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How Much Money Spend To Wedding Rings: The Truth to Determine

Colored lab-grown diamond wedding rings

Every love relationship has its own words and meaning, which aparts them from others. When a love partner wants to reveal his emotions and feelings towards the spouse, he purchases favorite things like clothes, arranges candlelight dinners, goes for a long drive, offers a romantic message pillow, and many more.

But out of this, when the couple commits their whole life to a spouse from the wedding relationship, the "Wedding Ring" is offered. From ancient to modern times, wedding rings have been exchanged as a sign of love and commitment.

For example, in ancient Egypt, couples exchanged the braided reeds ring in the form of eternal love and commitment. The circular shape of these eternity rings has no more ending that represents the relationship's longevity.

While in ancient Rome, couples wore an iron-made wedding ring that symbolized strength and permanence. Meanwhile, the material has changed over time, and now the wedding ring has been selected in diamonds and gemstones to represent the eternal love and romance towards the spouse.

A wedding is the sign of the holiest and most trustworthy love relationship where couples exchange promises to each other to rely on the love life more happily. Couples give gifts and other things to each one for a wedding day occasion but out of that "Wedding ring" is the most timeless and elegant choice ever.

Selecting a perfect and beautiful wedding ring isn't a challenging task, but how much to spend on it makes the work harder. Most couples are confused about how much to pay for wedding rings. The answer depends on the personal choice because if they prefer high-quality diamonds and metals, the price is hiked, while for low-quality diamonds, wedding rings have less cost.

Many couples couldn't decide how much money to spend on wedding rings. Is it $1500 or $15000? Which factor can determine the correct price or cost of the wedding rings to spend? It's a common question that arises in the minds of couples.

In this article, we cover what a wedding ring represents, how much to spend on it, and which factors affect the cost of the ring. Also, we mentioned the scenario when you have a tight budget and how to buy a wedding ring. So, stay engaged to be a capable decision-maker for purchase.

What Are Wedding Rings?

Wedding rings are worn on the bride's and groom's fingers to reveal gratitude, love, commitment, and affection for the love relationship. The wedding ring works as the thread in the couple's love lives that keeps engaged the love partner's minds and hearts as a remembrance of endearment. Exchanging the wedding rings increases faith, fidelity, and dedication for constant support between bride and groom.

In wedding rings mostly, diamonds and colored gemstones are selected due to their additional benefits and appearance. The ring style options are channel sets, pave engraved bands, minimalist designs, and eternity rings. While you can opt for a five-stone ring as a wedding ring that is similar to half-eternity bands.

When selecting the diamond wedding ring, pick the perfect metal from yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. While a silver wedding ring with diamonds looks good when you want to pay a low price for metal. Consider the ring style and personal preference for the rings.

When a person has the more affection towards their loving one and wants to spend the rest of their life with them then they do marriage. They tied a relation of love from offering from offering a beautiful diamond ring or simple plated gold matching band which is wedding ring.

Which Attributes Are Represent From Wedding Rings?

Wedding rings signifies and represents the six attributes of the love connection that including mutual understanding, dedication, loyalty, gratitude, supportive nature, and complement to each other.

What wedding rings represents

These kinds of attributes makes love relationship more compelling and trustworthy. Refer below mentioned attributes to understand the significance of wedding rings in a love relationship.

  • Mutual Understanding= Wedding rings shows the mutual understanding between couples that increase the faith for love relationship.

  • Dedication = In a love relationship, that time comes when it demands dedication from the loving one. It makes the love relationship honest and faithful. With wedding ring the love partner is ready to do anything for his wife.

  • Loyalty = Every couple needs fidelity from their loved one to avoid cheating then a wedding rings prevents the one from committing that. With wedding rings couples are more successive in their marriage lives.

  • Gratitude = When a person is deeply affected by someone special and wants to reveal their feelings then wedding rings helped them. It also has been helpful to give constant support to each one that removes any gap between them.

  • Support system = Offering a wedding ring to someone special means valentine, then an offering person indirectly tells from now all the grief and happiness of the love relationship his own. They both support each other and solve problems together.

