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Everything You Need To Know About Chocolate Diamond

Brown colored chocolate diamonds

"Chocolate diamonds have dark and vivid color shades in their formation that reflect beautiful sparkles. These diamonds are known as fancy color diamonds and have a luxurious appearance. That's why they are frequently placed in wedding necklaces and tennis bracelets with gold. These diamonds have the same 4Cs grades except the color shades."

Diamonds are known for their precious and brilliant looks, differentiating them from gemstones. In a variety of shades, the diamonds feature elegance and beauty. It is called "Fancy Color Diamonds." "Chocolate Diamonds" are among the most famous in diamonds due to their brownish and yellowish shade intensity combination that looks like a fire element.

These gems have a brown color that offers beautiful reflections. They grade on their color intensity, ranging from very light to very dark. In chocolate diamonds, the internal shade features a combination of black, brown, and yellow colors, such as the Bow-tie effect, but it doesn't affect the dazzling appearance.

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the most respectable and authoritative name in the diamond industry. This institution initiated the concept of 4cs of diamonds and their symmetry in a diamond. Also, GIA gives the color grading scales for colorless and fancy colored diamonds.

They referred to brown colored diamonds in "Cognac", "Champagne," and "Chocolate." The color intensity is inspected to determine which one is a champagne or chocolate diamond. If the color is very dark, it refers to the chocolate diamonds.

The illusions about chocolate diamonds are spreading at a faster speed. Some persons acknowledge that these diamonds are not as durable as natural diamonds. Also, these diamonds are the only colored crystals available at a cheap cost in a lab-grown type. All of these illusions will be clear in this article.

In this article, we will give you most of the expertise knowledge throughout the post regarding dark brown shade chocolate diamonds. Learn all the essential points and facts from an expert and experienced gemologist's point of view. That can be helpful to make a perfect decision for purchase.

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What is Chocolate Diamond?

Chocolate diamond represents the dark brown shade, part of the fancy colors family. This diamond is a registered trademark of the Le Vian group and they offers beautiful brown colored natural gems to the world. A natural chocolate diamond is a most precious and rare fancy colored diamond that features a high price tag.

The 4cs and symmetrical balance remain the same in these brown diamonds, as you can find in colorless gems. If you want to experience an intense color that offers brilliance at every moment, then a chocolate colored diamond is the best choice for a wedding necklace or rose gold rings.

There is an option to pick in an elongated or rectangular shape that looks elegant such as radiant or emerald. While in the square shapes like princess or cushion cut, it appears as an excellent option. As a result, a couple who wants to connect a relationship with each other and starting to keep trust, they're selected these brown diamonds for promise rings.

Natural chocolate diamonds are a rare gem that features an intense and darker shade than brown diamonds like cognac and champagne. These gems take birth in the earth's crust and uniquely appear throughout the jewelry. The cost of them reaches thousands of dollars with a consideration of color, clarity, carat weights, and cut grades.

Top 5 Reasons To Prefers Only Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamonds aren't made but originate from the mines as valuable gems that feature dark brown shades. While there is an option to go with lab-grown diamonds for a pure ethical considerations. For every person who chooses these fancy color in diamonds, there are five reasons for preferring these brown gems. Those reasons are mentioned below.

Reasons to select a chocolate diamonds for jewelry
  • The fancy color tag
  • Unique aesthetic appeal
  • Versatility
  • Symbolism
  • Different Selection From Crowd

Let's understand the reasons in-depth for better understanding.

  • The Fancy Color Tag

Chocoloate diamond has fancy colored diamond tag

The brown shade of chocolate diamond refers to the fancy color. According to the GIA color grading scale, apart from white colors, all diamonds are fancy color diamonds. These colored diamonds are one of them. Thus, who want to experience beautiful light reflections on their hands and personality, these brown colored gems are good option for them.

