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Why Ethical Jewelry Is The Boon For Human Society and Environment

Ethical oval diamond ring jewelry appearance

In every love relationship, jewelry has offered as the endearment and commitment sign from both sides. There’s nothing wrong with selecting ethical jewelry for your love partner. You can reveal your feelings and emotional attachment towards your fiancee or girlfriend by presenting jewelry.

Before you move with ethical jewelry as your love signature, you must understand why this kind of jewelry suddenly recognizes worlwide. We will discuss it in-depth that clears your doubts regarding the ethical jewelry.

In the jewelry industry, a black hole exists that contains the calamities like conflict between humans, poor working conditions, violations of fundamental rights for human beings, child labor, not paying prominent remunerations, and many more.

In this article, We will discuss ethical jewelry's meaning, its significance in today's world, reasons to select it, benefits, and how it still maintains the same quality as authentic jewelry. As a responsible human being of the planet, you want to offer blemishes-free jewelry to your love partner without harming nature and ecosystems.

Thus, an ethical type of jewelry will help you contribute your share towards a sustainable and green planet that is essential for future generations. The selection of ethical jewelry offers a precious appearance to the bride, fiancee, or girlfriends. But this jewelry provides more value, and proud to contribute the share for a better and hygienic environment.

Let’s start the journey to explore ethical jewelry; essential facts make it a priority in the selection.

What is Ethical Jewelry?

Ethical jewelry is the pieces of traceable ornament that represent the overall scenario of sourcing and providing it to the customer’s hands. In this jewelry, you can understand in which mines or process the stones and materials are made following all norms and standards.

Desire to know which is the ethical jewelry from 100 pieces of ornaments, then you have to pay attention to three factors: in which process the diamonds or stones are grown, are the materials recycled materials used, and are made with solar and renewable energy ahead of electricity usage.

Ethical jewelry meaning and its benefits to society and environment

Using only solar energy and recycled materials to certify the jewelry is ethical; it’s insufficient to consider. Still, with that, they have to follow best practices manufacturing environment for laborers, reduce the usage of water and resources, contribute minimum carbon footprint to the ecosystem, and complete a duty for corporate social responsibility.

In other words, ethical jewelry contains the sustainability factor that shows from sourcing to final approval; the manufacturing process follows all norms and regulations. These regulations represent the ideal working conditions for workers, reduce deforestation risks, and release a less footprint on the environment and ecosystems.

Thus, choosing a piece of ethical jewelry includes the best and fair practices in the supply chain, which is easily traceable rather than a traditional supply cycle. The traditional supply chain for jewelry includes many risks and calamities for human societies, like conflict and civil wars.

In the traditional supply chain, workers maybe can’t be able to get proper compensation for their work and take maximum exploitation of them, not have a space for freedom or speaking, and reduced soil fertility. All these attributes of the traditional supply chain, directly and indirectly, affect the ecosystems and biodiversity chain.

Is Ethical Jewelry Differing From Sustainable Jewelry?

No, they’re no different from each other. But ethical and sustainable jewelry is the two sides of coins as Heads or Tails. Ethical jewelry refers to providing better working conditions to workers, following all regulations and terms for sourcing to the manufacturing chain. In addition, this jewelry includes traceability of jewelry pieces and not contributing to a civil war and illegal practices of human trafficking.

The benefits of ethical and sustainable jewelry with their comparison

While sustainable jewelry is known for its less footprint on the environment and biodiversity chain. This kind of jewelry is manufactured to consider its impact on the earth. For making sustainable jewelry, the manufacturers maximize their efforts to release minimal effects on the earth from the sourcing to reaching customer's hands. 

Why Are Ethical Jewelry Required For Planet and Society?

From the current scenario of the jewelry industry, ethical jewelry is required for the planet and society due to its benefits over traditional jewelry. Selecting ethical jewelry is beneficial for all lives because it reduces the risks of deforestation, pollution impacts, disturbing the ecosystems, and soil degradation. This jewelry are made with using recycled resources like solar energy.

Reasons to prefers only ethical jewelry for your all occasions

Showing the social benefits of selecting ethical jewelry includes providing better working conditions to workers, offering a prominent and ideal remuneration for their work, equality, and respect for their fundamental rights.

Manufacturing ethical jewelry isn’t socially harmful or invites calamities, but it reduces the risks for human society as well as planet. As a result, this jewelry is demanded for engagements, weddings, promises, and statement occasions.

How Ethical Jewelry Made?

Ethical jewelry is made using recycled metals and materials without performing to harm the ecosystem and the environment. Also, this jewelry maintains the ideal quality as the traditional jewelry. In the manufacturing of ethical jewelry mostly, lab grown diamonds are used because of their less environmental footprint and identical structure as the mined diamond.

