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Old European Cut Diamond Varieties And Theirs Difference

Old European cut diamond varieties with excellent cut and symmetry

Old European cut diamonds the representatives of ancient and traditional times because they were used in the kingdom times. Old European cut diamonds are made with a special and unique crafting process because itโ€™s faceting pattern is totally different from brilliant cut diamonds. Thatโ€™s why Old European cut diamonds are easily identifiable without ant inspections and knowledge of high levels such as diamond checker or evaluator.

Today, we see the three types of Old European Cut Diamonds, which are now trending. Customers are looking for varieties in the OEC Diamonds, and we make them with proper and exact proportions. The three types of Old European Diamonds include a High Crown Pattern, Flower Pattern, and Traditional Pattern.

People understand OEC Diamonds have no varieties and they donโ€™t carry durability, but the reality is different from the thinking. Old European Diamonds are easily available in the market, but with variation, itโ€™s rare to find. So, you can find Old European Diamonds in varieties and best quality from Ouros Jewels.

Now, itโ€™s time to evaluate the difference and characteristics of the High Crown Pattern, Flower, and Traditional Pattern of Old European Diamonds. But, first understand the definition and fundamental facts about it.

High crown pattern old European diamond

High Crown Pattern Old European Diamond is known as fancy OEC Diamond because of the faceting styles. In Old European High Crown Pattern Diamond, the table anatomies feature more amount of designed facet shapes, which makes it more preferable.

In High Crown Pattern Old European Diamonds, the star and triangle shaped facets help the surfaces to release more sparkles and reflections.

VVS Diamonds are the symbol and source of the full and constant sparkle releaser because in that, no inclusions are available, impacting the overall appearance. In this Crown Pattern Old European Diamond, the VVS Clarity is used with E color grade.

Theย Ideal cut grade is allotted due to having swallowed and 45ยฐ angle degree crown faceting to the Old European Diamond.

High crown pattern old European diamond in round shape

Shopย High crown old European diamond.

When old European cut diamond has a wide diameter on the table surfaces with unique tied knot shape faceting. In high crown pattern old European cut diamonds, the girdle and table surface is swallowed more than traditional OEC diamond.

On the high crown patterned old European cut diamond, the chain framework which is very tough to do. But, our craftsman makes this high crown old European diamond more gorgeous and refractive.

Old European cut diamond ring

Shop Old European cut diamond ring.

Flower pattern old European diamond

A flower pattern old European diamond is the second most popular diamond after the high crown pattern OEC diamond. In flower style old European cut Diamond, the crown anatomies have the combination of triangle and round shape faceting touch up, increasing the diamond's lights reflection.

In addition, the square shaped framework is spotted on the table surface with a floral decoration appearance.

Flower pattern old European diamond

Shop Flower pattern old European diamond.

This flower old European diamond is made in VS clarity grade and F color grade. After VVS clarity, the VS clarity grade diamonds are the best option for having less inclusions on the diamond anatomies, which affect the return sparkle. Without any doubt, buyers can select VS clarity old European diamond in flower style.

Difference between high crown and flower pattern Old European diamond.

The difference between flower pattern old European diamond and high crown diamond is their faceting and polishing styles. In the flower old European cut diamond, the crown edged facets haveย mountain-like views.

While on the High crown edged old European diamond, the faceting pattern has a more unique design, such as chessboard patterns.

The flower pattern old European diamond has the appearance of a milky surfaces. As a result, it is known as milky diamond. In addition, the block shaped space usage in flower pattern old European diamond makes it more antique and vintage.

The proportions and dimensions of flower patterned old European diamond use the allotted spaces and increase the overall looks.

Traditional old European diamond

Traditional old European diamond is the first series of the OEC type diamond. In this traditional old European diamond, the chessboard typed and mountain line faceting patterns placed with exact proportions.

This traditional old European diamond earns the VS2 clarity and F color grade. F-color grade European diamonds are rare in the market, but Ouros Jewels have them.

Old European diamond in VS2 isnโ€™t a bad choice for engagement rings or antique necklaces. The bush of VS2 diamonds will spark as a thundering cloud so the buyer can easily take it for the jewelry.

Traditional old European cut diamond

In other words, in traditional old European diamond, varieties such as crown OEC and flower OEC diamond are available. Buyers have to pay less for this old European diamond because of the less mismatch of the proportions.

Traditional old European cut diamond is similar to all the characteristics such as 4Cs of diamonds and diamonds symmetry.

Now, itโ€™s time to understand the difference between high crown OEC , flower pattern OEC, and traditional facets OEC diamonds. It will help buyers to get a better idea about these three types of old European diamonds.

Old European cut diamond's varieties difference.
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