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What Is A Black Diamond? Everything You Need To Understand

[What Is A Black Diamond? Everything You Need To Understand]-[ouros jewels]

"Black diamond is a fancy colored gem that refers to the mystical power and additional benefits from showing its exclusive sparkle reflection that adorns every jewelry design beautifully and makes it meaningful. The formation of black diamonds is thanks to the "Carbonados" content that releases inclusions in these gems that turn the crystal into opaque surfaces. These colored diamonds are vastly made in the laboratory with the best ethical practices, but their natural diamonds have more value and a prestigious appearance."

Every diamond has its own color and intensity, influencing it to be a colorless or fancy-colored gem. In diamonds, the versatility of their fancy color makes them precious, glorious, and prestigious. The fancy color diamonds are available in pink, yellow, blue, red, olive, brown chocolate, green, and champagne. These diamond color shades range from light to fancy dark, as per GIA's color grade chart.

But do you know which diamond has only one color grade that even counts as a fancy color diamond? A "Black Diamond" carries a solo hue variation measured as a fancy color. Do you have a question: what makes the diamond black? In these opaque surfaced diamonds, inclusions exist that do not allow any fancy colors to be reflected internally and externally. 

Black diamonds are known as "Carbonados," the toughest form of the natural diamond. The Carbonados is a unique and unusual polycrystalline structure that turns white gemstones into blacks. The formation of these gems is totally natural and has occurred in the Earth's crust from 1.6 to 3.8 billion years ago. So why they can't be counted as the rarest and most valuable gems ever?

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Comparing the price of black diamonds to other natural fancy colored diamonds like pink, blue, or yellow colored gems, a black opaque surfaced diamond has the lowest price. The reason behind the cheap price is their inclusions existing in the crystal lattice structure. But, the precious and rare diamond costs remain $100K/carat depending on the overall clarity, carat weights, and rarity.

Just a few diamond connoisseurs and jewelry enthusiast demands black diamonds, and it's not popular as a white or blue gem. As a result, the less demand for features, the lower price. Meanwhile, the treated black diamond is a good option ahead of the natural one. These gems have identical chemical, optical, and crystal structures. Their symmetrical balances also remain as same.

So, in this article, we will see what black diamonds are and how they are made on Earth. Also, we look into the history of these opaque surfaced gems and the most famous jewelry made with precious natural rare black colored stones. These diamonds are mostly used in engagement rings and solitaire gold pendants. Meanwhile, other jewelry styles adopt these diamonds for making the appearance more memorable and beautiful.

Here all the details are described related to the black diamonds. Before shopping for black gems in natural or lab-grown diamonds, read this article first. If you're an expert diamond connoisseur or don't know about theirs properties and characteristics, we will educate you here. Thus, make yourself educated with us.

What Are Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds contain the element "Carbonados," the unique type of diamond that sets these stones apart from traditional colorless and fancy colored diamonds. Due to the opaque surface and symmetrical structure, mystery and elegance exude from these rare colored stones. The vibrancy of reflection and sparkle integrity make a black diamond one of the most famous gems among all the fancy diamonds.

The graphite inclusions influence the diamond crystal to transform into a black color. As a result, the sparkle reflection of this stone is more faint than a typical white-colored diamond. Due to no variation in the colors, such as light to fancy intense or dark hues, the black diamond only remains as "Black."

The color grading of the black diamonds is different from the fancy colored grading scales, where it ranges from faint to fancy darker ones. But the they feature only one color grade, a “Fancy Black,” neither faint nor fancy dark, as simple as that. Thus, still having only a single color range, these diamonds are part of the fancy-colored diamonds family.

The luster effect in black colored diamonds apart them from typical white-colored stones. The shining edge of these diamonds indicates they have a different light reflection ability and provide an elegant appearance to the eyes. Due to the diamond inclusions in the symmetrical balance, the sparkle does not easily come out from the black stone, but jewelry enthusiasts still pick these opaque colored gems for vintage necklace and tennis bracelets.

