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Blue Diamonds: Everything You Have To Know About These Gems

Fancy blue round brilliant cut diamonds

"Blue diamonds take birth under the earth's atmosphere, where the chemical process influences the rocks or crystals to transform into a slightly violet hue from white. These diamonds are very rare to be found because of their less interpretation with boron. This element makes diamonds more amazing and beautiful with ocean colored crystals."

Diamonds are one of the best friends of human beings, especially for couples. They opted these gems in engagement rings, wedding bands, and anniversary bracelets to gift a love partner. There are many options in diamonds, but "Blue Diamonds" represent the tranquility and royal look. As a result, a bridal jewelry set is selected with these diamonds and gold content.

The brilliance, reflection, and appearance of diamonds depend on 4cs grades and, most notably, a color. Thus, when a couple wants a ring or any jewelry piece, they select at least one fancy colored diamond as per their perspective. The color of diamonds represents their significance and meaning.

The hue intensity of gems ranges from faint to deep, delivering a different amount of radiation. For example, a pale-colored diamond carries a white shade with itself that looks shiny with the touch of sunlight. While the fancy light or vivid color reflects the different amount of luminosity. This effect spreads in the overall symmetrical balance in diamonds.

In colored diamonds, different shade choices are available. For example, shiny orange, red, yellow, pink, olive, champagne, green, chocolate and black diamonds. But Blue Diamonds are elegant and distinctive among the other colored diamonds for jewelry. They carry something special appearance and effulgence that stands for respecting individual's values.

You have a question: from which element does the colorless natural diamond turn into a blue tint, right? The answer is a boron element's presence. If this element is large in amount, the diamond appears darker with a bluish and violet hue, whether a round brilliant cut or elongated fancy pear shape. While this element is present in a few counterparts of the diamonds, it can be the ideal choice for a solitaire ring design.

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In the natural diamonds, blue is the 2nd most rare tint after red ones. But what are the treated diamonds, and how important are they? Treated diamonds don’t differ from natural ones. They both are on the same level by comparing their durability, color intensity, clarity, carat weights, cut grades, and symmetry. Most importantly, the diamond fluorescence in these two types of stones remains the same even though their origin is different. How beautiful it is. 

In this article, we identify what is a blue colored diamond and how it formed under the earth and in laboratories. Simultaneously, you will be informed of the significance of these diamonds in jewelry's appearance. Also, what advantages have been added to the recipient's life from selecting blue-shade diamonds, mentioned in the article.

These color grade diamonds have nine intensity ranges, from faint to fancy dark, which plays a vital role in the light's reflections and how much cost has to be paid. In addition, the comparison between natural and lab-grown diamonds would be more complimentary to make a perfect, informed decision regarding your best choice.

First see what is a blue diamond.

Chapter - I: What Is Blue Diamond?

Faint blue pear-shaped lab-grown diamond with saturation effect

The blue diamond is a fancy colored stone with a boron element in its symmetrical balance. These stones are found in Argyle Mine in Australia, Cullinan Mine In South Africa, and Golconda Mine Of India. There are very few resources and mines for bringing out natural blue diamonds. As a result, after the red stones, these diamonds are 2nd most rarest stones in the fancy colors.

Talking about the shade intensity of blue colored stones, then, you have the option from pale sky blue to deep navy. It means you can select any hue from this range according to your jewelry needs. For example, a pale sky blue round cut diamond will be the perfect choice for the tennis bracelet. While a deep navy shade increases the overall appearance of the bridal wedding necklace. Meanwhile, consult your jeweler for better results.

These diamonds are very rare to be found naturally, while lab-grown stones can be picked up easily. For that, you haven't paid thousands of dollars for the mined diamonds. Blue colored diamonds have only a 0.02% contribution in the market, which means they're unavailable instantly.

Talking about the value of the 1 carat blue diamond, it precisely ranges between $50000 to $80000 depending on the clarity and color grades. This is the cost of the naturally diamond, and with the polishing process, the cost increases at every stage of the process. As a result, few people prefer natural diamonds, while most couples go for lab-grown diamonds, a super alternative to raw mined diamonds.

Chapter - II: How are Blue Diamonds Formed In Earth’s Crust?