Solar and renewable energy is used for making special ethical jewelry rather than taking the help of electricity. This indirectly reduces the weightage of the electricity supply and saves the coals to be mined. That's why in ethical jewelry, solar and renewable energy are used.
Ethical jewelry making chain and materials that has been used

While talking about the metals used in the ethical jewelry manufacturing process is refined and pure, which increases the appearance and value of the ornament. Refined gold is recycled gold, which is melted from the existing gold without losing its characteristics and attributes.

This kind of manner reduces the gold mining weightage from the mines and reduces the risks of unethical practices that directly invite hazards for human society. As a result, the refined gold is used in the ethical jewelry.

How To Identify The Ethical Jewelry?

To identify ethical jewelry, first know the source and traceability of the stone and material used in manufacturing. By knowing the source of the stone, you can get an idea about how it is made and which norms are followed for making beautiful ethical jewelry.

We're using recycled or refined gold made from melting existing gold jewelry. This gold metal neither loses its natural appearance nor quality in any circumstance. Meanwhile, selecting recycled gold metal in ethical jewelry reduces the risk of gold mining directly.

We give our branded certificate to your ethical jewelry for describing its quality. From the certification, you can know your ethical piece of jewelry is made within the regulations and statutory laws. We're offering authenticated purchase experience to you by choosing ethical jewelry from Ouros Jewels.

Which Kind Of Ethical Jewelry is Available In the Market?

In ethical jewelry, five kinds of jewelry are available engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Meanwhile, you can select a wedding necklace maybe that is made with ethical practices in lab-grown diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are primarily used for making ethical jewelry for women and men.

It’s your call to choose this kind of jewelry to celebrate love and endearment moments without harming the environment and taking pride in offering ethical jewelry. You can choose similar quality as traditional jewelry, but with ethical jewelry, you prefers to move with the eco-friendliness that directly contributes to a better environment.

Let’s see the appearance of ethical jewelry made with lab-grown diamonds and using recycled or refined gold and solar energy.

  • Ethical Diamond Engagement Ring

For revealing an overwhelming commitment to your love partner, then an ethical diamond engagement ring is a good choice with recycled gold. In ethical diamond rings, all kinds of ring styles are available: halo, vintage, three-stone, solitaire, and Toi et Moi. You can select 1 to 10-carat lab-grown diamonds in ethical engagement rings according to your budget and your spouse’s preferences.

For example, if you have a $1500 budget for buying engagement rings in 18KT Gold, then ethical engagement rings are available for selection. In ethical diamond rings (mostly lab diamonds), you can choose brilliant cuts or fancy shapes coherence to ring designs. The round, oval, or emerald cuts are ideal for halo ring designs due to their diamond symmetry balance and grade.

Round cut ethical lab grown diamond halo engagement ring in 14KT rose gold with shared surface prong setrings

While for solitaire rings, you can go with a radiant, cushion, pear (teardrop), heart, or princess cut diamond shapes. Need a customized cut ethical diamond shape; then this option is available exclusively at Ouros Jewels. Take a look at our antique cut diamonds, which sustain ideal quality.

  • Ethical Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are known for their brilliant appearance and glamorous looks for the wearer. But, with ethically sourced and made diamond earrings, you can add extra value and emotional touch for your love partner because it never invites calamities or conflict for human society. Thus, you can gift these diamond earrings as birthday, marriage or engagement anniversary to your love.

In ethical diamond earrings, the manufacturing process follows all the norms and minimizes the carbon footprint on the health of workers and the planet. In ethically made earrings for women, recycled gold and materials are used, reducing pollution hazards.

There is a choice to select 10KT/14KT/18KT gold metal as a refined gold in the ethical earrings jewelry. In that, you have the option to choose yellow, rose, and white gold tones. Also, you can select 950 platinum metal. While the color, clarity, carat, and cut grade still remain in ideal quality.

0.80 CTW round cut ethical lab grown diamond hoop earrings with 14KT gold and lever back style

If you are looking for sustainable jewelry for your girlfriend in the form of diamond stud earrings, then you have four options in designs as hoop, stud, drop, and dangle. All these earrings designs are offered on different occasions, but it’s the your call at which moment they want to present the ethical earrings to their love partner.

A hoop designed earrings are suitable for birthday or wedding anniversary presents for women. While stud earrings style is presented as an engagement sign to the fiancee because it has prongs and screw back closures. The drop and dangle earrings made with ethical diamonds have length and width, offered as the promise or statement for a love relationship.

  • Ethical Diamond Bracelet Jewelry

Bracelet jewelry is counted as a charm and provides a captivating appearance to the wearing person. Men purchase the tennis bracelet for their spouse because this designed bracelet is gorgeous and suits to women. A bracelet made with ethical diamonds and process that offers an honor from wearing to saving natural resources.

The ethical diamond bracelet jewelry is available in all kinds of metals like silver, gold, and platinum. The metal is made with a recycling process that prevents the mining process and offers a refined, identical appearance.

