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Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: A Smart Buyer's Guide

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The Asscher cut diamond engagement ring, designed by Joseph Asscher in 1902, is an excellent choice for vintage diamond jewelry, such as engagement rings. This outstanding cut has stepped facets and cut edges that highlight its brilliance, giving it a standout alternative to princess or square emerald cuts. Asscher cut diamonds represent a profound emotional connection, making them ideal for showing commitment and making a proposal stand out. When selecting an engagement ring, you should examine the recipient's look and lifestyle, as well as the ring's color, clarity, carat, cut, symmetry, polish, proportions, and tests. Understanding these features will help you in selecting a perfect Asscher cut engagement ring that will provide you joy for the rest of your life and stand as a stunning monument to your love.

First, we have to see what is an Asscher cut diamond with its definition.

What is an Asscher Cut Diamond?

Asscher cut diamond in top, bottom and side view frame

When a diamond has large bar sized step cut facets, a square shape, four side cropped corners, and a transparent appearance, then it's an Asscher cut diamond. Sharp corners and step cut facets create a hall of mirror effects in the Asscher cut diamond that reflects brilliance more prominently and is an identical mark.

A small table and higher crown anatomy is the identifying mark of the Asscher cut diamond, and this kind of attribute releases distinctive scintillation in return. Sometimes, the Asscher diamond refers to the "Square Emerald Cut" due to its identical resemblance to emerald shaped diamond.

For those seeking a vintage inspired diamond shape for the jewelry, then an Asscher cut offers a sophisticated and attractive appearance. In the Asscher diamond, a square shape and higher crown anatomy make it the best alternative for emerald and princess cuts.

An Asscher cut diamond has stepped and cropped facets on its surfaces which helps to release brilliance prominently. The shape of an Asscher cut diamond, developed by the Asscher Brothers of Holland in 1902 and famous in the Art Deco era.

Asscher Diamond Meaning

An Asscher cut diamond's larger step facets represents a gratitude and open hearted nature in the love relationship. While a cropped corners refers to secure a love partner's life from the circumstances and moments. The Asscher cut diamond's square shaped showing a transparency in the love relationship. As a result, Asscher diamond refers as a "Hall of Mirror Effects Creator."

That’s the reason couples prefer to choose an Asscher cut diamond ring for their engagement or wedding. Because they want to make their beloved ones happy and secure, even when they don’t surround them.

Now, it’s time to understand about Asscher cut diamond's 4cs that directly impact the appearance when to wear it on the hands.

Asscher and all diamond shapes carry 4cs known as color, carat, clarity, and cut. All these Asscher cut diamond 4cs have their types of grades, depending on their looks. The 4cs of diamonds are the universal method to check the diamond’s characteristics.

Ideal 4cs in Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Asscher diamond 4cs grades

Ideal 4cs in Asscher cut engagement rings increase the appearance when it wears on the hands. That’s why couples recommend to selecting the best diamond 4cs for Asscher cut ring. The 4cs are the most important aspect in the selection for the lights reflections.

1st 4cs for Asscher engagement ring is color grade.

Select E to I Color Grade

Color grade chart in Asscher diamond

Asscher cut diamonds available from D to Z color grades depend on the anatomies' reflective hues. Select E to I color grade for the Asscher cut rings because they look more colorless that free from the unrequired colors.

A colorless Asscher cut diamond blinks as the stars brilliance reflections. Thus from E to I color grade is identical choice for all kinds Asscher cut diamond rings.

Another reason is to select E to I color grade in Asscher cut diamond ring is the short length and broad width than other shapes diamonds. For having absence of length, the light reflections are instantly reflected when it has in the colorless grade.

Choose 1 to 5 Carat Weights

Carat weight chart for Asscher cut diamond

A diamond carat weight is also essential to decide the cost paid by the buyers. Asscher cut diamond has a wide table surface and deep pavilion anatomy that should look perfect in the1 carat to 5 carat weights. Thus, the Asscher cut diamond rings should be chosen from 1 to 5 carat weights.

Because when buyers select big carat weights, they get more comprehensive tables, long and deep pavilions, and prominent girdle facets.

Moreover, if the buyer wants to select below 1 carat Asscher diamond as an accent stone in a halo or cluster ring, it can be a good choice. But, when an Asscher diamond is the leading stone of the engagement ring such as in solitaire style, then the ideal range is the 1 to 5 carat weights.