The diamond shape selection for fancy black diamond is important because the different symmetrical structure affects the overall stone's sparkle. For example, a cushion cut black diamond offer more intense light than a princess, and a round cut. While a emerald cut is the best option than a cropped cornered radiant if you opted it for the solitaire engagement rings.

How Black Diamonds Are Formed In Earth?

Meteorites on the earth with more heat and pressure

Black Diamonds are formed under the earth from graphite inclusions and random clustering of trace elements like pyrite and hematite. These elements found in the diamonds in every counterpart that make it completely opaque surfaced. The crystal lattice structure of the diamond is covered by these elements and it is the original formation of this fancy color diamond, and it can be accepted across the globe.

While other interpretation of these colored stones remains mystical and interesting. They're believed to be meteorites that accidentally fell on the earth millions of years ago and converted into crystal surfaces through intense heat and pressure.

When these meteorites landed on the Earth, they had a carbon cluster, the most essential feature for diamond formation. So, these meteorites collided to earth's atmoshphere with more heat, pressure, and temperature. The carbon atoms started to form a crystal structure in black color. In this process, the graphite element inclusions turned stone into a black diamond.

While talking about finding the most precious natural black diamond, it’s scarce to grab from the earth’s crust. Also, these rare colored gemstones are founded in 3 to 4 worldwide locations like Central America, Brazil, and the Central African Republic.

In contrast, white and other fancy colored natural diamonds (Except Black) are primarily found in every part of the world. That’s why black diamonds are undoubtedly placed on the rare gemstones list. Also, to make natural black diamond jewelry beautiful and meaningful, the cost starts from $100K to $500k, as per the chosen qualities, jewelry designs, and gold metal contents.

The History of Black Diamonds

Many beliefs, myths, and symbolism have surrounded the history of black diamonds. History says that in ancient times, these colored stones were used to gain supernatural powers to take control over evil spirits. Due to its intense opaque surfaces, the black color diamonds referred to strength, courage, energy, and self-belief.

In Indian Culture, black diamonds were worn on pendants and rings because they counted as a victory and success sign. Many warriors and kings were founded with black diamond jewelry on the battlefield. In addition, this colored gemstone, known as the creativity and imagination sign, helps to walk on the success path more confidently.

As a result, couples exchanged black diamond promise rings to imagine a better future love life. Meanwhile, the promise rings refer to the loyalty, commitment, and supportive nature between two individuals. Wearing black diamonds in rings or jewelry features many benefits to the recipient and offerer, too.

Recently, these diamonds are started to gain popularity due to their opaque surface and captivating luster effects than other fancy colored diamonds. Many Hollywood Celebrities are worn black diamond rings that signify an elegance and sophisticated appearance.

Aside from celebrities now, fashion forward couples prefer a square princess cut or modern emerald cut black diamond engagement ring to make a bold statement to their spouse.

There are plenty of shapes to choose from at your convenience. Suppose if you want square cut diamonds; a princess or cushion shape is available to offer a versatile reflection on your jewelry. Meanwhile, the emerald or radiant cut shape remains the first choice for a big appearance on the engagement or necklace. For constant brilliance, go with the round brilliant cut diamond, whether a 1.00 carat weight or a 5.00 carat.

Famous Black Diamonds and Jewelry

The black diamond has surpassed many thousands of centuries on the earth and has been interestingly chosen in beautiful jewelry pieces throughout history. In the list of the most famous diamonds, three core stones can be found as:

  1. The Black Orlov diamond
  2. Black Amsterdam Diamond,
  3. Spirit of Grisogono: The Black Gem

These diamonds have their own identity, specialty and appearance that makes them different from other stones. 

1. The Black Orlov Diamond: The Eye Of Sacred God BRAHMA, Godfather of Hinduism

The most famous black diamond is the "Black Orlov Diamond," known as the Eye of the Sacred God of Brahma. As per Hindu Literature, the God Brahma is the Creator of the Universe due to their superpower and kindness. The Black Orlov diamond had a 195 carat rough weight, while after its recut process, it only weighed 67.50 carats. Due to skilled and expert craftsmanship, the stone formed in the octagonal cushion shape with swallowed crown anatomy.

