Diamond Certification:

Diamond Certification (most commonly from labs IGI, EGL, SGL and Ouros Authentic Certificate) is a document you receive from an objective 3rd party lab that describes a diamond in all of its characteristics.

What is Certified Diamond?

When a diamond is certified, it means it has been verified and graded for quality by a 3rd party gem laboratory. The lab will use (diamond cut-diamond color-diamond clarity-diamond carat weight) to grade the diamond and give its ‘stamp of approval’. If you’re purchasing a diamond, it’s highly recommended that you only purchase a certified diamond.


Diamonds with the same grade can have very different amounts of sparkle depending on where the inclusions are located inside the diamond. That's why our diamond buyers go to the stone cutters around the world and examine each diamond. Only the prettiest diamonds are hand-picked within each grade for our shop.

What makes a Ouros Jewels classic?

diamond image

Optimum cut for ideal light reflection.

diamond image

No visible inclusions for superior clarity.

diamond image

The highest quality diamonds are totally colorless.

diamond image

Best symmetry for supreme sparkle.

Jewelry Certification:

Ouros Jewels Jewellery comes with the authenticity of Metal, Lab diamonds, and Gemstone combination, which you order. Certificate comes with A Jewellery report certificate on diamond jewellery contains diamond weight, diamond color, diamond clarity as well as the gross weight of the jewellery. This Jewellery report made by our 7+ years experienced gemmologist.

certificate image