Select VVS To VS Clarity

Asscher cut engagement rings should be in the VVS to VS clarity due to its less impurities structure and faceting lines on the anatomy. Look, Asscher cut diamond has curving edges and step faceting patterns with more precise surfaces. Thus, the VVS(VVS1 and VVS2) to VS(VS1 and VS2) clarity suits in all ring styles.

For having less diamond inclusions on the anatomy, the Asscher ring offers a barrier free lights reflections, which is ideal to see. As a result, buyers prefers Asscher cut diamond with a less blemishes or impurities for avoid the unattractive appearance.

Diamond clarity has 11 types that decide from the inclusions or impurities on the surfaces. The price of diamond clarity grades is different for each type of grade. For example, IF (Internally Flawless) clarity lab grown diamond price could be $3000 to $4000, depending on carat, color, and cut grade. While a VVS (Very Very Small Included 1 or 2) clarity grade price is $1500 to $2000.

Don’t purchase SI(SI or SI2) clarity grade Asscher diamond because it affects the reflection ability directly. Thus, buyers can’t get their best appearance with this diamond clarity.

Select Excellent To Good Cut Grade

Cut grade chart for Asscher diamond

Asscher cut diamond is short in the length, so the cut grade should be excellent to good grade. The reason for choosing excellent to good cut grades for Asscher diamond is the square shape. The mentioned cut grade is properly faceted and having require pavilion depth.

For example, in excellent cut grade, the Asscher diamond looks perfect without any errors and it covers the pavilion length necessary for brilliance reflections. However, in the very good and good cut scale, Asscher diamond’s girdle, and the pavilion becomes thick and shallow, respectively.

Before buyers decide to buy an Asscher diamond ring, they have to concentrate on the diamond cut to get a luxurious appearance on the hand.

After showing the asscher cut diamond rings best 4cs of diamonds, it's a time to see which symmetry and polishing should be selected.

Symmetry and Polishing For Asscher Cut Diamond Ring

Asscher cut diamond ring's styles with the polishing and symmetrical grade. That would be helpful for the buyers to choose the proper symmetry and polish scales from various ring styles in Asscher cut diamond.

A diamond symmetry means the lines of facets are placed to increase and control the reflections ways. It has five types depending on the accuracy of the facets placements.

While a diamond polish means how skillfully the diamond anatomy was created in the perfect shape from angles to angles, and corners to corners.

Asscher ring symmetry and polish grade to select

Ring styles





Very Good





Very Good






Very Good


Channel set



Eternity rings


Very Good

After showing the symmetry and polishing grades that are suitable for the ring styles in the Asscher diamond cut. Now, it's time to know the proportions for Asscher diamond rings.

Best Proportions For Asscher Cut Diamond Rings

Proportions and dimensions for Asscher cut diamond

For a better and cheerful look from the Asscher cut diamond ring then it will be in the best proportions that mentioned in the certification report. In the proportions of the Asscher cut diamond, six facts are measured that described below for better understanding.

  • Asscher Diamond Table Dimensions (%)
  • Asscher Diamond Depth (%)
  • Asscher Diamond Length-to-width Ratio
  • Asscher Diamond Girdle Thickness
  • Asscher Diamond Crown Angle (°)
  • Asscher Diamond Pavilion Angle (°)

See the best proportions to select in the Asscher cut diamond according to the ring styles. Selecting the proportions suitable to the rings styles then it makes the appearance most gorgeous and optimistic.


Ring Style



Pavilion Angle

Crown Angle

Girdle Thickness

0.50 - 0.99


64 - 75%

66 - 71%

30 - 45°

38 - 40°

Medium To Slight Thick

1.00 - 1.99


64 - 67%

62 - 65%

39 - 42°

32 - 33°


2.00 - 2.99


63 - 65%

60 - 66%

35 - 39°

16 - 39°

Medium To Slight

3.00 - 3.99

Solitaire Accent

65 - 68%

65 - 68%

38 - 43°

29 - 38°

Slight Thick

4.00 - 4.99+


64 - 66%

65 - 67%

40 - 42°

23 - 25°


Length-to-Width Ratio For Asscher Engagement Rings

Length-to-width ratio for Asscher cut diamond

A length to width ratio is another thing to know when selecting Asscher cut diamond for an engagement or wedding ring. The Asscher diamond cut is mostly squarish; then the ideal length-to-width ratio is between 1.00 - 1.05. This Asscher cut diamond's length-to-width ratio is suitable for solitaire or halo style.