This black diamond was founded in the early part of the 19th century in India and it was stolen from the Statue of God Brahma’s Idol in India's Puducherry (Now it's Union Territory Of India).

Black orlov diamond the eye of Sacred Brahma

According to Legend, a Holy Monk stole the Black Orlov diamond from the temple, and from then, this stone had carried many unimagined and strange incidents with itself. Who owns this mysterious diamond they founded dead or trap in the problems which can't be solved.

For example, in 1932, the diamond merchant of this 67.50 carat weighted  cushion cut diamond, J.W. Paris, committed suicide by jumping from a New York skyscraper. The merchant wanted to offer this black diamond to America, but he died unnaturally.

After his death, the diamond reached to the two Russian Princesses named Nadia Vygin-Orlov. They both died from the jumped the high rise building after gained this black diamond. After their death, this diamond is recognized as the Orlov diamond.

Now, this diamond is displayed at the American Museum Of Natural History in New York City and the Natural History Museum In London. This diamond is property of government and it can be well maintained under the most secure atmoshpherer.

Now, this diamond is displayed at the American Museum Of Natural History in New York City and the Natural History Museum In London. This diamond is the government's property and can be well maintained in the most secure atmosphere. There was a belief that after 2004, the curse of this precious diamond was broken.

2. Black Amsterdam Diamond: The Pear-shaped Diamond

In 1972, in South Africa mine, a 55.85 rough carat weighted opaque surface gem was found, and after diamond polishing, it was made in the 33.74 carats with pear-shaped. This fancy black pear shaped diamond has a perfect symmetrical placemements from expert diamond crafters. The diamond polishers named this colored gemstone "Black Amsterdam Diamond," where it was originally cut.

33.74-carat weighted pear shape black Amsterdam diamond

Amsterdam city is known as the city of diamonds, and this beautiful stone came out from there. Now, this 33.74 carat fancy black pear diamond is placed in the center of the halo pendant with 15 brilliant round cut white diamonds.

3. Spirit of The Grisogono: The 312.24 carat weighted Black Diamond

Mogul cut round diamond with perfect symmetrical balance formation internally and externally

This elegant stone has a 312.24 carat weight, the largest fancy black diamond with a flat table surfaced round shape. This diamond is the fifth numbered largest stone in the world. When this valuable black gem was found in Central Africa, it had a 587 rough carat weight that looked massive and unimagined.

The Swiss Jeweler, "Grisogono," cut and polished this black diamond using the Coster process and made a round cut diamond with 312.24 carats. This stunning fancy black gem has Mogul Cut Style Diamond that has flat table surface and beautiful luster reflection from the pavilion anatomy.

This diamond is placed in the white gold statement ring that is truly luxurious and it's a now porperty of Damac Group Of Dubai. In this ring, the Grisogono diamond is set on the structure and the ring's band is fill with 702 small-sized white-colored diamonds in 36.69-carat weights.

The Fashionista Trend For Fancy Black Diamonds

Due to their opaque surface and shining luster black diamonds are consistently increased in demand. Many designers and jewelers still craft this black beauty in engagement rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. The fashion industry is blessed with fancy black diamonds because of their captivating appearance, different from other colored and colorless gemstones.

Also, these diamonds have mostly appeared on the red-carpets and awards ceremonies where celebrities shower their glorious appearance with beautiful jewelry. While you can find black diamond jewelry at affordable costs online in e-commerce stores and offer it to love partners as a sign of modern endearment.

You can opt for a treated lab diamond black diamond ring, anniversary pendant, or Valentine’s Day bracelet gift with a yellow or rose gold metal to your spouse. Simultaneously, the stud and hoop earrings style suits the least 1.50 carat weighted black diamonds and 1-carat colorless stones that offer an exquisite combined appearance.

The Rarity and Value of Black Diamonds

Natural black diamonds are rare in their originality because these colored gems are founded in probably 3 to 4 places worldwide. Their scarcity fills more value to the overall structure and offers such a beautiful opaque surface. There are many few collectors and connoisseurs of the fancy black diamonds that originated from mines.