  • Complement each other = Wedding rings work as a motivational speakers in marriage life where no competition exists, but only equality is available. When couples suffer from some situations that aren’t in their control, then wedding rings give the ability to them complement each other.

These wedding rings repenting attributes make the love bond more optimistic and trustworthy. Now, let’s see how much should a wedding ring cost.

Cost Deciding Factors For Wedding Rings

The wedding ring price determining factors includes the 4cs of diamonds(if diamonds prefers), alternative stones, ring styles and design, metal tone and purity, wedding budget, and expectations. These factors deciding how much money has to be spent on wedding rings from influencing the cost and appearance. 

Let’s understand the influential factors with more details for making the decision.

  • 4cs of Diamonds

If buyers prefer to select diamonds in wedding rings, they must choose better 4cs grades. Because the best 4cs of diamonds contain the optimum light resonations ability and brilliance appearance. Moreover, the 4cs of diamonds include color, clarity, carat, and cut.

The 4cs of diamonds to understand when buying the wedding rings

The 4cs diamonds remain the same as the Natural diamonds in lab-grown diamond wedding rings. Therefore, there is no difference between them, coincidentally found or made in different conditions. The lab diamond wedding rings have cheap prices and more variations in fancy colors and clarity grades without compromising the quality.

  • Considering The Alternative Stones

Aside from the lab-grown and natural diamonds to select for wedding rings, many alternative stones should be considered. These diamond alternative stones are known as sapphire, ruby, emerald, peridot, pearl, amethyst, garnet, aquamarine, alexandrite, blue sapphire, golden topaz, citrine, opal, spinel.

Diamond alternative stones for wedding ring selection

When looking for an option for synthetic diamonds then, Moissanite and cubic zirconia is the best selection. These stones have the same appearance as the diamonds but still doesn't have some characteristic. Thus, selecting Moissanite wedding rings could be a good choice if you like a low priced ring.

These alternative diamond stones are significantly cheaper than Natural and lab diamonds. So if buyers want to give their wedding rings a traditional and vintage touch, these alternative diamond stones should be in the list.

  • Ring Styles and Designs

After selecting the diamonds or alternative stones for wedding rings, it’s time to see which styles and designs are set to your loved one’s preference. Before selecting the particular wedding ring style and design, it's a best thing to ask her first about the preferable ring design.

Ask yourself, is the ring design commendable to my fiancée's hands? If yes, select that ring style for the wedding. The wedding ring style significantly influence how much money is spent on wedding rings. There are many wedding ring styles: eternity, channel, micro pave, bezel, dainty, half eternity, or five stone.

But all these rings are women’s rings that vary from the designs selections. Looking for a simple matching bands containing gold, platinum, or silver metal could be far cheaper than lab-grown diamond wedding rings.

If buyers wants to implement a different design on the simple wedding bands, that increases the price. It’s best to ask or confess to your love partner to buy the wedding ring and tell them to suggest a ring design. After all, you purchase wedding bands for your love partner. Thus, wedding ring design should be in their choices.

  • Metal Tone and Purity

A metal tone and purity increase or decrease the wedding ring price in various designs or styles. Buyers must select metal tone and purity according to their budget, ring styles, and personal preference. There are three primary metal exists as gold, silver, and platinum.

Select metal for wedding ring from yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, silver and platinum

Platinum metal is the most expensive but high quality, making the wedding ring's appearance more compelling. In contrast, Gold is the 2nd ranked choice but acceptable for wedding rings because it is made with other elements like palladium or copper. Silver is the cheaper choice of metal tone option.

Moreover, for better clarification, the mentioned chart will explain which metal tone is available for the selection.

Metal Varieties

Metal Tone

Metal Purity

Price Remarks



950 (95% Pure)



Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold

10KT (41.87% Pure), 14KT (58.33%), 18KT (75% Pure)

Less Expensive Than Platinum



925 and 935

Cheaper Than Platinum and Gold

  • Wedding Budget

Every couple ensures that spending money on wedding occasions should be in control by allocating the ideal funds to a specific thing or functions. So, they provisioned a wedding budget to know how much the total cost has to be paid.

