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Old European Cut Diamond Study From History To Present

Old European cut diamond exists as a vintage diamond shape.

An old European cut diamond will remember the golden era's elegance. Old European cut diamonds were found around the 1830s. At those times, human beings wore old European cut diamonds on the neck with gold thread in gold pendants.

Also, the old European cut diamond is still gaining demand worldwide due to its exquisite appearance. Old European diamonds have a combination of hexagon and square-shaped faceting styles on the table surfaces. 

In Old European cut diamonds vintage rings and classic wedding jewelry like necklaces and pendants vastly used.

History of old European cut diamond.

History of the Old European cut diamond says that between 1890 and 1935, it was invented, and after that tenure of high demand, it became worldwide popular. In Kingdom times, people wore Old European cut diamonds in the jewelry.

[History of old European cut diamond]-[ouros jewels]

Old European cut diamonds were made with handcrafting artmanship at those times when no machinery and technology were invented as they are now.

The demand trend for old European cut diamonds started at the end of 1800 and the first thirty years of the 1900s. Some gemologists believe that Europe has invented this type of diamond, and it is called the “Old European Cut Diamond.”

What are old European cut diamonds?

Old European cut diamond is another fancy shape of diamond. When diamond anatomy has a trio of the round, triangle, and arrow-shaped faceting patterns with a smaller milky appearance, it is called an old European cut diamond.

The old European diamond mostly made in the round shape because it's justifies its prestige and appearance on all type of jewelry like as promise rings, necklace, bangles, and bracelets. 

The reasons to prefer Old European cut diamonds.

Some reasons exist that direct to the selection of old European cut diamonds for jewelry. For these reasons, it's quite simple and easy to conclude whether Old European diamond is purchasable or not. The reasons are as follows.

  • Larger and square table surface.
  • Triangle, round and heart shaped facets on the anatomy.
  • Brilliance sparkle reflections.
  • More numbered of crown facets.

Let's understands the reasons for preferring the Old European cut diamonds.

Larger and square-shaped table surfaces available in Old European cut diamonds.

[Old European cut diamond table surface is larger and square]-[ouros jewels]

Old European cut diamonds carry larger, wider, and square-shaped table surfaces. For this type of structure, the old European diamond's sparkle reflection ability increased, playing an important role in the brilliance appearance.

It's a fundamental fact of the diamond shape. If the table surface is a wider square shape, then the flash reflections are always higher. So this is the first reason to select old European diamonds.

The trio shaped facetings on the anatomy of Old European diamond.

[Old European diamond's trio shaped faceting appearance.]-[ouros jewels]

The trio-shaped facetings on the Old European diamond are square, arrow, and triangle. These three shaped facets can be found on the old European diamond and make then it selected in vintage rings and necklaces.

Old European diamond's trio-shaped facets guarantee precious amounts of excellent effulgence reflections in returns.

The brilliant appearance delivers from the pavilion anatomy.

[Old European diamond pavilion anatomy.]-[ouros jewels]

The old European diamond's reflections determined from its pavilion anatomy and in actuality, have been approved. The pavilion takes charge when all the lights enter through the table and crown anatomy to pass the girdle. After that, the pavilion of Old European cut diamonds delivers brilliance to all surfaces.

Old European cut diamond's 45-50° angle curving crown facets.

[Old European diamond cut's crown facets appearance.]-[ouros jewels]

Old European cut diamonds have 45-50° angle curving crown facets that help the anatomy to collect and combine the lights to successfully delivers to the girdle anatomy. This type of structure in old European diamonds indicates the glitter reflections in return.

Is old European diamond certified from IGI?

Yes, the old European diamond is certified by IGI to evaluate its 4cs, symmetry, fluorescence, and dimensions. It's quite appreciative to certified Old European diamond from the IGI. The diamond certifications allow trust in the characteristics, guaranteeing that it passes all the tests.

Moreover, the grade of the diamond could be in the higher or lower grades; it depends on the craftsmanship. But, the certified old European diamonds are best to purchase.

Old European cut diamonds benefits.

For selecting an old European cut diamond, some benefits make the choice experience better and more memorable. An old European diamond cut creates a dome of brilliance reflections in the atmosphere. Moreover, the faceting styles are appreciative and glamorous of the old European diamond.

Let's take a look on the old European diamonds benefits.

  • Clear and transparent appearance of the structures.
  • The fancy shaped faceting on the anatomy.
  • Properly aligned dimensions with exact space consumes.
  • Alternative of the brilliant cut diamond.
  • Reduce the fluorescence reflections.