The cost of black diamonds depends on size, carat weights, cut, and clarity grades. The large carat weighted and ideal clarity grade diamond has more price than a small carat. Also, the cut type influences the overall cost of the diamond because it enhances brilliance and beauty.

The cheap cost for black diamonds can be found in the treated lab-grown diamonds because they’re not mined, so the overhead and direct expenses are reduced. The ultimate benefit is grabbing a lower price with treated black diamonds. But the quality remains excellent that you expect from that diamond.

Here is the price distribution chart for natural and man-made black diamonds.

Type Carat Cut/Shape Clarity Durability Price



Brilliant Cut Pear






Brilliant Cut Pear



$20000 (Approx.)

Keep in mind to buy black colored diamonds from ethically sourced and reputable jewelers that offers an unbiased evaluation by offering the certifications. Recently, many counterfeits and unethically made simple crystals have been made and sold as black diamonds. So, ensure that you purchased the black gemstone with the GIA or IGI certification, whether it’s a natural or lab-grown diamond.

Natural V/s. Treated/Man-Made Black Diamonds: The Choice

Natural black diamonds contain "Carbonodas" that turn crystals into an opaque surface that looks precious and integral in jewelry. In natural diamonds, graphite inclusions, pyrite, and hematite content make the stone darker and untransparent. Meanwhile, treated black diamonds are processed under certain procedures (irradiation) that grab a dark black color from intense heat and pressure. 

When you desire to offer a power, integrity, and commitment to your spouse and love relationship with black diamonds, there are two choices: 1. Natural Fancy Black Diamonds, and 2. Treated Fancy Black Gems. The appearance of the natural and treated diamonds is similar, but the cost and their origin is different.

So, if you prioritize quality over cost, a natural diamond is the best choice. In contrast, you want the same quality as natural ones but want to spend less money then treated or man-made diamonds await you. Man-made diamonds are known as lab-grown diamonds and identical selections rather than other synthetic stones like moissanite and cubic zirconia.

The treated fancy black diamonds are made from a white colored stone using irradiation or heat that influences the crystal structure to provide a black shade. Due to intense heat and irradiation, the black hue starts to spread to all counterparts of the stones. These diamonds are a cheaper and more affordable option than a natural diamond.

Natural vs. Treated/Lab-grown black diamond comparison with different factors

The durability of natural and treated diamonds are on the same level, 10/10, because they have an identical crystal form, Carbon. So, if you’re concerned about the treated black diamond’s quality, then understand these diamonds have 100% durability.

Without any doubts, you can select them for pendants, vintage-inspired necklaces, or maybe for a commitment ring for her. Ensure that you’re purchasing the diamonds from a trustworthy and reputable jeweler. Most importantly, you can make your customized shape in lab-grown diamonds while staying within your budget limits. On the other hand, you have to pay more to get your favorite natural diamond shape.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

To make a bold statement towards your spouse, the black diamond engagement ring is an exquisite choice because of its opaque surface and beautiful luster effect. You can select a traditional solitaire ring style or to modern and vintage-inspired style with fancy diamonds shapes. These dark gemstone ring will deliver your eternal love message to your love partner without any disclosement to the third person.

You can pick a sleek design to minimalist channel set style for a black diamond ring and, with customization, add the personal touch that makes it distinctive. The engraving option you should take and write special some romantic message.

The diamond shape or cut choices available from traditional elongated shape like as emerald, pear, radiant or oval. While for a square shape diamond, the options are the princess, and the cushion cut where it looks adorable in a ring.

After the black diamond shape selection, it’s time to choose a perfect metal tone according to the ring style. There is a choice to pick yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold for the engagement ring. While platinum metal is an excellent selection, it’s hypoallergenic to offer a most comfortable wearing experience.