The intense dark brown color shade is the identical mark of chocolate diamond and it aparts them from a champagne diamond. Don't understand a champagne colored diamond is a chocolate colored diamonds. But they're a part of these brown colored gems that featuers brilliance from every corners.

An unique color grade appearance and surfaces distinguishes between chocolate and other fancy color diamonds. Apart from the them, there are many other color options exists such as blue, yellow, red, pink, olive, green, grey and black. Thus, understand that a this diamond is part of the fancy color diamond family.

Chocolate diamonds have a dark brown color, so when they are placed under the fluorescence machine to measure the sparkling ability, it reflects 18X more sparkle than other colored diamonds. It makes diamonds ideal piece that looks like as a blazing precious stone from other fancy colors.

  • Unique Aesthetic Appeal

Chocolate diamond appeals unique aesthetic appearance

The sparkle reflection and intensity in brown diamond delivers a unique aesthetic appeal to the recipient. As a result, a passionate lover who wants to express his emotions and love, then he chose a rose gold plated halo ring in a chocolate diamond. This colored shade of diamonds offers a distinctive appearance in all jewelry styles.

If you're searching for an alternative piece of colorless diamond but want a fancy hue shade, then a chocolate diamond is an elegant pick. In these fancy colored diamonds, the appearance of dark brown color makes the reflections more gorgeous and fabulous.

Most importantly, they're featuring in brilliant cut and unique cuts. For example, if someone is looking for a round brilliant cut in chocolate color, this option exists in natural and lab-grown diamonds. But, unique cut diamonds are available only in lab-grown with hexagon, octagon, unicorn cut, old mine, pentagon, and Portuguese shapes.

  • Versatility In Color Shades

Chocolate diamond is the versatile shade gem

For a special and emotionally attached appeal to a love partner with jewelry, brown colored diamonds are the best selection, especially in chocolate hue. They're versatile in every shape, jewelry style, and metal tones like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. So, it can be selected for a custom designed jewelry style.

Chocolate diamonds feature slight color shade variations. Usually, they have only a dark brown shade, but if someone is looking for a slight faint hue in these gems, then this option is available. That is a good choice for a wedding necklace or anniversary gift, like hoop earrings.

It provides the finest appearance to a lady who is eager to make herself pretty. So, select a chocolate diamond jewelry for your lady luck and tell her why she is important for every moment of your life. Many of the fashion lovers like to shop these diamonds for a jewelry pieces.

A dark brown color creates a strong attachment with your relationship and your love partner. Every love partner needs to get a strong connection with their spouse, and the chocolate diamonds successfully accomplish this. That's why, as diamond jewelry connoisseurs, we recommend picking a brown gem.

  • Symbolism: The Earthiness, Stability and Strength

Chocolate diamonds symbolizes earthiness, stability and strength

The brown colored diamonds refer to the earthiness, stability, and strength. It can hold an emotional significance for those who are seeking to offer a distinctive piece of jewelry. Offering jewelry as a gift for an engagement or wedding is not just a task, but it represents commitment and connection. That's why couples are connected with the jewelry, which makes their relationship trustable.

From the point of view of a man who is newly engaged with his lady luck, he is always seeking an opportunity to reveal love feelings. Chocolate diamonds are one of the most beautiful gems that feature strength. As a result, he can purchase beautiful jewelry in diamonds that give unity to his relationship.

On the other hand, a woman's perspective always seeks to protect her spouse from other things that affect a love relationship. The woman is a powerful human who fought the world to save her relationship and family. For making this perspective real, chocolate diamond jewelry is a good option for a man who is her love partner.

A chocolate color gem looks better with a touch of yellow gold or platinum in a halo or bezel set ring. She can offer a pendant or bracelet with these brown colored diamonds that reflect sensible emotions.

  • Different Selection From Crowd

Chocolate diamond represents the unique selection from the others

You wish to give a beautiful jewelry gift to your lady, but you're influenced by your colleague's jewelry selection for his wife in colorless diamonds. Are you also looking for that option for your love partner's jewelry gift? Then you're wrong. Not influenced by other selections, consider your choice and your spouse's style.