Fancy blue Round brilliant cut diamonds

The origin of the blue diamond is in the lower part of the earth's mantle. They get a color from the boron element, which is largely available in the earth's crust. There is a process behind the origin of the boron, where the serpentinite is carried down by the mantle from subducting ocean tectonic plates. This is the one theory.

Some research about rare diamonds shows that seawater and its atmosphere are responsible for the origin of blue diamonds. As per Nature.Com research, most rare blue diamonds are created with the watery slabs of the remaining part of the earth's crust. The famous Hope Diamond and Azure Gemstone grab their color from boron, which is the common crystal rock.

Aside from the foundation under the ocean, there is no easy way to bring out these precious gemstones. Mining workers have to work in high temperatures and pressurized environments to find a perfect crystal surface that can be a blue diamond. Some blue diamonds are located deep under the earth's mantle at a distance of 400 miles. For common people, this task is very tough and risky, even though those workers are highly trained.

This confirms that mined blue diamonds are not treated with irradiation or other techniques. Meanwhile, in the earth's crust, those stones are surpassed by all kinds of irradiation. So, there are two ways of the origin of these boron contained gemstones: 1. Natural Mines, 2. Under the Sea. But as previously mentioned, they are not easily available, especially in the deep navy blue shade.

Ignoring their price tags, some Milloinaires selecting these diamonds for the wedding eternity bands and heart shaped pendants. This is not only two type of jewelry they opted with the natural diamonds. They select a precious mined diamonds bracelet, earrings, and bangles, too for their love partners. The reason behind for selection of blue diamonds is their significance in the life whether it's raw diamond or ethical lab diamond.

Let's check the importance of these sea water colored diamonds in life.

Chapter - III: Blue Diamonds Significance In Life

Blue diamonds significance in person's life

The blue diamonds symbolize good and positive attributes like power, royalty, purity, security, devotion, loyalty, and protection against misunderstanding. This is the most beneficial fact about these ocean water colored stones. Also, they help individuals to bring inner peace, wisdom, good health, calmness, and maturity to their behavior.

A blue color conveys trust and commitment to itself, so couples prefer it for their first exchange of rings as promise rings. Meanwhile, after they were successfully brought out from the live-in relationship and ready for an engagement, they opted for blue diamonds for the engagement ring.

These colored natural diamonds are featured in the world's most beautiful jewelry, a "British Crown Jewel." There is no official statement about picking a blue diamond for that Crown, but it may be chosen due to its royal look and prestigious sign.

Meanwhile, many Hollywood celebrities adorn themselves with blue diamond jewelry. For example, Indo-American actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas wore a Bulgari Laguna Blue, an 11.6 carat weighted blue diamond placed in the necklace chain, with more than $25 Million value. Another well-known celebrity in Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez, was gifted with the 14-carat weighted blue diamond ring from her ex-husband, Marc Anthony. Also, Kate Middleton has a ring in these colored gemstones from her mother-in-law.

Do you know why these recognized celebrities selected a blue diamond for their love partners? The answer is hidden in the color of the diamond that always provides trust, calmness, teaches to value morals, and offers strength, eternal love, and abundance of commitment. Also, many couples feel insecure about their relationship stage, but with blue diamond jewelry, they can reduce that effect to a minimum level.

White gold tennis bracelet for woman with fancy colored lab-grown diamonds

The significance of diamonds depends on the personal point of view, beliefs, values, and experience. For example, light blue diamonds are counted as love and commitment signs for some people. While others see them as a sign of inner soul peace, family heirlooms, personal accomplishments of goals, and expectations. So, prioritize your own values and try to add them to the jewelry that speaks for your emotions.

In addition, these fancy colored diamonds are not selected by couples. But, parents also pick blue diamonds for their children's milestones, like on the daughter's birthday or as a reward for completing graduation at first distinction. For gifting blue diamonds in every jewelry style is not mandatory to give only on special occasions, but individuals can offer it to their love partners as a surprise gift.

If you're planning to evoke those stiff feelings in front of your wife, select blue diamond earrings in white gold. Unboxing the jewelry box in front of her at the candlelight dinner and giving a hug to her. In addition, you can read a poem or message that conveys your emotions and her expectations.

