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Round Brilliant Vs. Princess Cut Diamond - 6 Differences To Never Underestimate

Round brilliant and princess cut diamond comparisons are important to know before deciding to select it in jewelry.

As a love relationship grows and takes shape, an engagement ring is the best choice to make it profound and meaningful. In life, a perfect love partner works as a friend and family member who helps individuals in all situations with support without any exclamation or something to get a reward. It's a natural thing that can happen when an individual falls in love.

To celebrate a love relationship, couples exchange jewelry or memorable presents like clothes or precious things like watches and wallets. But, selecting the perfect engagement ring from brilliant-looking diamonds also works as the mesmerizing gift one person gives to another in love.

There is confusion between brilliant cut round and princess diamond cut due to their brilliance and faceting patterns. Some couples prefer a round diamond for experiencing extraordinary effulgence in ring settings. At the same time, a 16.00 inched tennis bracelet is made with beveled cornered princess cut diamonds.

The dillemma continues.

Which shape is perfect for your jewelry? You might be concerned about it.

So, to figure it out, you have to know about the pros, cons, significance, and appearance of jewelry. Also, from a cost perspective, which diamond shape will move ahead, and how much sparkle will be reflected through the round cut diamond?

All of the answers are mentioned here.

Let's first understand the basics.

What is Round Brilliant Cut Diamond?

Round brilliant cut diamond with its intense brilliance and light known for every jewelery style to be chosen.

The brilliant round diamond contained 58 to 60 number of facets which refers to a hub of unmatched sparkle that could never be beaten among other shapes. That's why a couple who want to get engaged opt for a beautiful ring design, and a round cut diamond is often selected. From a solitaire to a modern customized Toi et Moi ring setting, the round shaped diamond is versatile for selection even in white gold and platinum metal.

The evolution of the round brilliant cut can be traced back to the early 20th century, with significant refinements by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. Tolkowsky's groundbreaking work on diamond proportions and angles laid the foundation for what we now recognize as the ideal round brilliant cut, a cut designed to optimize the diamond's light performance.

The brilliance of a round brilliant cut diamond is not limited to specific lighting conditions. Whether bathed in sunlight or under the soft glow of candlelight, this cut consistently radiates brilliance, making it a captivating choice for any occasion.

A brilliant cut round diamond is known for its distinctive light reflection and features a circle shape to supply a gorgeous appearance. At the same time, a princess cut diamond has chevron facets and sharp corners edges where the reflections mostly retrieve backs and look keen when worn with the engagement ring on the finger. Also, men's gold engagement rings are adorned in these diamond shapes.

What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

Princess cut diamond with its beveled corners, sharp edges, and proper faceting.

The princess cut is a distinct diamond shape that combines the elegance of a square or rectangular form with the keen brilliance of a modern cut. These diamonds have beveled corners and chevron facets that work as trademarks. Also, in this shape, the total facets range from 50 to 58 vertically and horizontally on the crown and pavilion, creating a unique and eye-catching diamond that buyers want in their jewelry.

In the 1960s, this square shape was famous due to its unique faceting patterns that drive a sparkle and wonderful appearance. London originated diamond cutter Arpad Nagy invented a princess diamond cut in 1961, as he first time invented determined as a "profile cut." Over time, a princess diamond established its place in the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts, beginning in the 1980s, and is now widely selected for engagement rings and pendants for women.

The nickname of the princess cut is "square modified brilliant" due to its unique charm and sparked reflections.

Do you know that fact a princess diamond is 33% cheaper in price than a round cut, even in the same carat weights, clarity, and color grades?

Here's the fact: you must know how the pricing decides. Polishing a princess diamond from rough weightage consumes 80% of the weightage, and the remaining 20% refers to the breakage or other substances removed during the process. The round diamond consumes only 40% of weightage, and 60% goes into the valley of breakage.

For example, a properly polished 1.00 carat round brilliant diamond needs 3.00 carat rough, whereas 1.80 carats are worthless as breakage.

To make a 1.60 carat polished princess cut diamond, a total of 2.00 carat raw diamonds has been taken where additional .40 carats are lost or counted as their counterparts. That means a buyer can spend less money to get a princess diamond and leverage the big size appearance without compromising on the color and clarity. That's why this traditional square shaped diamond is often selected after a brilliant round diamond.

Round Brilliant and Princess Diamond: Shape Difference

Round and princess diamond shape difference to know before making it a choice for jewelry.

As you have a wish to compliment your love relationship through the signature step known as "exchanging a ring," it is a very distinctive and fine moment for both of you. The diamond ring is the most common and dainty selection for love commitment. Between round brilliant cut and princess cut diamond, you have to choose one shape you want to place in your promise ring or solitaire engagement ring.

For clarification, the shape between these diamonds is very easy and notifiable due to their circular and square shape.

A round brilliant cut is a classic and timeless choice for engagement rings and wedding bands. A circular shape and many facets for creating exceptional sparkle are the trademarks of this diamond shape.

The round is renowned for maximizing the reflection of light, resulting in a sharp and astonishing appearance. Many people are drawn to the round diamond for its traditional and versatile look that suits various jewelry styles like earrings and bangles.

On the other hand, the princess cut offers a more contemporary and remarkable appearance. Unlike the round brilliant, the princess diamond is square or rectangular with pointed and beveled "V-shaped" corners.

It is known for its clean lines, sharp angles, and beautiful chevron facets for reflection. This diamond shape is an excellent choice for those who appreciate a bold fashion statement and unique design and can complement vintage and modern settings.

Evaluation of the shape difference between brilliant round and princess cut is determined as the core factor to consider. Usually, a brilliant round diamond has a circular shape and proper alignment for facets. A princess diamond is known for its square shape with the perfect block facet patterns that reflect a distinctive charming appearance. However, it's essential to note that personal taste plays a significant role in decision-making.