Chocolate diamonds are different selection from others common picking. It provides a unique appearance to a wearer and makes your appeal more distinctive. Whether she wears your gifted jewelry at functions or someone's wedding occasion, it draws others' attention.

Because this brown color diamond is a part of a fancy color diamond. As a result, you can select it to deliver a pretty appearance and distinctive identity to your relationship. These diamonds are available in round brilliant cut, princess cut, radiant cut, and oval shape with considering better 4cs grades.

The Rarity Of Chocolate Diamonds: 10000 Times Scarce

Chocolate diamonds are rare to get with their natural formation

Chocolate diamonds are not so easy to be mined from the land because the prominent atmosphere for these diamonds does not exist in every mine. Only a few mines have the convenient climate to produce beautiful dark brown color shade gems.

While talking about the mined chocolate diamond rarity level, it's 10,000 times harder than colorless gems. It means if 20000 carats of diamonds are brought out from the mines, then only brown colored diamonds are only 2 - 15 carats. Now, understand how rare the these fancy colored diamonds are.

In Rio Tinto, who owns Argyle mine, Australia, rough mined chocolate diamonds are found. So, when you opted to go for a natural diamond then you have to pay +300 - 800% prices than a lab-grown treated diamond. It's a fact. These diamonds are rare to get in natural types. Lab-grown diamonds are price friendly, eco friendly, and authenticated to use for a jewelry.

Another side, when we're talking about the lab-grown colored diamonds, then they're not so rare but precious, too. These diamonds are treated with the irridiation process where the stone got the shade. So, you can select them for engagement rings or wedding bands. In every shape, clarity grade and fluorescence, these diamonds are available at a cheap price. The quality remains the same in the lab diamonds as the natural mined diamonds.

4cs Grades For Chocolate Diamonds

Diamond 4cs grades in chocolate colored gems

The 4cs grades for chocolate diamonds include color, clarity, carat, and cut. It is known as 4cs of diamonds, and GIA developed this concept to evaluate the price and attributes of diamonds. Chocolate diamonds are fancy color diamonds, but for the best selection, every buyer must focus on selecting the best quality.

Here, all the best quality is described for the brown diamonds. Thus, you will purchase these brown shade gems as a promise ring or bracelet for a birthday gift. For selecting an ideal clarity, carat weights, color grades, and cut variations make your jewelry piece more excellent.

  • Pick Intense to Dark Brown Color

Chocolate diamond color grade chart to know

For a beautiful appearance in the chocolate diamonds, choose an intense to dark brown color grade that looks elegant in jewelry. The diamond does not look gloomy in an intense brown color shade, but it still offers dazzling reflections. While a dark color features a more bow-tie effect that indirectly affects the overall look.

The cost is variable for color grade selections. More color intensity in the diamond makes it costlier. For example, an intense brown chocolate diamond is cheaper than a dark color. If you insist on picking only a darker color, you have to pay more thousands of dollars, which might affect your budget.

But with a lab-grown diamond option, you don't have to consider paying a five or 6-month hard earned money. You can select the color variation in lab-grown chocolate diamonds without spending thousands of dollars. Within $3000 to $4000 price, you can purchase these diamonds with the best color grades.

  • VVS to VS Clarity is the Best Selection

Clarity chart for chocolate diamond from FL to I3 scale

The diamond clarity grade ranges from FL (Flawless) to IF (Internally Flawless). Describing a clarity grade is important because it indicates how much the surface is affected by blemishes or scratches, called diamond inclusions. In the chocolate diamonds, prefers VVS to VS clarity, where the inclusions aren't available in vast amounts.

Every buyer and you have to neglect the more inclusions on diamonds to make your gem clear and ideal. The clarity grade affects the price and appearance of the diamond. So, select it according to your budget and preference.