Chapter - IV: Which Type Of Blue Diamonds Exist?

Blue diamonds with secondary hues like purple, dark blue, greenish blue, and grey blue

Usually, blue diamonds are IIb typed gemstones, which means they have very few nitrogen impurities. But the boron element's presence makes the stone a darker one, which is very rare to find. Meanwhile, another type is Ia, where the secondary hues are presented in the blue diamonds. Those alternative shades are purplish blue, greenish blue, and greyish blue.

The IIb typed diamonds count as the rarest natural precious gemstones with fancy colors. However, with blue diamonds, they have only a 0.02% contribution to the jewelry market. For example, if yearly the allocated mined gives 100K carat diamonds, then only 20 carat blue diamonds will be available there.

Apart from the complete natural blue shade, diamonds in those optional colors are quite easy to get at a low cost. You can get diamonds from authenticated and well-known jewelry stores or pioneer manufacturers. If you're purchasing the diamonds for the first time, then take it back to the professional jeweler to know if the promised quality is available in the stone or know the additional details.

Some diamonds naturally undergo the process of irradiation and radiation to obtain a more intensive color, whether a pale sky blue or a deep navy blue. This automatic process ensures the stone receives all properties of the color. The boron element causes a blue spectrum of the diamond, but when it combines with the irradiation process, it surges beautiful colored stones. The mined diamonds remain lower in cost compared to their after cutting and polishing process.

Chapter - V: Blue Diamond's Color Grades

Color intensity level chart of the blue diamond

Accordint to GIA (Gemological Institue of Ametica), a pioneer insititution of the gems industry disclosed the grade of the blue diamonds from Faint to Vivid hue intensity. This color grade contains a nine different shade's variations. For your convenience it's mentioned below.

  1. Faint Blue
  2. Very Light Blue
  3. Light Blue
  4. Fancy Light Blue
  5. Fancy Blue
  6. Fancy Intense Blue
  7. Fancy Vivid Blue
  8. Fancy Dark Blue
  9. Fancy Deep Blue

From these color ranges, you can pick the favorite one for your engagement ring or wedding jewelry, whether it's in a round brilliant cut diamond or a cushion cut. The color grade of the diamond is an important thing to consider because it guarantees light reflection and a introduce yourself from the natural appearance of the stone. Thus, when you want a glorious look at jewelry in blue diamonds, consider their color ranges because it affects the costs.

A faint blue diamond is cheaper than a dark one because those stones can't be easily seen in the market. Even with the treatment or an HPHT process, sometimes a darker intensity can't be retrieved back. As a result, many buyers limit their purchase of these sea colored diamonds from faint to vivid shades.

Due to the low costs, faint and light blue color range diamonds are selected for the earrings and bracelets. Meanwhile, for a bridal necklace, these stones are mostly selected, and the yellow gold or white gold addition makes it more precious jewelry. In addition, for a princess diamond Toi et Moi ring, a fancy blue color is the perfect choice. Otherwise, you can opt for a customization and select the fancy light or vivid blue princess diamond.

Chapter - VI: How Rare Is The Blue Diamond?

Blue color round brilliant cut diamonds with brilliance effect

As mentioned previously, blue diamonds are IIb typed gemstones that are rare to be found organically in the mines. Usually, blue colored diamonds are brought out to the surface from the earth's crust in 1 to 100 numbers, along with the red and pink diamonds, if the total mining is 1 Million carat weight. It means these clear sky blue colored diamonds have 0.01% existence, and they are extremely rare.

Do you have a question about why a 1 carat blue diamond is sell at $1000K in uncut condition? The answer is the risky mining process that demands time and modern equipment. Additionally, bringing out the raw diamond from the war zone mines and removing its label as "Blood Diamonds" requires stricter policy follow-up. As a result, this time frame takes 6 to 8 months for completion, so the cost remains high for these colored diamonds.

The boron element influences the diamonds to catch the blue shade in the anatomy and place it in a symmetrical balance. This process isn't involved with such a treatment, but the heat collision spreads the color in the stone's counterparts. That's why these diamonds remain rare to find in the mines, even using better technological equipment.

Chapter - VII: How Much Does Natural Blue Diamond Cost?