4 carat weighted treated black oval lab diamond three-stone engagement ring in 18KT yellow gold

For example, if you opted for a 4 carat treated black diamond three-stone ring with the half-moon cut, you have to pay $1440. You can get 18KT yellow gold that is the perfect choice. While there is an option to select rose or white gold in this engagement ring. For a 2 carat black diamond engagement ring, the price could be half, such as $700 to $850.

In a black diamond halo ring, you can opt for a white colored radiant or cushion cut accent stone with 1.50 CTW in platinum metal, for which you probably have to pay around $1500 to $3000. The overall price for the ring depending on the size, carat and clarity that you selected.

The most important thing is to measure the ring size perfectly and prefer only convenience for comfortable wearing. If you opt for it wrong, then you have to pay additional costs to re-size and form other settings.

The fancy black diamonds can be fixed with other colored diamonds in a halo or accent style ring, considering the color, clarity, carat, and cut. The 4cs of diamonds influence the cost of black diamond rings. If you insist on taking a high-clarity graded diamond such as IF, FL, or VVS, you have to pay more.

Black Diamond Bracelet: The Passionate Choice Of Love

The black diamond bracelet usually refers to the passionate choice of love. It has been gifted as a marriage anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day jewelry. The tennis bracelet is an excellent selection with black gemstones that offers an effulgent appearance and charming look to the wearer.

Ensure that the diamonds are ethically sourced which is part of ethical jewelry, whether treated or natural. Ethical jewelry is made by following all the norms and regulations to keep a minimal environmental footprint impact and better working conditions for workers.

Also, with the tennis bracelet, you can opt for white, slightly yellow, or chocolate diamonds that offer combined sparkle reflections. The clarity grade should be the least VS, and with the 11 carat weigths, this bracelet jewelry looks elegant as a sign of emotional attachment.

Black and white colored lab-grown diamond bracelet for women in 18KT white gold

A 4.50 inches lab-grown diamond tennis bracelet costs $2635 in a 10KT solid gold where you can get 5.85 to 11.70 carat weights weighted fancy black and white round diamonds. Also, there is VS clarity graded diamonds used that have few inclusions on the anatomies.

Keep in mind the appearance and cost of the bracelet depends on the size. For example, a 4.00 inches lab diamond bracelet costs $2700, and for 8.00 inches necklace, you have to pay $4690. Consider the best size in length for the bracelet when going to shopping. Also, ensure the diamonds are correctly placed in the gold's prong settings and basket structure.

While searching for the best gift for your mother or mother-in-law, you can gift this beautiful black diamond bracelet within 9.00 inches in length with a yellow or rose gold addition. Also, the bracelet is a daily ornament that offers elegant appearance to all age women.

So, you can opt for the pear or cushion cut black stone tennis bracelet for every woman in your life who supports you. For example, your Mother, Sister, Wife, Grand Mother, Aunt, and Mother-in-law, there is an option to select a jewelry all of these women.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings: The Elegant Selection To Express Romance

Black diamond wedding rings define unity, integrity, strength, and accomplishment between bride and groom. A wedding ring design mostly refers to the eternity bands where all diamonds are placed in a circular shape that shows eternal love connection.

Selecting the black diamond in the ring contains a privacy appeal to the recipient for not disclosing the conversation to any third person and trying to solve any issues mutually with the giver.

Thus, strengthen your love relationship by offering a black diamond wedding eternity ring in 18KT white gold. The connection of white gold and black diamonds offers a romantic message to the bride and expresses emotions without saying a single word.

Pay attention to quality when opted a beautiful ring in black diamonds. The quality defines the center diamond's and accent stone's clarity, cut, and size. Select at least VVS clarity graded diamonds within 1.50 CTW; prefer 1.30-CTW in round or princess cut for black stones.

VS clarity black and white color lab-grown diamond eternity wedding ring for women

The 1.05 carat weights black diamond eternity ring costs $472 in 10KT solid gold. While you can opt for 2 carat black diamonds for a ring, the price could be reach to $1000 to $1300 in 14KT yellow gold. Make sure you select the perfect prong settings in the ring from the shared surface, tab, button, roun, claw, and petite claw.