VVS to VS clarity is the best selection for chocolate diamonds because there are not so many inclusions, thus you can experience the real sparkle reflections. In VVS diamonds, the inclusion amounts remain only 3 to 4 in a tiny shape, which doesn't affect the light reflections. A VS clarity diamonds are also free from more inclusions on the surfaces.

From a cost friendly point of view, these clarity grades diamonds are not so expensive compared to FL or IF clarity. Flawless and Internally Flawless diamonds are costly and not so easy to get. You have to pay 10 to 20 times higher prices than VVS or VS clarity diamonds to shop for FL or IF clarity.

  • 1 to 4 Carat Weights Good Option For All Jewelry

Chocolate diamond carat weights chart ranging from 0.50 to 5.00 CT

A carat is a unit for measuring how much the diamond weights corners to angles and culet to table anatomies. The carat weight is the 1/5 part of the grams. It affects the overall costs and appearance. For example, a 1 carat diamond costs far less than a 4 carat, even in chocolate diamonds.

The selection for carat weights depends on three circumstances: 1. your preference of budget, 2. your expectations, and 3. your jewelry styles. First, two circumstances are in your control. While the last depends on the craftsmanship and service of your chosen jeweler.

The last circumstance we can solve easily and with our skilled craftsmanship. We suggest you pick 1 to 4 carat weighted chocolate diamonds for jewelry styles. For example, in brown color diamond engagement rings don't exceed 3 carat weights. While for a wedding eternity bands go with at least 4 CTW to get a beautiful appearance on your spouse's hands.

  • Excellent To Good Cut Looks Proper In Chocolate Diamonds

Cut chart for chocolate diamond in Excellent to Poor grades

The cut grade refers to girdle facet placements and pavilion surfaced depth. It decides how quickly the sparkle will reflect from the anatomy of the diamonds. In chocolate diamonds, you have to select Excellent to Good cut grades because these grades have prominent girdle faceting placements and pavilion depth.

In diamond cut grades, five types are available: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. The first three grades are good options for a brilliant appearance in casual and occasional jewelry gifts. Consider that a diamond cut affects the cost and look that might deliver a different light reflection.

As a result, in every chocolate diamond jewelry, we suggest picking Excellent to Good cut grades. These grade diamonds are easily available in lab diamonds with the best ethical practices. For that, you don't have to pay so much for breaking the Bank's Wallet to Fixed Deposit. The cheap cost and ideal quality make a customer's face smiley and happy with selecting lab-grown diamonds.

After the in-depth overview of 4cs grades in chocolate diamonds, it's time to know the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds. Many illusions prevail about these two types of brown colored diamonds. Let's clear it.

Natural V/s. Lab-grown Chocolate Diamonds: The Final Truth

Dark brown colored natural and lab-grown type chocolate diamonds

In chocolate diamonds, there are two options available: Natural and lab-grown. These diamonds have different origins, but their physical, chemical, and optical properties remain the same. Many fake news and information are spread about a lab-grown diamond.

People who think lab diamonds are just crystal typed synthetic gems then they're unaware of the benefits of these diamonds. Those people are ignorant and do not understand the importance of these ethical diamonds.

Describing the comparison between natural and lab diamonds will deliver an informational package that makes you take a perfect decision. When you purchase chocolate diamonds and have two options to choose from, natural and lab-grown, refer to the difference mentioned below.

Natural Diamonds


Lab-grown Diamonds

Under Earth’s Crust


In Artificial Laboratories



Not So Expensive

Remains Original


Influenced by the Process


Environmental Impact

Not So Severe


4cs Grades




In Every Sizes




Remains Ideal

Long Term Value

Not So More

Sometimes Absent


Always Present

Can’t Be Traced Always


Easily Traced From Origin To Finalization

Originality and Traditional

Customer’s Preference

Cost-friendly, Eco-conscious

Price Of Chocolate Diamonds

Price for chocolate diamonds in natural and lab-grown type

As per the latest invention of the chocolate diamond prices, it concluded that a price is affected by the 4Cs of diamonds and the dimensional surfaces. A 1 carat natural diamond priced between $10K to $100K with VVS1 clarity and Dark Brown shade. Meanwhile, lab diamonds of the same quality cost only $1000.