4.40 CTW round cut lab grown diamond tennis bracelet as ethical jewelry choice with 5.30 inches and 14KT white gold in VS clarity and E color

With the ethical diamond bracelet, you can save money and contribute your share to the sustainability of the environment. In ethical bracelet jewelry, solar energy is consumed for manufacturing, decreasing the load of electricity usage.

Made with renewable energy, the bracelet still looks exquisite in the hands of a spouse. As a result, you don’t hesitate to purchase lab diamond bracelets, a form of ethical jewelry.

The price for a lab diamond bracelet depends on the color, clarity, carat, cut, design or style, metal tone, or purity. For example, a 4.40 carat weighted round lab grown diamond tennis bracelet priced at $2190 with VS clarity, EF color grade, and 14KT White Gold.

Another side, if you want to buy a 2 carat ethical diamond bracelet for your wife in 18KT Gold with EF color and VVS clarity, then the price should be $1300 to $2000. The cost depends on how much length in inches you prefers for bracelet.

  • Lab Grown Diamond Pendant Ethical Jewelry

Pendant jewelry is a choice for a necklace because it also wears around the neck. The lab-grown diamond pendant is counted as ethical jewelry when it is made with solar and renewable energy.

The pendant has designs like charms, statements, halo, teardrops, lockets, solitaire, crosses, and infinity. A solitaire pendant is a good selection with ethically sourced lab-grown diamonds and metal tones/purity.

Round cut lab grown diamond pendant in 14KT white gold

By choosing ethical pendant jewelry, you have proven that you’re a responsible human being for not involving in the causes of pollution and deforestation. 

The 1-carat ethical diamond pendant price is $970 in 10KT White/Rose/White Gold. You can choose Rose or Yellow Gold tone and 14KT or 18KT purity. For selecting an 18KT recycled gold pendant jewelry, you have to pay $1345 price for a 1-carat lab-grown round diamond. While you can choose a princess or Asscher cut diamonds for the solitaire pendants according to the ideal quality.

See Ethical Jewelry Made With Lab-Grown Diamonds


For selecting ethical jewelry for your love partner, you can proudly say, “You’re not involved in harming nature’s ecosystem and contamination increment. But you’re reducing the risks of pollution and an unbalanced biodiversity cycle."

Most importantly, you can find traceability in ethical jewelry, while in traditional jewelry (made with mined diamonds), there’s a lack of the source maybe. But now, the mining company emphasizes cooperating with traceability.

Ethical jewelry made using solar energy and recycled gold metal helps nature sustain its unbalanced chain. When selecting ethical jewelry for marriage or engagement, that makes sense to contribute a share to regaining the sterile environment and social justice for workers involved in the jewelry industry.

When buying ethical jewelry such as engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, and pendants, then consider inspecting the certifications. The certifications allow you to acknowledge how accurately the sourcing to manufacturing cycle is completed.

Also, buying ethical jewelry from a certified jeweler shows a decent supply chain not involved in illegal activities and provisions.


Q1. Is ethical jewelry real and authentic?

    Ans. The ethical jewelry is 100% real and authenticated by the organizations like GIA, and IGI. The sourcing and manufacturing process of ethical jewelry occurs from considering the environmental effects, securing the lives of workers and their families. This kind of jewelry is appreciated and accepted for the environment and atmosphere.

    Q2. What is the price for ethical jewelry?

      Ans. The ethical jewelry price starts from $380 to $2190, depending on the quality and designs of jewelry that you choose. You can purchase engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings and pendants within this price range. The price of ethical jewelry depends on the color, clarity, carat, cut, designs, and metal tone/purity selections. Thus, if you need high quality ethical jewelry, you have to pay more.

      Q3. Do ethical diamonds have 4cs grades?

        Ans. Talking about a lab-grown ethical diamonds, they have 4cs grades as color, clarity, carat, and cut. The 4cs of diamonds help to evaluate the stone's appearance and decide the actual price. Ethical diamonds are made from solar energy and recycled materials; still, it has the 4cs grades. Thus, when you select ethical diamonds, pay the price according to the 4cs grades.

        Q4. Is ethical jewelry counted as eco-friendly?

          Ans. Ethical jewelry is eco-friendly because following fair trade practices for using recycled materials in manufacturing and does not invite conflicts in human societies. Lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold or silver metal are real examples of ethical jewelry that contribute a good part to the environment and maintain sustainability.

          Q5. Can ethical jewelry long lasting ornament?

            Ans. The durability of ethical jewelry is everlasting, as your love relationship never breaks. Ethical jewelry is a long lasting ornament that could be offered as an engagement, promise, or wedding occasion to love partners. You can choose ethical diamond jewelry to reveal the love feelings and attachment in front of your spouse.

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