Natural blue colored diamonds sold at $100000 per carat, while for a 0.25 carat weight, prices remain around $25000 to $30000. The cost depends on the hue intensity, like light blue or fancy vivid. For example, if you need a vivid or deep shade, then you have to pay around $75,000 for a 1/4 of the 1 carat weight, which means .25 carats. As you go up with more color intensity, the price also parallelly increases and reaches $150K to $500K.

So, you may surprised to hear how overpriced natural diamonds are. But in reality, the overhead expenses increase their costs. Another side, lab-grown diamonds have the cheapest price ever compared to natural ones. For example, a 5.00 carat vivid blue cushion price is $4860, which means you can save around 2000% from being spent on mined diamonds.

If you know the diamonds, not at an expert level, then you may hear the word "4Cs of Diamonds". Thus, it contains four aspects known as carat weights, clarity, color, and cut grades. These aspects decide the cost of the diamond; whether it's a natural diamond or a laboratory-made diamond, they remain the same.

Chapter - VIII: What Is Treated or Artificial Blue Diamond?

Pear-shaped lab-grown diamond with a intense sparkle reflections

Treated blue diamonds are artificially made in the laboratory by using the irradiation process. The high-energy electrons used in the irradiation are capable of turning the shade into ocean blue. This procedure establishes new atoms in the diamond's structures that appear as the blue color, whether it may be a pale sky blue or deep navy blue.

Unlike the automatic, including boron in natural diamonds, for artificial blue diamonds, the boron has to be manually added in the growing process. In this method, a diamond seed is pressurized at the proper temperature to absorb the properties of the boron and change its hue to a beautiful blue shade. These diamonds are called "Blue Lab-grown Diamonds," they're grown with the HPHT and CVD process, often using HPHT.

Picking a blue colored diamond, a treated diamond, offers some kinds of benefits: 1. Less expensive than a natural diamond, 2. Exhibit the high saturation, 3. Having the same physical, optical, and chemical as natural diamond's counterparts, 4. It contains the best durability that lasts a long time. 5. Labelized as ethical jewelery.

Chapeter - IX: Why To Prefers Blue Lab-grown Diamonds?

Vivid blue color pear diamond with a brilliant cutting style

Opting for blue lab-grown diamonds contains benefits like low cost, variations in the color ranges, choices for diamond shapes, and availability in favorite clarity grades and carat weights. Meanwhile, they're made with the best ethical practices from renewable and solar energy that reduce the load of electricity demand. As a result, these treated lab-grown diamonds contribute their share to sustain the environment.

Aside from their core benefits, they offer some implicit advantages, such as identical structural anatomy as natural gems. Additionally, these are recognized as next to the mined diamonds as "Diamond Alternatives." That means if you want a diamond-like appearance but want to stay far away from their "Blood Diamonds" tag, these alternative stones, especially lab diamonds, are available for you.

In addition, these diamonds exist in the "Fancy Colors" within a price range and better quality containing. So, selecting blue lab-grown diamonds is a good deal for you and as well for the environment. You can opt for them in the wedding eternity band or a solitaire pendant for your wife. If you have a concern, there is a facility to certify them with the GIA and IGI institutions for a professional evaluation.

Chapter - X: What Is The Cost Of Blue Lab-grown Diamond?

For a 1 carat blue lab-grown diamond, priced $680 to $2900, you have the option to pick a round brilliant cut or a square Asscher cut diamond. You can select VVS or VS clarity grade where the diamond inclusions aren't available in large amounts. In this price range, the options for hue intensity scale from light blue to deep blue, as per your preference.

Compared to naturally mined diamonds, lab diamonds remain low in cost, something around 30 - 60% cheaper. This is not a reason; people select lab-grown diamonds only for a reasonable cost. Apart from the low price, artificial diamonds have properties identical to raw diamonds, whether chemically, optically, or physically.

So, if you're passionate about making your commitment appeal more profound, select a certified blue colored lab-grown diamond. There is an option to pick a cushion cut or an elongated emerald diamond, as per your jewelry selection.

As a lab-grown diamond connoisseur and dealer, Ouros Jewels brings the blue lab-grown diamonds price chart.

