grown Diamond Undestand In Simple Way

[Lab-Grown Diamonds Savior Of The Planet]-[Ouros Jewels]
  • What are lab grown diamonds or eco grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are made in a laboratory. In that laboratory, diamond crystal seed is placed with carbon and other gases. Just like test tube babies and IVF-treated babies, lab-grown diamonds are made without taking birth in the uterus of mine. Lab grown diamonds are known as eco grown diamonds because it produced with a fully environmentally friendly process. Eco grown diamonds have an abbreviation of lab grown diamonds. 

Thus, when a diamond seed is pressurized by carbon, then the electrons of carbon start to enter the seed. As a result, diamond seeds are grown in rectangular shapes like ice. They called as lab grown diamonds or eco grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds as same as Natural diamonds

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Lab created diamonds are called eco-friendly diamonds, conflict-free diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, man made diamonds, lab-made diamonds, earth friendly diamonds because it's not harmful to the planet. As a result, the lab created diamond known as human friendly diamonds for having the benefit of society.

In other terms, lab grown diamonds are made from technology; it's not found in mines as usual. That's why they are known as lab grown diamonds, synthetic diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are auspicious for science & technology because the making process doesn't become harmful to nature.

This article highlights how Lab-Grown Diamond is accommodating to save our planet's life. 

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  • Why is lab grown diamond important to the planet?

Lab grown diamond is important to the planet because it doesn't require land, uses recycled water, and consumes less voltage of electricity. Lab grown diamond focuses on providing a better and pure environment for all the lives who matters on the planet. As a result, lab grown diamond important to the planet.

While we are talking about lab grown diamonds, it’s the savior of the planet(Earth). Today, we look at the benefits of the lab grown diamonds, which have nicknames as laboratory grown diamonds, eco friendly diamonds, earth friendly diamonds, man made diamonds, and HPHT diamonds(part of the process), CVD diamond(part of the process). Also, lab grown diamond calles as the “Savior of the planet.”

Furthermore, lab grown diamond is still a friend of human being and especially for our environment. In lab created diamonds, people get the same benefits as Natural Diamond; this is the genteel belief.

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  • Why should purchase only lab-grown diamonds?

Preferring only lab grown diamonds includes its less price, brilliant appearance, and eco-friendly making process. Selecting lab created diamonds, our planet's biggest headache problem of global warming and pollution, will decrease at some levels. That's why you can purchase lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown diamond features thousands and 5 digits of varieties with the greatest quality and quantity. That's why people prefer lab made diamonds for their wedding jewelry and engagement rings.

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Here below are the benefits of Lab-created diamonds, I wrote must read to take a decision for purchasing.

1. Lab grown diamond uses less water in the making process.

2. In Lab grown diamonds, you can save the land that would become barren.

3. Lab grown diamond consumed only 30KWH electricity to make a 1 carat rough to polish the diamond.

After knowing these benefits of lab-grown diamonds, it turns to understand them with clarity for better discernment. 

  • Which amount of water is used in the lab grown diamond making process?

In lab grown diamonds making process, it consumes less water to make. Lab grown diamonds use only 15% of water amount than Natural diamond making. In Lab grown diamond making process, they use only 19 gallons of water, which means eco friendly diamonds utilize only 86.3757 liters of water to make.

However, while talking about the manufacturing cost(Water use) of Natural Diamonds, It consumes around
130 gallons of water, which happens in 590.992 liters. Therefore, Natural Diamond consumption is 85% more gallons of water than Earth Friendly Diamonds.

  • Do lab grown diamonds require land mining?

Not at all. Lab grown Diamond doesn't require land mining. This is the most important fact about lab diamonds. Lab made diamonds are not mined, but they are grown in labs where all processes and controlled by the hand of a human being.

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Lab made diamond making process is eco friendly because it's not done on the earth's crust. Lab grown diamonds are not harmful to land abrasion. But, lab grown diamonds save the land from mining. Lab grown diamonds prevent the land from losing its fertility. 

  • Which amount of electricity is used in lab-grown diamonds?

In lab grown diamond, only 30kWH amount of electricity is used for making 1 carat polish diamond from the rough diamond. While in Natural Diamonds, 215kWH amount of electricity is used to complete rough diamonds to polish diamonds. It means that lab grown diamonds save 7X the amount of electricity.

The origin process of Natural diamonds from the Earth’s crust needs heavy and high electricity because the mining process needs big machines, and equipment. These machines are used much voltage of electricity. However, this high type of electricity is unnecessary because lab grown diamond is prepared with less electricity.

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If you know that generating process of electricity requires more water from the sea. So, we reduce to use of Natural Diamonds to save extra energy from waste. Thus, we must start to purchase and consume Man Made Diamonds and jewelry to play the role of friends of our planet.

  • Lab-grown V/s diamond price

    Lab grown diamonds have a 40-50% less price ever than Natural Diamonds. For example, a 1 carat lab grown diamond is usually available for $1655. While a 1 carat natural diamond has a price of $4300. You have to pay $2655 more in Natural Diamond for the same characteristics. 







    Price $

    Natural Diamond

    Round Brilliant

    1.00 CT





    Lab Grown Diamond

    Round Brilliant

    1.05 CT 





    There’s a simple reason for the high price of natural diamonds, it is a mined process. In Natural diamonds, many extravagant and heavy machinery is used for mining, and it needs more workforce, electricity, and energy.

    So, the customer is liable to pay all the costs of the Natural Diamond. That’s why Natural Diamond is very expensive to purchase. But, don’t understand that lab grown diamond has a low price. But, now lab created diamond is superior to Natural Diamonds in all benefits and ways.

    • Expert view on lab-grown diamonds

    Thus, you know about the benefits of consuming lab grown diamonds ahead of Natural Diamonds. Lab made diamond has benefits like consuming less energy, being a water savior and price friendliness, and not involve in land depreciating land. That’s enough to show in all ways, lab grown diamond is the “Savior” in reality.

    Also, lab diamond has helped decrease the risk of Natural calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano blasts, and cyclones.

    • Moral lesson for lab grown diamonds

    The moral lesson is that Natural diamond is harmful to the environment and indirectly affect our health. While lab grown diamonds are not harmful to nature and don’t affect our health, this is why it is called “Eco Diamond” and “Earth-friendly diamond.” So, always make a wise decision to choose a diamond. 

    Lab grown diamond helps the earth to retain its health as before. We know that it is far impossible to achieve, but we have to achieve this as human beings. So, always considers lab grown diamond jewelry for your every occasion, like birthday gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, engagement present, proposal gifts, and surprise presents to your loving one. 

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