When buyers want a rectangular shape in an Asscher diamond, 1.45 - 1.60 is the best choice. This kind of Asscher cut used in the eternity wedding bands.

Now, you have a proper knowledge about the 4cs of Asscher cut, symmetry, polish, it's best proportions, and length-to-width ratio. It's a time to know the ideal price to pay for buying the Asscher cut engagement rings. Refer below to know average money spent to Asscher fancy diamond ring.

In Which Amount I Should Spend For Asscher Diamond Rings?

Asscher cut engagement ring price to pay

For Asscher diamond engagement rings, the ideal price to spent between $1000 to $7990. This is the Asscher lab-grown diamond ring price which is similar in all circumstances to Natural diamond rings. From this price range, buyers can choose their favorite ring styles in Asscher cut diamonds.

From Halo to Vintage, 1 to 5 carats weights, yellow gold to platinum metal the Asscher cut rings should be purchasable. Consider that if the 4cs of diamonds, proportions, or symmetry in the higher quality then ready to spend more money to Asscher rings. 

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

In Asscher cut engagement rings, there are +10 ring styles available for the selection. For a beautiful and finest appearance for the Asscher cut diamond rings, then choose one of the ring styles mentioned below. These ring styles are available from 1 to 5 carat weights Asscher diamond cut.

  • Asscher Vintage Engagement Ring
  • Asscher Halo Engagement Ring 
  • Solitaire Accent Engagement Ring
  • Unique Asscher Engagement Ring 
  • Asscher Ring with Wedding Band
  • Asscher Wedding Channel Band 
  • Asscher Cut Bezel Set Ring
  • Asscher Pave Set Ring
  • Asscher Solitaire Engagement Ring
  • Asscher Toi et Moi Ring 
  • Asscher Customized Ring 
  • Asscher Dainty Ring 

Buyers can buy the Asscher diamond rings according to their needs and occasions. The accent or solitaire ring setting is perfect for the Asscher engagement rings.

After the ring style selection the metal tone selection is the important task to do. There are 3 types of metals available to choose in Asscher cut diamond rings as gold, silver and platinum. It's a buyer preference to pick their favorite metal tone in the Asscher diamond rings.

1. Gold

  • Gold Tone = Yellow, Rose and White
  • Gold Purity = 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT

2. Silver

  • Silver Tone = Argentium and Sterling
  • Silver Purity = 925 and 935

3. Platinum 

  • Tone = White
  • Purity = 950

In metal selection for Asscher cut rings, the platinum is the best selection for all kinds of ring styles. After the platinum metal, a gold is a good choice in Asscher diamond rings. While a silver metal is alternative choice for white gold and platinum.

Let's see the Asscher cut diamond's solitaire engagement rings appearance.

Asscher Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

[Asscher Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring]-[ouros jewels]

Asscher Solitaire Engagement Ring

An IGI certified Asscher cut diamond is acceptable for the solitaire ring because it provides the third-party inspection known for telling the factual diamond’s characteristics. This Asscher cut solitaire ring contains 3.20 carat weights and petite claw prongs.

An Asscher solitaire ring is available with 1 to 5 carat weights from starting price of $1000 to $ 9000 with the certifications. We can make this engagement ring in 1 carat Asscher cut diamond that is in the same quality. Contact us for more information.

Asscher Cut Diamond Solitaire Accent Ring

[Asscher Cut Solitaire Accent Diamond Engagement Ring]-[ouros jewels]

Asscher Solitaire Accent Engagement Ring

In this IGI certified Asscher accent engagement ring, 18kt white gold is used with the stamp of hallmark, which is necessary for the authenticated purchase. In this Asscher accent diamond engagement ring, 3 carat weight lab-grown diamond used with the VS1 clarity and F color grade.

The shared surface prong settings created for this beautiful accent engagement ring in Asscher diamond cut. Buyers can customize their favorite diamond shapes on the bands according to their budget provision.

Asscher Cut Bezel Set Ring

1.90 TCW Asscher cut lab grown diamond hal eternity wedding band

Asscher Cut Bezel Set Ring

Asscher cut bezel set ring is the style that used for wedding and engagement occasions. In bezel set rings, the diamonds are placed under the basket and covers from the 3 sides which fills more security to diamond's anatomies. Couples prefers to choose bezel set when selecting the bezel set engagement ring.