Diamond Shape





Price ($)



Light Blue






Light Blue






Fancy Light Blue






Fancy Intense Blue






Fancy Intense Blue






Fancy Vivid Blue






Fancy Vivid Blue






Fancy Vivid Blue






Fancy Dark Blue






Fancy Deep Blue




The mentioned price can be differ from the actual, depends on the overall quality.

Chapter - XI: Natural V/s. Treated Blue Diamonds: The Difference and Comparison To Know

Comparison of Natural vs. Treated blue lab-grown diamond

There is not only one factor to distinguish the natural counterparted diamonds and artificial lab-grown diamonds. Many factors define which will be the perfect one, and they affect the cost of your diamonds and their appearance. These factors include formation, ethical practices, price, variations, certifications, sparkle, fluorescence effects, diamond shape, and suitability.

Refer to the below mentioned chart that differentiate the natural and lab-grown diamonds.

Natural Diamonds


Lab-grown Diamonds

Earth’s Beneath




Ethical Practices

Mostly Followed

$80K - $100K/Carat


$640 - $3000/Carat

Brilliant Cuts


Brilliant and Antique Cuts




Depends On Color Intensity


More Than a Natural Diamonds


Color Intensity Range


Medium to Strong


None to Medium

Round, Elongated, Square


All Traditional and Modern

Rings, Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces


All Jewelry

Chapter - XII: Blue Diamonds Jewelry

As per the blue diamond's royal and prestigious appearance, couples prefer it for a matching promise band that is usually made with yellow gold bands. This is not only one piece of jewelry crafted in these ocean colored diamonds. Husbands are gifting a blue diamond ring at their wedding anniversary to realive those stiff promises. Do you know what the common reason for this gesture is?

Let's answer this.

The wedding is the holy relationship between man and woman. They commit to their promises and expectations. So, sometimes, other obstacles work as the bump that unstabilizes the mutual understanding of couples. As a result, many unnecessary quarrels become part of a daily routine. Thus, blue diamonds minimize these effects.

Also, in engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, these fancy-colored diamonds are frequently used in the faint to the fancy vivid blue hue intensity. To give precious experience to your loved one from selected blue diamond jewelry, choose at least one metal tone. In the metal, you have four options: 1. White Gold, 2. Rose Gold, 3. Yellow Gold, and 4. Platinum.

1. Engagement Ring: The Beautiful Choice Ever

1.40-carat fancy vivid blue emerald cut lab-grown diamond solitaire engagement ring in 18KT yellow gold

This yellow gold solitaire engagement ring has a 1.40 carat weighted blue colored lab-grown diamond. To make the ring meaningful and ideal in appearance, three different kinds of diamonds are used: 1. Champagne, 2. Green, and 3. Yellow. If you're searching for the perfect ring that speaks your words, you can select this design for her.

The best moment to gift her this ring is to arrange a candlelight dinner on the beach or in a famous restaurant. A surprising proposal with this solitaire designed ring will be a memorable moment for your love relationship. Also, the long drive can be an ideal opportunity to unbox the ring in front of her.

Apart from the solitaire design, there is an option to select different styles, such as a halo, three-stone, or a bridal set ring. You can customize every aspect and setting in the ring, whether bandwidth or changing the prong setting from claw to soft round; everything is possible.

You can select a radiant cut diamond shape that has a length and sharp edged corners for diverse sparkle reflections. The benefit of the radiant diamond is the size, which looks bigger with the same carat weight cushion or princess cut diamond. If you need a fancy shape, then you have choices like heart, oval, pear, and Asscher.

Ouros Jewels's Recommendation:-

For a treated diamond engagement ring, you can freely spend around $750 to $2000 for atleast 1-carat weight stone in VVS clarity and fancy light color. If you need a larger size and carat, you have to increase the budget from $2000 to $3000, depending on the clarity and color intensity you opt for. Remember that a darker stone sold at a much higher price than a faint to light blue hue.

2. Wedding Bands: The Holy Alliance Representative

Blue round cut lab diamond wedding eternity ring in 18kt white gold

This 1 carat blue diamond eternity band is a perfect gift for celebrating the holy alliance with a love partner. Here in this, white gold band, a combination of white and light blue diamonds, are used in the odd-even format. A basket and button prong setting makes the band's appearance glorious to a mesmerized who always remembers the wedding ceremony.