How much is the ideal cost to pay for a chocolate diamond? This is a burning question for every buyer who wishes to hold this beautiful gem in their jewelry. Like all colorless diamonds, the chocolate diamond costs depend on color, clarity, carat weights, and cut grades. Also, the diamond shape influenced the prices.

In addition, the natural and lab-grown diamond type selection affects the cost of these brown colored gems. Natural diamonds are more expensive than lab diamonds even with the same or higher color, clarity, carat weights, and cut grades.

Let's take an example of the chocolate color diamond price in natural and lab-grown, so you can decide which one will be suitable for your jewelry.










Dark Brown


$10000 - $100000




Dark Brown



Now, you are qualified and able to understand the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds. The decision is yours for selecting a traditional natural diamond or a lab-grown diamond as an ethical option for your jewelry.

Chocolate V/s. Other Fancy Color Diamonds: Everyone To Know

Colored diamonds in pink, yellow, green, red, champagne brown, blue and chocolate tint

Fancy color diamonds are not a traditional choice but are counted as modern and trending gems. These diamonds range from red to blue colors with hue intensity variations. Chocolate diamonds are known as fancy color diamonds, but what makes them to pick for jewelry? That will be disclosed in the below mentioned discussion.

You must read the differentiative points related to chocolate and other fancy color diamonds. Make sure you pick the perfect option for your engagement or wedding jewelry.

The comparison of brown chocolate and other fancy color diamonds includes some factors that should be considered when you are confused between them. Defining their uniqueness, rarity, price, market demands, color ranges, and value retention indicates which one will be a perfect selection.

Let's figure out it together.

1. Color Ranges

A chocolate diamond color ranges from a rich brown shade that offers brilliant light reflections. They have light to dark brown color options, making them more valuable and fabulous to pick for an engagement ring or anniversary necklace gift. Want to make your diamond jewelry more stunning? Pick at least a dark brown color that looks fantastic with sunlight.

While other fancy color diamond choices are yellow, white, pink, champagne, blue, and black diamonds. All these diamonds have a faint to fancy dark color range that looks elegant and beautiful on the jewelry. Every colored diamond has its own grading scale and rarity.

2. Rarity Level

The rarity level of chocolate diamonds is on the top among other fancy colored diamonds. These diamonds are 10000 times scarce to be mined from a particular source of natural mines. Brown rough mined diamonds are not as easily available as yellow or black diamonds. That's why it delivers a unique appearance to the wearer's personality.

In other fancy color diamonds, except brown chocolate diamonds, red and green hue gems are scarce to be mined from the earth. As a result, they have higher prices and quality than yellow or pink diamonds. Due to tough chances to get red or green diamonds organically, they retain a value always. That's why they have been selected in the women's pendants and bracelets.

3. Market Demands

In recent years, chocolate diamonds have successfully secured their global demands. Due to their dark, rich shade of brown in an anatomical structure that appeals to a unique appearance. That's why especially newly engaged couples prefers it as an option for pink diamonds.

Other fancy color diamonds market demands are significantly increased simultaneously. But, it depends on the customer's choice and addiction to the fancy color diamonds. Usually, these diamonds are selected for wedding jewelry, but after their versatile appearance, they're also picked for engagement rings.

Not only for an engagement ring jewelry found with the fancy colors. But a tennis bracelet or choker necklace is made with colored diamond combinations like yellow, champagne, blue, pink, olive, black, and orange hues. Yellow gold and rose gold materials are mostly selected with these cognac colored diamonds jewelry.