Where to Buy Black Diamond Jewelry?

There are two options to shop a captivating and suitable black diamond jewelry: 1. Offline store visits and 2. Online store consideration. If you wish for a more compatible quality and affordable cost to shop fancy jewelry, then an online store, it’s the best choice rather than an offline store visiting.

But make sure your selected online store has the credibility of its products and services in the form of testimonials and customer reviews.

Also, compare their pre and after-sales services that give a feeling of a secure and authenticated purchase transaction. Compared to offline stores and boutiques, in online stores, you can find the most glorious diamond jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. That allowing you to find the perfect match to suit your style and budget.

When buying black diamond jewelry, it's essential to do your research and ensure that the store you choose contain a good reputation and offers genuine, ethically sourced black diamonds. Worldwide, black crystals are sold as the name of the black diamonds as counterfeit goods. Be aware from it.

Thus, ensure to purchase fancy black diamonds and jewelry with the certification of GIA and IGI. In treated and natural diamonds, internationally recognized certifications are available. Make sure your stone is one of the certified diamonds.

Ouros Jewels offer certified black lab-grown diamonds and jewelry to buyers. The quality of our black colored diamond jewelry remains high, as we promised to you. So, don’t worry about the quality that you get from us. We are delighted to announce we’re offering two kinds of certificates: 1. Ouros Jewels Branded (free of cost), and 2. GIA or IGI (might be chargeable).

How To Care Your Black Diamond Jewelry?

To clean your diamond jewelry, use only a soft and clean cloth to whip the dirt and rag of the unrequired substances gently. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the diamonds, precious metals and setting. It's also advisable to remove your jewelry when engaging in activities that expose to chemicals or harsh substances, such as swimming or cleaning the houses or working in office.

Storing black diamond jewelry is equally important as cleaning part of the ornament. It's best to store it individually in a soft pouch or jewelry box to prevent them from scratching or rubbing against other piece of jewelry. Make sure not to placed the jewelry in direct contact with sunlight and extreme temperature because it’s harmful to the durability and color grade of the stone.

Following these simple care tips ensures that your black diamond jewelry remains beautiful and radiant for years. But, before you clean the diamond jewelry, visiting a professional cleaning service provider is recommended.

The cleaning service provider is a connoisseur of the diamond jewelry attributes and helping to maintain stone's originality. If you first time clean the jewelry without any precautions, you might make a mistake that results in the quality degradation and severely affects the metal tones. Prevent your jewelry from losing it's naturality by visiting the professional cleaning service provider, it might be not much cost to you.

The caring of black diamond jewelry is essential to maintain longevity and original quality as newly purchased. Due to the opaque surface, the black gems scratches aren’t appearing easily, but they still need proper care and maintenance to sustain their looks and diamond symmetry.


As we conclude our journey into the mysterious and enchanting world of black diamonds, we hope you have been mesmerized by the allure and beauty of these extraordinary gemstones. From their unique formation deep within the Earth's crust to their captivating symbolism and rising popularity in the fashion industry, they always stand out in a queue of other stones.

Also, black diamonds are a favorite among jewelry enthusiasts worldwide because of the opaque surface that carries a mystery and vintage appearance. That's why they're selected for engagement rings, bracelets, wedding rings and pendants.

Whether you're drawn to the dark elegance of a black diamond engagement ring or the striking contrast of black and white diamond jewelry, make sure they are real and ethically made or sourced. Their rarity and value make them highly attractive, while durability and beauty ensure they will be cherished for generations.

Fancy black diamonds are available from treated or lab-grown diamonds with identical appearance and quality as natural ones. The cost of treated diamonds is cheap, but the grading quality still remains high. The most important fact is that treated diamonds are certified by the IGI and GIA institutions, where you can find the proper evaluation of the stone’s color, clarity, carat, cut, dimensions, and sizes.

So, are you ready to reveal your emotions with black diamonds in jewelry? Then we are happy to make it within your price and best ethical quality material usage. You can get black color lab-grown diamond jewelry with certification. Contact us or visit our jewelry customization page for better communication.