When wedding rings are exchanged, emotions and values are also conveyed. Taking the blue diamonds in the ring signifies a good future life because they represent calmness and peace that turn a quarrel into a sweet conversation. It's helpful to increase the romance between a wife and husband.

The reason behind selecting the eternity ring design for a wedding is to commit to eternal love until the last breath. Every couple desires dedication and support from the love partner; it's an essential aspect of the relationship. So, to make this aspect authentic, the ocean-colored diamonds are mostly selected.

For the women's wedding ring, you can select 1 to 3 carat weights diamonds. But for the men's band, it's better to stay within 2 carats. Discuss mutually with your love partner and let them know you're planning to purchase a ring. Visit the nearest local jewelry store in person or search Google for the best couple's diamond wedding ring.

Despite an eternity band's popularity, a bridal wedding set is not far away from the choice of jewelry lovers, especially a couple who will married within five months. This ring setting features two separate bands that combine the wearing experience of an engagement ring, where one band refers to purity and the other indicates affection.

Ouros Jewels Recommendation:-

For blue colored lab diamond wedding ring, the ideal cost ranges from $550 to $2500, where you can get 1.05 to 3.00 carat weighted stones in an eternity design. Also, within this price, you can select 10KT or 18KT gold, which increases the overall shining appearance of the band. Besides the eternity ring style, you can choose a dainty, channel, bezel, or bridal set ring for her.

3. Tennis Bracelets: The Hot Choice For Elegance

VS clarity grade blue lab-grown diamond bracelet in 7.00 inch and 18kt white gold

In this bracelet design, 10.00 carat weighted blue colored cushion diamonds are used with the combination of the EF color grade diamonds. The claw prong setting holds the square shaped stones with a better, stronger grip that reduces the risk of the accidental loss of the diamonds. For this 5.00 inched wrist-charming jewelry, 18KT white gold metal is used, and the clasp setting offers a comfortable wearing experience.

A tennis bracelet is not only an occasion present to gift but it can be worn in daily routines, excluding household chores or hot saunas bathing. The chain length of the bracelet is the most important thing to consider because it affects the wearing experience and the price, too.

In diamond bracelets, the length size is most important with a 4cs grade. The size ranges from 4.50 to 9.00 inches and contains more diamonds on the band. Select the chain length according to wrist size and circumferences. Also, don't forget to pick a perfect metal from yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum.

With this versatile jewelry, you can create memorable events that are remembered as life-changing moments for you. For example, if you and she met on Valentine's Day, the first time, and this is your second anniversary meeting, you can select a combination of blue and pink diamonds in the yellow gold bracelet.

The continuous row formation of the diamonds on the bracelet chain helps the stones to deliver an extraordinary reflection. But for that, you have to select at least good quality, like 5 to 10 carat weights diamonds in VVS clarity and fancy blue diamonds. It's a perfect present for a compliment recipient's milestone, whether she completes graduation at the top ranking or gets promoted to a higher post in the job.

Ouros Jewels Recommendation:-

The blue lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet costs between $3000 and $5000, where the stone size is 3.80 MM, and the chain length is 4.50 inches. Within this price range, 14KT gold material addition is available. The price of a 7.00-inch bracelet is $5150. Remember that the price depends on the color, clarity, carat, cut, metal tone, and size you opted for. A short-size bracelet in diamonds is lower than a more length-size.

4. Earrings: The Combination Of Fancy and Traditional Appearance

Fancy vivid blue treated diamonds stud earrings with screw back style

These blue diamond stud earrings are made with 14KT white gold, where the two round brilliant cut stones are placed in the claw prong and basket setting. As a diamond bracelet, earrings are counted in the daily jewelry. The screw-back design of the earrings helps the wearer wear them easily and remove them with extra security.

Earrings are not only gifted to the women who will get married in three months, but they can be surprisingly gifted to every woman who is important to your life, whether it's your mother, sister, or girlfriend. A blue diamond containing earrings delivers a good and positive message to her about your feelings and caringness.