4. Price

Mined chocolate diamonds are cheaper than the rarest diamonds like red or orange. So, it has been an excellent choice to pick as a cost-friendly option for experiencing the highlighted color intensity in the jewelry. In chocolate diamonds, you don't have to pay as much as red colored diamonds even with the same clarity grades, cut and carat weights.

Except for these brown diamonds, other diamonds' price depends on their color intensity and rarity. Some colored diamonds are extraordinary and aren't easily mined from the land. So, you have to spend millions of dollars per carat. For example, red colored diamonds have the highest price, such as $100K/carat, in dark shades, and are usually affordable only to millionaires and royal people.

5. Value Retention

High quality graded chocolate diamond is successful in retaining its value. But the jewelry industry influence and fancy colored lab-grown diamonds rise makes the cost down. After a certain point of time, the natural brown diamonds are sold at 50% of their original price. The reason behind the 50% loss of the cost is the inflation and awareness of fancy colored lab-grown diamonds.

In other fancy color diamonds, pink and blue diamonds secure their original value even after 3 - 5 years of purchase. While yellow or black diamonds are sold with their 10 to 20% depreciation value to a market. If you're seeking an investment plan in colored diamonds, go with pink or blue gems with high color intensity.

Whenever the diamond's color rarity is higher, the cost also increases. So, consider this fact when purchasing a diamond from an investment point of view. Otherwise, you can select them for jewelry, too, to make you spouse's personality more adorable.

6. Personal Preference

A chocolate diamond is a good choice if you're looking for a unique sign that directly appeals to your spouse about your controlled emotions. These colored diamonds refer to the warmth and strength that makes a love relationship stable and ideal. With chocolate colored diamonds, the beautiful appearance makes your jewelry more wonderful to see and wear.

The fancy color selections are connected to their particular meaning and significance. For example, a red colored diamond is a passionate sign of a future love relationship. While a blue diamond refers to gratitude, wisdom, calmness, and royal appearance. A yellow shade diamond connected to the bright future. The romantic feelings showers from the pink colored diamonds.

Jewelry In Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamond jewelry looks so pretty because of the dark brown shade appearance. It makes the diamond's surfaces more ideal to set with the jewelry style and makes the honest personality of the wearer.

For example, the engagement ring signifies starting a new life with a fiancée, right? With a chocolate diamond engagement ring, you can boost your love life with support and love. A wedding band refers to the bright future of a love relationship and mutual trust.

You can choose to pick a matching band, bracelet, bangle, or earrings in chocolate diamonds. Every piece of jewelry has its definitions and simplification. A brown diamond pendant refers to emotional attachment with a love partner. While a bangle and bracelet indicate the support and maturity between couples. As a result, it has been selected for anniversary presents, too.

  • Engagement Rings: The Love Sign Reflector

Oval shaped chocolate diamond ring in rose gold for her

When a couple starts their love relationship, they exchange emotions and thoughts. Simultaneously, they exchange rings as a sign of commitment. You can make your promising appeal more adorable and trustful with a chocolate diamond ring because it represents the warmth and strength that is the base of every love relationship.

In chocolate diamond engagement ring, you can select a 1 to 3 carat weight in a rectangular shape like radiant, cushion, or emerald cut. While princess, cushion, and carre cut diamonds are available in square shape.

For a ring style, a halo or three-stone is a good choice. Meanwhile, a solitaire ring isn't a bad option. In addition, you can select a unique engagement ring in chocolate diamonds that reflects its distinctive appearance and delivers your emotions successfully.

The gold metal selection could affect your ring's appearance. For example, if you select a dark brown chocolate diamond ring in a halo style, white gold or platinum is a good matching option ahead of yellow gold or rose gold. Keep in mind gold has three metal variations: 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT.

  • Wedding Bands: The Unbreakable Attachment

Brilliant round cut brown chocolate colored wedding ring in gold for bride

In many sacred scriptures, a wedding is defined as a holy relationship and occasion that occurs between two love partners. It represents the strong connection and support that GOD approves. To make the wedding more ideal and memorable, diamond bands are exchanged from the bride's side to the groom, and the groom offers them to the bride.

