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Explore the Natural Beauty of March Birthstone: Aquamarine

[What Is March Birthstone: Aquamarine]-[ouros jewels]

Look into the beauty of Aquamarine, March's birthstone, understood for its beautiful blue and green colors that mirror the sea. Aquamarine, known for its clarity and calming tones, represents peace and safety. This gemstone is popular in jewelry and is ideal for people born in March or everyone drawn to its relaxing aura. In our article, we'll go over the basics of aquamarine, from its history and symbolism to how to choose the ideal piece for your collection. Discover the charm of Aquamarine and let its elegance captivate you.

What Is March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the birthstone for those born in March. It's a lovely jewel with blue and green tones reminiscent of the sea. The word "aquamarine" means "sea water" in Latin, and it perfectly reflects its beautiful colors. People love aquamarine for its clean, translucent look. It is commonly used in jewelry, including as rings, necklaces, and earrings, to provide a sense of elegance and beauty.

  • Aquamarine Color: This color range includes light sky blue, deep sea blue, and occasionally green tones. This makes it resemble water.
  • Aquamarine Hardness: Mohs hardness range of 7.5 to 8. This indicates that it is strong and suitable for daily use.
  • Meaning: The color aquamarine represents peace, happiness, and the sea. It is said to keep sailors safe, make marriages happier, and give the person wearing it bravery and the ability to see ahead.
  • Special Occasion: It's the particular stone for the 19th wedding anniversary, reflecting enduring love and a new beginning. 

Aquamarine is more than simply a beautiful color; it also represents peace and quiet. It is thought to help individuals who wear it achieve peace and harmony. With its soothing colors, aquamarine is a favorite choice for anyone looking to add a serene and stylish touch to their look. Ideal for March birthdays or everyone who enjoys the soothing hues of the ocean, aquamarine is a gem that combines beauty with a sense of peace.

March Birthstone Aquamarine History

March's birthstone aquamarine has a rich history rooted in its name,  which highlights its sea-blue color, means "sea water" in Latin. Sailors believed this stone could keep them safe and calm the sea a long time ago. It was also considered to bring happiness into marriages and protect people in arguments and while dealing with legal issues. People thought it made you smarter, friendly, and strong.

[March Birthstone Aquamarine History]-[ouros jewels]

Aquamarine is a popular present for 19th wedding anniversaries, not just for people born in March. In 1936, Eleanor Roosevelt received one of the most well-known aquamarines from Brazil. This stunning rectangle-shaped dark blue stone has a weight of 1,298 carats. It was carved from an enormous, roughly 2.9-pound aquamarine stone. The Dom Pedro Aquamarine at the Smithsonian Institution is another well-known aquamarine; it is considered simply the biggest cut aquamarine world. It is around 14 inches tall and weighs 10,363 carats. applying a unique cutting method to provide an attractive look.

Where Can You Find Aquamarine?

The beautiful birthstone for March is aquamarine, which can be found all around the world. Because of the mining of some of the largest and most magnificent aquamarine stones, Brazil is in the spotlight. However, the search for this peaceful blue stone doesn't stop there; aquamarine is also popular in Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan, and even some areas of the United States, including Colorado.

An aquamarine gem's rich, bright blue color and sparkling clarity are what really set it apart. Regardless of where they came from, these stones perfectly represent the expanse of the sky and the depths of the water. So, when admiring the beauty of an aquamarine, keep in mind that the quality of the color and clarity is more important than the location where it was found.

How to Buy March Birthstone Aquamarine Jewelry

[How to Buy March Birthstone Aquamarine Jewelry]-[ouros jewels]
Aspect Details
Aquamarine Color Choose aquamarine color for brilliant blue or blue-green. The best ones are perfectly deep blue.
Aquamarine Clarity Select clean stones with no markings or bits within. Aquamarines typically appear very transparent, which makes them attractive.
Aquamarine Cut Find a perfect aquamarine cut that highlights the aquamarine's blue color and sparkle. Common shapes include Emerald, Round, and oval. Choose what is best for you.
Aquamarine Size Generally speaking, larger stones offer higher value. Consider what size looks best and meets your budget.
Choose Metal Silver or white metals, such as white gold, make the blue shine out. Gold may also work well for contrast. It's all about what you prefer.
Great Deal Buy from stores that can show their stones are real. This means you're getting the true thing.
Aquamarine Care Inquire about how to keep your jewelry looking beautiful. It's best to know how to take care of it even though it's strong.
Aquamarine Price Consider how much you want to spend. Prices might vary greatly depending on quality and size, so select something affordable.
Returns & Warranty Make sure you can return it if required, and see whether it comes with a warranty. This is essential for purchasing something unique such as gemstone jewelry, without hesitation.


Aquamarine, March's birthstone, has amazing blue and green tones that resemble the sea, representing peace and protection. Its transparent clarity makes it ideal for jewelry and adds beauty. Historically, it was thought to bring happiness into marriages and protect seafarers. Brazil is a major source, but it also exists in Madagascar, Nigeria, and the United States. When purchasing aquamarine jewelry, consider color, clarity, and cut. With careful care, aquamarine jewelry can withstand everyday use, making it a treasured symbol of serenity and joy for March birthdays and beyond.

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Q1. What does "aquamarine" mean?

Ans.Aquamarine is the March birthstone, symbolizing serenity, peace, and the beauty of clean water. It is considered to protect individuals who wear it, giving them courage and happiness. This stone is ideal for those looking to bring some peace and safety into their lives.

Q2. Is aquamarine suitable for daily use?

Ans. Yes, you can. Aquamarine is quite durable and can withstand daily use. Simply take it off if you're undertaking strong physical activity to avoid scratches.

Q3. If my aquamarine is real, how can I tell?

Ans.  Real aquamarine has a light blue to greenish-blue color and is often exceedingly transparent, with hardly any marks or spots inside. It should also shimmer well in the light. If you're not sure, have a jewelry specialist evaluate it for you.

Q4. How much does aquamarine jewelry cost?

Ans. The aquamarine jewelry cost may differ greatly based on the size and clarity of the stone, as well as the material used in the jewelry. Smaller or less clear stones can be less expensive, but larger, brighter stones or those set in fancy metals may cost more.

Q5. How do I care for aquamarine jewelry?

Ans.  To remove dirt, wash it with mild soap and warm water, then scrub with a soft brush. Wash well and dry with a soft cloth. Keep it away from strong chemicals and temperatures.

Q6. Q6. What is the Best Engagement Ring for March?

Ans. Looking for the ideal engagement ring for a March proposal? Dive into the stunning March birthstone rings! Explore gorgeous aquamarine rings, perfect for expressing your love and commitment.

Q7. Which Birthstone is March?

Ans. Thinking about March's birthstone? Look no farther than blue! This stunning gemstone, with its peaceful blue hues, symbolizes boldness, clarity, and harmony. Discover the importance and elegance of aquamarine, the March birthstone.

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