There are many options to select a design apart from the stud earrings. You can pick a hoops, studs halo, drop, chandelier, cluster, and jacket style according to her preference. Some of these designs are only worn on special occasions like wedding ceremonies or engagement anniversary celebrations. You have the option to pick a shining yellow gold, pinkish rose gold, silvery white gold, or platinum on the earring band.

For example, diamond chandelier earrings can appear beautiful with casual attire, but with the wedding gown, she looks like a pretty diva with these designs. Meanwhile, for daily wearing, hoop earrings are the perfect choice because their circumference exhibits the ideal brilliance of the diamonds, whether it's a princess cut or a heart shape. Go with at least 1 to 4 carat weight blue diamonds for any earrings, and pick the back style according to her comfort.

Learn More: 7 Factors To Know Before Shop a Hoop Earrings

Ouros Jewels Recommendation:-

The ideal cost range for blue lab-grown diamond earrings is $300 to 1500. With this price range, you can offer a brilliant looking earrings to your mother, girlfriend, fiancée, or wife. Before allocating the buying budget for lab diamond earrings, consider your spouse’s preference. If she likes to wear large earrings, a chandelier and hoop style is a good choice ahead of a stud or drop design.

Chapter - XIII: Where To Shop Blue Diamonds and Jewelry?

Points to consider for selection of the best jewelry store for blue diamond

Giving a gift to your love partner is an ideal moment for you. You don't want to spoil it by selecting the wrong jewelry store that sells counterfeit goods or uncertified diamond jewelry, especially with fancy colored blue diamonds.

Below, we mention the points you should know when selecting a jewelry store from your shortlisted stores.

  1. Prefers New Authorized Jewelry Stores (With Atleast 5 Years Of Experience)
  2. If Possible, Prefers Online Commercial Stores Instead Of Personal Showroom Visits
  3. Read Testimonials and Reviews Of Customers
  4. Check if They Offer a Certification (Jewelry and Diamonds)
  5. Know What Extra Services Give To You (Engraving, Cleaning, Re-polishing)
  6. Believe the Expert Craftsmanship
  7. See Their Imagined Design and Real Making Comparison
  8. Know the Average Time To Complete Your Customized Jewelry
  9. Compare The Price and Quality With Same Designed Jewelry
  10. Know Jewelry Store Authorization Approval From The Recognized Institution
  11. Offering The Option Of Customization

If all of the mentioned services are available in the jewelry store, whether it's an e-commerce online or a showroom, select that store for your blue diamond jewelry purchase.

Chapter - XIV: How To Care For Your Blue Diamonds and Jewelry?

Tips for cleaning blue diamonds and jewelry

Cleaning and maintaining the blue diamond jewelry needs proper care and washing. You can do it at home, but it's not recommended if you first time taking experience in it. That affects the jewelry's metal tones, shades, settings, and overall appearance. So, it's better to go with a professional cleaning service to retain a newly purchased appearance for jewelry.

Meanwhile, if you insist on cleaning at home, you have some equipment like mild soapy water, lukewarm water, a crystal bowl, a lint-free cloth, and a soft-bristle toothbrush. Here, don't use any other chemicals like bleach or ammonia; instead, consume a detergent powder.

The steps to clean blue diamond jewelry are mentioned below, and follow that for making your jewelry newly purchased at your home.

1. Take a clean bowl and put three to five drops of the mild soap water and mix it with the lukewarm water. Don't over-temperature the water.

2. Put your jewelry in that bowl gently and keep it as for 15 to 20 minutes so the soapy water will pull any of the particles. Here, use a soft-bristle toothbrush for cleaning every part of the jewelry, whether it's a bridge accent part of the ring or a band's blank space. It ensures you personally the better washing and cleaning of the jewelry. Don't pressurize the brush or the diamond; it harms the jewelry.

3. After soaking the jewelry in a bowl, bring it out and put it on the lint-free cloth, especially a neat and clean piece of fabric. Please don't take any ordinary garment piece because it contains little particles that can affect your precious jewelry.

4. Now is a time to dry it with the air, so if any particles remain, they will be removed. For that, don't put your jewelry in direct contact with the sunlight because it affects the metal tone's shade appearance. So, the best time to air dry your jewelry is in the evening.