From 2 to 10 carat weights Asscher cut diamond bezel set rings are available in lab-grown diamond within $3000. A yellow gold or rose gold is excellent choice for the Asscher cut diamond bezel set ring. But, first consider to your loving one's personal experience or taste.

Red Asscher Cut Halo Diamond Ring

14KT white gold Assshcer cut diamond ring

Fancy Color Asscher Cut Halo Ring

A fancy color Asscher diamond ring is an optimistic and dazzling selection for expressing gratitude and dedication toward the loved one. This red color diamond ring is made with the Asscher cut and round diamond in the halo style. A 14KT white gold metal is used in this fancy color diamond engagement ring.

A round diamonds increases the lights resonations of this Asscher engagement ring. This is a stylish and modern choice engagement ring with a red color representing passion. It's a good selection to expressing the natural feelings towards the love relationship.

Want to buy best lab grown diamond engagement rings then visit our specialized collection.

Neglect Fluorescence Grade In Asscher Cut Diamond

In the Asscher cut diamond, buyers can neglect fluorescence grade because it’s an exception that appears on the anatomy. But, another side it plays a key role in the price deciding task. So, carefully select an Asscher cut diamond in none-to-faint fluorescence grade for a see natural lights reflections.

Diamond fluorescence is the one type of blue-colored light that emits from the anatomy in the dark atmosphere to allow for seeing the transparent structure.


This is the directive guide to buying Asscher cut diamond rings with clear knowledge in easy language. Thus, the worldwide buyer can understand what has to examine and checked when buying the Asscher diamond rings for engagements and weddings.

Asscher cut diamonds are rarely found because they are only selected by buyers or couples who know the benefits. Thus, this is the time to get above mentioned points in mind as a clever buyer.

Moreover, buyers want Asscher cut wedding or engagement rings with the ideal 4cs and other proportions I can make in my store. I can make all the Asscher diamond rings in all gold tones and purity, such as 14kt white gold and 18kt yellow gold. Contact for more information.


Q1. Is an Asscher Cut Diamond Cheaper than a Round Cut?

    Ans. Yes, Asscher cut diamonds are often cheaper than round cut diamonds. This is because round diamonds are in higher demand and lose more raw material during cutting, increasing their price. The Asscher cut gives a unique attractive option at a lower cost.

    Q2. What Does an Asscher Cut Diamond Represent?

      Ans. The Asscher cut diamond is famous for its historical charm and improved beauty. Its intricate step cuts and deep clarity represent trust and honesty in a relationship, making it a suitable choose for people who respect these qualities.

      Q3. Do Asscher Cut Diamonds look smaller?

        Ans. Yes, Asscher cut diamonds can look smaller than other shapes such as round or princess cuts when the carat weight is the same. because of to its deep cut and unique square form, which highlights depth and brightness rather than surface size.

        Q4. Is an Asscher-Cut Diamond Right for You?

          Ans. If you need some vintage elegance and a unique look, an Asscher cut diamond may be perfect for you. This cut is ideal for people who value an equal amount of classic and unique, as it clearly highlights the stone's natural brightness, making it an excellent choice for engagement rings and fine jewelry.

          Q5. Which Ring Styles Work Best with Asscher Cut Diamonds?

            Ans. Asscher cut diamonds look great in solitaire settings that highlight their form and clarity. Halo settings are also popular because they add sparkle and make the main stone look bigger.

            Q6. How Much Should I Pay for an Asscher Cut Diamond Ring?

              Ans.Pay between $1,000 to $7,990 for a high-quality Asscher cut diamond ring. This collection allows you to select an amazing ring that is in your budget and stylistic choices.

              Q7.Can I customize a ring with an Asscher Cut Diamond?

                Yes, asscher cut diamonds are great for unique creations. This diamond shape may be customized to suit a variety of styles and fashions, from a simple and elegant looks to a more complex setting.

                Q8. What Is an Asscher-Cut Diamond?

                  An Asscher cut diamond has a unique design with large, step-like facets and a squared form with cut corners. This cut provides a mirror image that highlights the stone's sparkle making it excellent for people who enjoy vintage-inspired jewelry.

                  Q9. Why Should I Choose an Asscher Cut Diamond for My Engagement Ring?

                    An Asscher cut diamond is perfect for engagement rings because of its beautiful and classic appearance. Its unique qualities, like its squared form and clear facets, make the ring stand out and sparkle with a refined style.

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