In chocolate diamonds, wedding bands deliver an unbreakable attachment with the spouse who dedicated the remaining life to a love relationship. For wedding bands, the diamond shape is the most important factor. With that a matching metal tone also important like rose gold and yellow gold.

Usually, oval, round, radiant, cushion, and emerald cut diamonds are selected for wedding eternity band. So, if your spouse likes them, choose at least one shape or a combination of all diamonds that makes a band more adorable. Between 1.70 to 3.50 carat weights selection is better than a 5-CTW. Consider the best 4cs grades for it.

Eternity wedding bands look lovely with white gold or platinum metal. But it's not mandatory to always pick. Other options are yellow gold and rose gold, representing different definitions. A yellow gold wedding band refers to the bright future of a love relationship. The romantic love feelings showered from the rose gold wedding bands. Select it according to your preference.

  • Bracelet: Always Remains Lovely

Colored lab-grown diamond bracelet in gold for women's gift

If you are looking for the best gifts for a wedding anniversary in the form of jewelry, then a bracelet is a good choice. The bracelet with chocolate diamonds looks more stylish and gorgeous, reflecting your emotions. A tennis bracelet with a shiny touch of yellow gold makes it more luxurious and completes your intention behind offering.

Bracelet jewelry refers to the lovely selection of all time because it consistently provides a charming appearance on the hands. As a result, it has been selected for a Valentine's Day gift that refers to the emotional connections between a love partner.

The carat weight and clarity grade selection in chocolate diamond bracelets is an important task. We suggest picking at least 7 to 20-CTW (Carat Total Weight) diamonds in VVS clarity. Consider the best size for a bracelet. If you're selecting a bracelet for your wife, choose at least 6.50 to 8.00-inch lengths. For your girlfriend, go with a 5.00-inch bracelet size, according to prominent and comfortable wrist size.

Note that a bracelet size depends on the wrist size of the wearer. Consider re-mapping the wrist size with the bracelet sizer. Visit our free jewelry sizer kit for easy and accurate wrist size measurement. You can opt out of the bracelet for white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum metal, according to your choice.

Final Thoughts

Chocolate diamonds are among the most beautiful and luxurious gems adopted by royal people and millionaires. These diamonds aren't easily available in their natural type, but with the lab-grown options, they exist in every shape, size, and quality.

There are five reasons to choose chocolate diamonds that every buyer needs in their piece of jewelry. The reasons are fancy color tags, unique aesthetic appeal, versatility, symbolism and offering a different appearance. That's why it has been selected for rings or bands in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

In chocolate diamonds, the 4cs grades exist as color, clarity, carat weights, and cut. Select the best 4cs in these diamonds, as mentioned before. Contact us if you're still confused about which clarity will look perfect for your engagement ring or which carat weight is ideal for your wedding necklace. We will ensure the best possible solutions.

You can pick chocolate diamonds in brown color in natural and lab-grown diamonds. A natural diamond has more price than a lab diamond, even in the same clarity, carats, color, and cut grades. On the other hand, lab chocolate diamonds are made with the best ethical practices and have low costs.

With the comparison of chocolate and other fancy color diamonds, chocolate diamonds define their uniqueness. That makes your piece of jewelry more memorable and wonderful. As a result, a stylish and modern couple selects these brown diamonds for rings, pendants, and necklaces to make their jewelry collection more adorable.


Q1. What is Chocolate Diamond?

    A chocolate diamond is a fancy colored diamond with a dark brown surface similar to a champagne hue. These diamonds are one of the most beautiful and luxurious, delivering warmth and commitment toward a recipient. These brown diamonds are mined with their original crystal surfaces in a few places like as Argyle Mines, Australia.

    Q2. Where Chocolate Diamonds Found?