Old European cut diamonds jewelry.

Old European cut diamonds jewelry knowns as engagement rings, wedding rings, and necklaces. Mostly, the old European diamond is used in the rings and wedding bands making. In old European diamond cut the appearance is still marvelous that's why customers attracts to select it in jewelry.

Old European cut diamond ring.

[Old round European art deco ring for women.]-[ouros jewels]

An European cut diamond ring will be a 1st numbered choice if want to experience a vintage ring wearing. This European cut diamond ring made in the art deco setting where the engraving work has been done very cleverly. The 18KT white gold metal is used in this old European diamond ring.

Old European cut vintage look ring.

[Old European cut vintage ring]-[ouros jewels]

This old European cut vintage ring carries 5.80 CTW diamond that is in the best diamond symmetry grades. A vintage ring in the European cut diamond means the better and dazzling appearance delivers on the hands. From that perspective it can be perfect choice for wedding ring.

Old European cut earrings for women.

[Old European diamond earrings for women.]-[ouros jewels]

Old European diamond earrings are a good selection for anniversary and birthday presents for women. Three settings exist in the earrings: stud, drop & dangle, and hoop. Thus, the buyer can make the old European earrings in the above settings.

Three gold tones and purity variations are available to select from; from that, the final price is decided. For example, yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. While the purity of the gold is 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt.

Old European Round Cut Lab Diamond Bracelet

[Old European Round Cut Lab Diamond Bracelet]-[ouros jewels]

Old European cut diamond bracelets are perfect for celebrating significant events such as anniversaries and birthdays. With their antique charm and timeless sparkle they complement a range of designs, from the simplicity of a tennis bracelet to the clarify links of a statement piece. These bracelets are available in a variety of gold tones, including classic yellow, romantic rose, and sleek white, to suit unique tastes and preferences. The gold purity selections of 10kt, 14kt, and 18kt provide budget flexibility and durability, ensuring that each bracelet is more than just a present, but a treasured keepsake that symbolizes both the weight of history and the giver's specific touch.

Old European Round Cut Tennis Necklace

[Old European Round Cut Tennis Necklace]-[ouros jewels]

The Old European Round Cut Tennis Necklace reflects timeless beauty. It's perfect for special occasions, with a row of beautiful vintage-style diamonds. This item is available in traditional yellow, rose gold, or sleek white gold, from basic 10kt to luxury 18kt. It's an adaptable necklace that adds a touch of refinement to any outfit, making it a must-have in anyone's jewelry collection. Whether dressing up for an occasion or adding sparkle to everyday wear, this necklace is an unique select that combines old-world charm with modern style.


In this article the history of old European diamond and it's meaning I disclose that can be easy to identified. Also, the reasons and benefits for selecting the old European cut diamond also described that provide a better idea. The jewelry in old European diamond cut will looks a classic and vintage selection all the times.

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Q1. What is the history of the Old European Cut diamond?

Ans.The history of Old European Cut diamond, popular from the 1890s to the 1930s, was similar to today's round brilliant cut. This old form is identified by its round shape, high crown, small table, and big culet, which results in a deeper and warmer sparkle than more recent cuts.

Q2. What's the distinction between Old European Cut and Modern Cut diamonds?

Ans. Old European Cut diamonds differ from current round brilliant cuts in form and brightness. They feature a higher crown, a smaller table, and a bigger culet, which provides a softer, more romantic glow in contrast to the brighter, more intense dazzle of current cuts that are meant to increase light return.

Q3. What is the oldest diamond cut?

Ans.  The Point Cut is the oldest diamond cut, created in the late Middle Ages. This cut retained the original round shape of raw diamonds with minimum polishing, laying the foundation for more complex cuts used in the following centuries.

Q4. Are Old European Cut Diamonds Certified?

Ans. Yes, Old European cut diamonds may be verified by recognized organizations like as the IGI, assuring that they fulfill particular quality and authenticity needs for the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat), symmetry, and brilliance.

Q5. Which types of jewelry go best with Old European Cut Diamonds?

Ans.  Old European cut diamonds are commonly used in vintage and traditional jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, and earrings. Their distinctive shape makes them a popular choice for art deco and heirloom-inspired designs.

Q6. Why chose an Old European Cut Diamond?

Ans. These old european diamonds chose because are valued for their antique look and the bigger, stronger bursts of light they create. They are great for people looking for classic, antique-style jewelry, and their unique cut qualities frequently result in deeper, brighter sparkle.

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