Q1. Is Black Diamond Counted as Real Diamond?

    Yes, a black diamond has Carbonado content and graphite inclusions in its counterparts, distinguishing it from counterfeit or synthetic stones. Treated black diamonds are also acknowledged as real and alternative to natural stones. Natural diamonds obtain their color organically, while treated diamonds are pressurized with heat to observe the opaque shade.

    Q2. Are Black Diamonds More Expensive Than Pink Diamonds?

      Black diamonds are cheaper than pink colored diamonds in the same carat weights, clarity, shape, and cut grades. For example, a per carat natural pink diamond costs $10K to $700K, which is good for the highest quality properties. For a black diamond, the price falls around $2500 to $18K for a 1 carat weight and VVS clarity. Thus, you can opt for the black diamond for your jewelry styles according to preference.

      Q3. Are Black Diamonds Worth Anything For Long Time?

        Natural black diamonds are found organically in the mines, and they contain a prestigious appearance, rarity, and value, which can lead them to remain worthy and notable for a long time. From an investment perspective, natural diamonds are the best option, especially in black colors. Treated black diamonds are the cheapest, around $1500 to $5000 per carat. But they fail to retain their value after purchase.

        Q4. What Is Called Black Diamond?

          Carbonados, the toughest form of the rough diamond, is counted as the black diamond. This element has an impurity, high-density, microporous form of polycrystalline that can turn the diamonds into black surfaces. Also, graphite inclusions, amorphous carbon, and minor crystalline precipitates help the black color spread every diamond's counterpart.

          Q5. Is Treated Black Diamonds 100% Real?

            Treated black diamonds are 100% real because they contain properties identical to natural gems, such as hardness, 4Cs grades, shape variations, and chemical attributes. Treated diamonds obtain their color properties from the heat and pressure from adding the pyrite and hematite. These diamonds are certified by GIA and IGI organizations, and they offer an expert evaluation.

            Q6. Are Black Diamonds Brings Good Luck?

              Black diamonds neither bring good luck nor make life problematic but help tackle any situations wisely and provide the power to solve those issues. As a result, to make the love relationship trustable and loyal many jewelry designs are made with fancy black colored diamonds. Engagement rings, wedding eternity bands, and pendants are mostly chosen in these diamonds.

              Q7. What Is Black Diamond Famous For?

                Black diamonds are famous for their mystical and additional power, which refers to them as a "Cursed Diamond" because a 67.50 carat-weighted Black Orlov Diamond refers to the unlucky. This diamond took many lives and put them into dangerous situations because it was stolen from the Hindu God Idol's Eye, who is known as the Father Of Universe Creation as BRAHMA, one of the famous Gods from the Hinduism Trinity.

                Q8. Where Black Diamonds Organically Found?

                  Natural precious black diamonds are organically found in the Brazil, Russian Federation, Kamchatka, and Central African Republic mines. These places have more mines for the opaque black colored diamonds, which contain most of the global contribution share in the fancy color diamond market. These diamonds have more price and real brilliance appearance without any artificial treatment; that's why they opted for a luxurious jewelry piece like a $250K priced engagement ring or a $500K valued necklace.

                  Q9. Does Men Wears Black Diamonds?

                    For modern men who like to follow fashion trends and want to leave a personal influence, black diamonds are the perfect option, whether they wear diamonds in pendants or tennis bracelets. The common jewelry in black diamonds for men is a wedding eternity band that has a touch of precious metals like white gold and platinum. In addition, the intense and captivating allure of these colored diamonds makes them ideal for a casual and formal jewelry piece.

                    Q10. Can Black Diamonds Hard Enough To Be Break?

                      Black diamonds are hard as white colored diamonds that rated 10/10 on the Mohs hardness scale. Also, black diamonds contain graphite inclusions that make the crystal formation fragile. If you hit the diamond with more force on the surface, it results in a chip or breaking the internal counterparts of the diamonds. If you have a cutting perspective, visit a professional diamond cutting or jewelry store, but don't do it yourself.

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