There is no so called rule for determining how much money should be spent on wedding rings, and it’s not worthy. But it depends on the buyer’s preference and how much they’re ready to pay for the wedding rings. After all, buyers have to take a decision for purchasing a ring for wedding.

For example, if the total wedding budget is $28000, decided from mutual consent, then 8% is the ideal spent on the wedding rings, which could be $2240.

However, buyers want beautiful and stylish wedding rings like in the princess cut pave ring or full eternity band; then it should exceed at 10%, which is $2800.

How Much Should A Wedding Ring Cost?

A wedding ring cost starts from $500 to $10000, depending on the buyer’s preference, quality and how they’re ready to spend money. The $1500 is the average cost of wedding rings because within this price range all kinds of designs are available.

The decision to spend money on the wedding ring totally depends on the buyer’s choice, and they’re the decider for purchase. But stylish and beautiful wedding rings are usually available from $1500 with yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.

Thus, if the buyer wants the most wonderful and modern or customized wedding rings, then it rises to $3000 to $4000, as simple as that. On the other hand, if buyers are ready to spend more money on wedding rings which means it contains the ideal and higher qualities.

How Can I Buy Wedding Rings With A Tight Budget?

There is a choice to buy wedding rings with a tight budget when buyer’s neither want to compromise with the budget nor need to load on their pocket. The lab- grown diamond wedding rings are an ideal choice to pick when buyers have issues with a tight budget.

The lab diamond wedding rings exists in all kinds of styles with various options to choose from. However, a Natural diamond ring and a lab-grown diamond ring remain the same. Lab-grown diamond wedding rings are the identical in the wedding bands because of the identical structure or crystal and symmetry.

Another reason is to select lab made wedding rings for their significantly cheap cost than Natural diamond rings. Still having less price but lab diamond wedding rings contains high quality in the structure. As a result, couples selecting a wedding rings.

Let’s see the below mentioned variations in lab-grown diamond rings for weddings. So buyers can get a better idea about that.

  1. Carat Weights = 1 to 10 carats
  2. Brilliant cut diamonds = Round, emerald, and asscher
  3. Fancy shape diamonds = Heart, pear, marquise, cushion, oval, princess, and radiant cut
  4. Ring styles = Eternity, half eternity, dainty, channel, pave and micro pave, bezel, bridal sets, five stone, or in customized styles or designs.
  5. Appearance and acceptance = Same as the real diamond wedding ring
  6. Certification = Approved from GIA and IGI certified benchmarks

So, the lab-grown diamonds removes the tight budget issue for buying wedding rings and helping into get a beautiful wedding bands for women.

Let’s refer to the wedding rings FAQs that give clear hints for deciding how much to spend for the love sign ring.


In this article, all the details and information contains that can be able to give a clear idea to buyers. From the meaning of what is a wedding ring to considering points or factors that decides the how to spend on wedding rings. There has been a description of what the wedding ring represents in a love relationship.

After knowing the meaning of the wedding rings then consider and pay attention to the price. The average money spent on wedding rings is $1500, which could be affordable for all kinds of couples. Moreover, the price of the wedding rings starts at $500 and reaches $10000, depending on the quality and metal tone selection.

There are six factors are decides how and in which circumstances money spend on wedding rings. Thus, buyers are requested to consider those factors before making the decision to purchase a wedding rings purchase. The FAQs on wedding rings will gives an instant answer for the price and essential points to be known as a buyer.

In last, if you would like to buy lab-grown diamond wedding rings in all kinds of styles to fit your budget provision, then visit our collection. We have the option to make your wedding ring marvelous and gorgeous with prioritizes your concerns and expectations.

Buy Wedding Rings

FAQs For Wedding Rings

The FAQs for wedding rings helps to make the informative decision for purchase. It’s essential to keep in mind when buying wedding rings in lab-grown diamonds, Natural diamonds, or stones like sapphire, ruby, garnet, or the other stones that buyers prefer.

