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Real Facts Of Jackie Kennedy Engagement Rings Collections

Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring in Diamonds
  • Introduction of Jackie Kennedy Engagement Rings

Jackie Kennedy's Engagement Ring design was a revolutionary invention for couples. Some experts said that Jackie Kennedy's Engagement Ring has known as the "Toi Et Moi Ring" Now. Especially Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring's designed is worn by many Hollywood actresses like Megan Foxx and Ariana Grande.

In 1953, Customers found the most pleasing design ever for the engagement ring. The ring has the ownership of John Kennedy(35th U.S. President) and Jackie Kennedy(Former First Lady Of the U.S.). They both decided to live together for a lifetime. They were engaged in 1953, and John Kennedy gave the brilliant looking diamond engagement ring to his Fiancée Jacqueline Onassis. (Who was known after marriage as Jackie Kennedy)

  • Who was Jackie Kennedy Onassis?

Jackie Kennedy is known as the former first lady of the United States. She has known before the wedding as Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. She liked to wear antique diamond jewelry accessories for her. Her husband was John Kennedy, who served as the 35th President Of the United States and personally looked into the making of the sensational diamond ring.

Jackie loves to wear a baguette and emerald cut diamond ring as their love symbolism. That's why JFK is very connected to Jackie, his wife. John Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy were very honest and stylish couples in the United States of America. Jackie Kennedy also has her birth name as "Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis" from her father.

  • Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring original

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the youngest elected president of the United States Of America. He announced his engagement with Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, known now as “Jackie.”

John Kennedy and Jackie were searching for an appealing engagement ring. When they were wandering for the ring. Coincidentally, they reached the jeweler in New York named Van Cleef & Arpels.

Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring in Emerald shape diamond

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This diamond ring has a brilliant appearance on hand. In this ring, two emerald diamonds(Natural) are used for a glowing appearance. The first green emerald diamond has 2.84 carats, and the second colorless emerald weights 2.88 carats.

In this Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring, the diamond symmetry scales in the best grade means the light reflections constantly come out without any resistance. Thus, in true meaning, a Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring is known as an antique diamond ring at those times.

If you want to know about this Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring structure, you’ll first look at the antique-style ring named “Toi et moi ring” now. In that Jackie Kennedy Ring, Baguette-cut diamonds are placed on the shank. So this ring is called a “Dazzling Engagement Ring.”

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  • Did Jackie Kennedy redesign her engagement ring?

When Jackie became the first lady of the United States of America, she decided to modify her engagement ring. She took her engagement ring to the original jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels. She told her sister to suggest the renovation pattern of her love symbolize diamond ring. 

Then she decided to replace the baguette-cut diamonds with the fancy Marquise shaped diamond. Yet, another important and elegant fact of this engagement ring is that round diamonds played a supportive role in its brilliance appearance.
Jackie Kennedy Marquise Toi et Moi Ring

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We could say that this Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring symbolizes the “Immeasurable Love” toward a loving one. Emerald and marquise shape diamond rings are superior choices and combine the ritzy and luxurious appearance of the hand.

In Jackie Kennedy Toi et Moi Ring, the diamond clarity counted in high-quality grades to deliver better sparkle reflections. In Jackie Kennedy Ring, diamond fluorescence isn't available, making it preferable to select as the love ring.

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  • Where is the Jackie Kennedy engagement ring?

Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring was maintained in the John F. Kennedy(Former U.S President) Library And Museum Boston(United States). The government has undertaken this engagement ring to remember the unforgettable legacy of the Former President.

Also, it is an excellent legacy of the United States President and his wife. In the Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring, the diamond cut is counted in the excellent grade because the marquise and baguette shape diamond has a clear appearance on the girdle anatomy. That's why USA government maintain the Ring of Jackie Kennedy to give knowledge to people.

  • Final thought about Jackie Kennedy Ring

Thus, this emerald and marquise shaped diamond engagement ring is the best gift from John Kennedy to his wife, Jackie Kennedy. Due to diamonds scintillation, fire, and brilliance, this ring appears “glorious.” This engagement ring style, known as the “Toi Et Moi Ring,” is very famous in recent times.

When John Kennedy gave this Toi Et Moi Ring to his wife, Jackie was called the “Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring” at that time. They provide the antique-style engagement ring to all of the lovers, which gives a promise to each other, and this ring is the sign of their strong bonding love. 

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