5. The final step is to clean the jewelry with pure water again to ensure there is not any soap element that exists. After that, rub the jewelry with a soft cloth. Here, don't pressure any jewelry settings and touch rubbing on the metal tone. If you find that there are no particles, then store the jewelry in a different box or pouch. Never put two pieces of jewelry in a single package or a bag.

You can visit a professional jewelry cleaning service provider and leave the rest of the task to them. Understand that they’re diamond connoisseurs and experts in cleaning services who try to make your diamond jewelry newly purchased. It is not so expensive to bring jewelry for cleaning. Every 6 to 12 months, you must send your jewelry, even blue diamond jewelry, for cleaning.

Chapter - XV: Conclusion

Among the fancy color diamonds family, blue diamonds are second-ranked rare gems behind red prestigious stones. They’re IIb typed natural diamonds that contribute 0.001% share in the jewelry market. So, you can think how rare they are and why their cost will skyrocketed every time.

In the creation of the blue diamonds, the earth's temperature and the ocean's tectonic plates play an important role. In these places, a boron element naturally influences the raw diamonds into sea colored stones. The process of making the blue diamond is very rare and uncommon. As a result, these diamonds are not easily found in the convenient mines.

Still, these fancy diamonds are selected for wedding jewelry, anniversary pendants, or bracelets. The reason behind these gem's selection is their hue intensity versatility, which ranges from the sky's pale shade to the dark blue color. Meanwhile, with the blue tint in these gems, alternative shades are available: purplish-blue, greenish-blue, and greyish-blue.

The best alternative option for natural blue diamonds is the treated lab-grown diamonds with the same attributes in appearance, durability, and symmetrical balance. There is an option to pick identical colors, clarity, carat weights, and cut grades without paying more dollars. Treated diamonds are made with the best ethical practices and offer a cheap price.

Want to purchase treated blue diamonds and jewelry that fit your budget and preference then we have that choice. Contact us and let us know what you want, for the rest of the part we will manage to make your jewelry not a stunning one, but an exquisite piece of love that will remebered as the precious present for a lifetime.

Chapter - XVI: FAQ's

Q1. What Are Blue Diamonds?

    Blue diamonds are unique diamonds created deep below the earth and colored by boron. They range from dull to dark blue and are highly prized because to their rarity and beauty.

    Q2. How Are Blue Diamonds Formed?

      Blue diamonds grow under extreme conditions deep in the earth's mantle, where carbon atoms combine into the crystal structure, resulting in their blue look. This process may also include geological action from oceanic plates.

      Q3. What makes blue diamonds so rare?

        Blue diamonds are very rare due to a limited supply of boron in diamond-forming locations and their unique geological formation conditions, making them among of the most special and costly diamonds available.

        Q4. How are blue diamonds graded for color?

          Blue diamonds are graded according to their color intensity, ranging from Faint Blue to Fancy Deep Blue. Color grading has an important effect on their market value and popularity.

          Q5. What Are the Uses of Blue Diamonds in Jewelry?

            Blue diamonds are popular in engagement rings, wedding bands, and luxury jewelry, representing trust, loyalty, and peace. They are valued for their remarkable look and meaning.

            Q6. What's the difference between natural and treated blue diamonds?

              Natural blue diamonds include boron, which is responsible for their blue color. Treated blue diamonds have been improved in labs to get their blue color using processes like gemstone light.

              Q7. What Should I Know Before I Purchase Blue Diamond Jewelry?

                Before buying blue diamond jewelry, consider the diamond's color, its certification, and if you want a natural or treated stone. It is also vital to know the diamond's clarity, carat, and cut, as well as to buy from trusted suppliers.

                Q8. How Should I Care for Blue Diamond Jewelry?

                  Care your blue diamond jewelry by carefully washing it with soapy water and a soft brush, storing it properly to minimize scratches, and getting it professionally inspected on a regular basis to ensure its setting and quality.

                  Q9. Why are blue diamonds considered good investments?

                    Blue diamonds are ideal investments because of their rarity and rising demand in the luxury market, allowing their value to rise with time.

                    Q10. Where Can You Buy Blue Diamonds?

                      Purchase blue diamonds from certified jewelers or trustworthy specialized stores that offer transparent product descriptions and sales processes to ensure quality and authenticity.

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