Q1. Is Lab-grown Diamond Wedding Ring Preferable?

    Ans. Yes, 100%. A lab-grown diamond wedding ring comes with the authenticate certification provided by the GIA and IGI, globally recognized institutions. Also, the price of these diamond wedding ring is 40-50% less than Natural diamond wedding ring, even with the same quality. When a groom or bride has a strict budget for wedding rings purchase, then lab diamonds are the ideal selection.

    Q2. What Influences The Average Cost For Wedding Rings?

      Ans. Six factors significantly influence the average cost for wedding rings mentioned from ascending to descending order: 4cs of diamonds, alternative stone selections, ring style and design, metal tone and purity, wedding budget, and expectations. These factors decides how much money all buyers spend on wedding rings worldwide.

      Q3. Why Do Couples Wear Wedding Rings On their Left Hand Fingers?

        Ans. Couples prefer to wear wedding rings on their left hand fingers because some traditions and cultures believe that it could be helpful circulation of blood in the veins that connects to the hearts. Wearing a wedding ring on the left hand makes the mutual understanding deeper.

        Thus, every person who knots in a love relationship desires to make their loving one life long lasting and calamities free. As a result, couples prefers to wear wedding rings on their left-hand second finger.

        Q4. What Defines Plain Wedding Rings In Love Relationship?

          Ans. The plain wedding bands define simplicity and pure character in the love relationship, which indicates trust and fidelity between two individuals. When buyers want to commit strong emotions to their beloved ones, plain wedding rings are ideal picking. Plain wedding ring is made with the total usage of gold, silver, or platinum metal.

          Q5. Do Couples Choose Wedding Bands Together?

            Ans. Of course, Couples can select wedding bands together. Even matching wedding bands are more dazzling picking to show equality in the love relationship. Selecting wedding bands together sprinkles fidelity and commitment toward the beloved one.

            From choosing the wedding bands together it makes mutual consent and love bonding deeper and trustworthy. All couples have strong desire for this kind of attribute in their relationship.

            There is one condition to choosing the wedding bands together as it depends on the buyers and their beloved preferences. From going to purchase wedding bands, consider prioritizing your love partner's choice ahead of your selection.

            Q6. Who Pays For Men’s Wedding Rings?

              Ans. Traditionally, a bride or her family pays for the men’s wedding rings because it has been a cultural belief for many decades. While the groom or his family spent money on the bridal wedding rings. But in this modern world, the brides and grooms are more mature and educated, so they select wedding rings mutually to contribute to each other.

              Q7. Do I Buy 1 Or 2 Wedding Rings?

                Ans. Yes, you can shop for 1 or 2 wedding rings because if she likes to have an engagement or wedding band on a single hand that is called a “Matching band” or “Bridal set.” This wedding ring designs contains an attractive and optimistic appearance with fancy colored diamonds and gemstones.

                A bridal set wedding ring is the best selection ever to fulfill a wish to wear an engagement ring with a band. There’s a probability of customized bands with a special romantic message with an engraving option or choosing the bypass or tapered ring band.

                Q8. Why Are Platinum Wedding Bands Expensive?

                  Ans. Platinum is a rare and profound metal type that can’t easily be available as gold or silver. Thus, the rarity and its foundation need more times that outcomes in the hiking prices. Also, platinum carries 95% purity, making it more costly than gold or other metal. As a result, the platinum wedding bands are more expensive.

                  Q9. What Is The Meaning Of Circle Wedding Ring?

                    Ans. A circle wedding ring defines an eternal love connection that would never be broken. The circle of wedding rings represents the everlasting marriage relationship, increasing the faith. Selecting a circle wedding ring carries true commitment and support. As a result, couples prefer to choose as their love sign.

                    Q10. Is Wedding Ring Costly Than Engagement Ring?

                      Ans. No. Wedding rings aren’t more costly than engagement rings because of their design and styles. An engagement rings made with beautiful designs than wedding bands that surges a hike in the price. As a result, engagement rings are more expensive. But, the overall price depends on the 4cs, metal tone and purity, and ring styles or designs.

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