      There are four venues that provide chocolate diamonds to the globe: 1. Argyle Mines In Australia, 2. African Region, 3. Brazil, and 4. North America. Most of these brown diamonds come from Australia, where a convenient atmosphere exists to find them. Meanwhile, Canada and South Africa contribute precious and natural chocolate diamonds to the market.

      Q3. Is Chocolate Diamond Counted as Real Diamond?

        Chocolate diamond is a natural gem that is brought out from the mines. Like other fancy colored diamonds, they are 100% real due to their physical, chemical, and optical properties. GIA refers to these diamonds as "Cognac" or "Chocolate" colored gems according to their color intensity levels. They mostly come with the GIA and IGI certifications for authentication and proper evaluation.

        Q4. Is Lab-grown Chocolate Diamonds Refers To Original?

          Yes, 100%. Lab-grown chocolate diamonds are made in a controlled environment, considering the best structural and chemical properties. They're treated with fancy colored diamonds and minimal environmental footprints and ethical attributes. On the other side, natural chocolate diamonds invite conflict between regions and play a vital role in increasing inflation and unethicality.

          Q5. Are Chocolate Diamonds Looks Pretty On My Wedding Band?

            In chocolate diamonds, a wedding band looks pretty on your hand when your love partner has gifted it. Meanwhile, you can purchase it too to complete your dream of wearing a simple band with brown diamonds. The dark hue intensity of these diamonds offers a brilliant appearance that makes your personality unique from a crowd.

            Q6. Can I Select Brown Chocolate Lab Diamond For Bracelet?

              Yes, you can. The lab-grown chocolate diamond bracelet looks more glorious on your hands with the touch of yellow or rose gold. If you're searching for a gift for your wife, a lab chocolate diamond tennis bracelet is a cost-friendly choice. Consider the perfect wrist size for your love partner. We recommend selecting bracelet sizes from 5.00 to 8.50 inches according to the wrist size.

              Q7. Is Chocolate Diamond Certified With GIA or IGI?

                Chocolate diamond is certified with the GIA or IGI to know their 4cs, fluorescence, dimensions, and symmetry grades. For natural chocolate diamonds, you can get a GIA evaluation report as certification. While the IGI certification report is usually offered with chocolate lab-grown diamonds. In both these certification reports, many similarities can be found.

                Q8. How To Determine Chocolate Diamonds?

                  There are two steps to know if a diamond is in the a fancy chocolate color or not. The first step is to see the diamond certification where the color is mentioned, and if a dark brown color is described there, it's a chocolate diamond. Another step is to inspect the diamond from a professional gemologist who elaborately guides you at all levels.

                  Q9. Does Chocolate Diamond Hoop Earrings Good Choice For Birthday Gift?

                    Yes, a chocolate diamond hoop earrings is a good choice for a birthday gift for women. In these earrings you can select a variation in the small, medium and large cicumferences. Also, the prong settings offers a tangible durability to overall structure of the earrings. The yellow gold or rose gold hoop earrings can delivers your emotions to your wife. For you teenage daughter's birthday gift, select white gold or platinum metal hoop earrings in brown diamonds.

                    Q10. Can I Wear a Chocolate Diamond Bangle At My Wedding?

                      Of course, you can wear a chocolate diamond bangle at your wedding. Wearing a bangle on your hands on wedding day can turn your bride's appearance from beautiful to stunning. In many traditions, wearing diamond bangles on a wedding day delivers a shining look to a matching dress. In some traditions like India, Europe, and the USA, the bangles are offered to a bride as a family heirloom.

                      Q11. Is 5.75 US Ring Size Heavy For Chocolate Diamond Ring?

                        The 5.75 US ring size isn't heavy for a chocolate diamond ring, but it looks precious on the hands. In a 5.75 US sized ring, your personality appears pretty; consider the rose gold and 2.50-carat weights. Every diamond jeweler insists on measuring the ring size measurement with the chart before the purchase.

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