4Cs Grades For Round Brilliant and Princess Cut Diamond

Every diamond shape is evaluated from the 4cs grades determined as color, carat weights, cut, and clarity. This is the principle for deciding the price and appearance of a diamond, and GIA established it. So, whether you are purchasing an engagement ring for a woman or a tennis bracelet with a diamond, the price of every piece of jewelry is decided from the 4cs.

So, in this case, you're deciding the best diamond shape selection from the round cut and princess cut, then let's see which 4cs grades you should choose.

1. Color:

Diamond color grade shows additional shades that are different from the natural look. A color grade range is determined as D to Z+ scale as colorless to fancy colors. The color is an important factor in deciding how the diamond will appear.

Let's check which color grade for the round brilliant diamond and princess cut.

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds:

Round diamond color grade chart with different grades ranging from D as colorless to Z+ as yellowish and fancy colors.

The best color grade range for making diamond jewelry beautiful with round diamonds, then the best color range is G to J, a nearly colorless scale. In this range, a diamond contains a little yellow shade in the anatomy, which can't appear without microscopic evaluation and the naked eye. Also, if you're searching for a cost-friendly diamond similar to rare D color diamonds, a G color round cut is the perfect choice.

  • Princess Cut Diamonds:

Princess cut diamond color chart to understand the difference between other grades.

A square shaped princess diamond's best color grade is E to K, as colorless to faint yellow grade. In this color grade, you can select 1.00 carat princess diamond or 8.00 carat weighted diamond in your ring and necklace jewelry. The chevron facets and clean lines reflect the better sparkles through its moderate formation. That's why not only are rings selected with this diamond shape, but pendant jewelry for women is made in a princess cut.

2. Carat Weights:

Diamond carat weights remain the same in every shape, even in round brilliant and princess cut diamonds. Understand that carat's weight is not the same as its size, but it shows how much rough weight a gem has. Thus, with at least 1.00 carat, the diamond looks big with depth, table, and crown height customization.

But, here we are elaborating on which carat weight is the best for round and princess diamonds. Then, it depends on personal preference and jewelry styles.

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds:

Round diamond carat weight chart and decide which to select for a jewelry style.

As you want to gift her a solitaire engagement ring with a round diamond, then at least a 2.00 carat weight selection is sufficient. While a customized round cut yellow gold pendant is on your wishlist for a Valentine's Day gift for a girlfriend, a 1.50 carat is ideal. Between 1.00 and 5.00 carat round diamond appears more prominent, an average range for use in every jewelry style.

  • Princess Cut Diamonds:

Princess square shaped diamond carat weight chart to know before selecting in the jewelry because it connected with the price and appearance.

This diamond shape appears ideal with 1 carat due to its square and chevron faceting patterns for reflection and brilliance throughout every corner of the diamond. If you prefer a tennis bracelet for women, a princess diamond is your prime choice, it appears best in 5.00 carats. So, between 1.00 and 4.00 carats in weight, this square-shaped diamond appears precious and wonderful with different jewelry styles.

3. Cut:

The brilliance of a diamond depends on the cut grade, and it ranges from excellent to poor, where an excellent grade is recommended, while a poor cut is neglectable. Thus, the cut grade is acceptable between excellent and good whenever you pick any diamond shape.

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds:

Round diamond cut grade chart ranging from excellent to poor grade decides how much the sparkle will reflect.

Have a beautiful white goldย in the engagement ring and a round brilliant diamond. Do you think an excellent cut grade is the perfect picking? Yes, an excellent cut shows the brilliance, and sparkle will be consistently released in a defined way and not interrupted in between.

This is the best cut grade for a round diamond. So, whenever you want a natural appearance, don't compromise on the cut scale because it guarantees the pure reflection you can experience.ย Also, you have to balance in carat weights and cut grades to get an extraordinary appearance suitable for every jewelry style.

  • Princess Cut Diamonds:

Princess diamond cut grade chart from Excellent to Poor scale, where the excellent grade is recommended, and poor grade does not appear ideally due to irregular faceting and dimensions presence.

A modified square brilliant cut diamond is known as a princess shaped diamond, which other gems cannot replace except a round brilliant. Between excellent to a fair cut grade, a princess diamond appears most beautiful whether it's selected for the rose gold hoop earrings orย engagement and wedding ring set for women. Consider the ideal cut for 1.00 to 5.00 in any range of carat weight from square and rectangular diamonds with colorless and vivid colors.

4. Clarity Grade:

As your love relationship is blemish-free, you want to make a diamond ring and jewelry without any inclusions that affect the original appearance. So, there's an aspect of work called "diamond clarity." In diamond clarity, there are 11 types of grades ranging from Internally Flawless, determined as superior and best, while Included3 counted as the poor grade. So, pick the perfect clarity in the brilliant round and princess diamond cut.

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds:

Round diamond clarity grade chart to see and choose the ideal grade for every cost-friendly jewelry style that is perfect for brilliance.

The best clarity range for round brilliant cut diamonds is IF to VVS2, where the inclusions or blemishes are not usually available to affect the natural reflection. This clarity scale is easily available and cost-friendly for those buyers who have at least a $1500 to $5000 budget for shopping jewelry. Also, for colored diamond rings, IF to VVS2 clarity is often selected due to their constantly clean surfaces.

  • Princess Cut Diamonds:

Princess cut diamond clarity chart grade ranging from Flawless to I3, where Flawless is an ideal and prominent selection for the diamond. But Princess Diamond looks better VVS to SI1 clarity grade.

For square shaped princess diamonds, prefer VVS clarity (Very, Very Small Included 1/2) in every piece of jewelry, like an engagement ring or wedding necklace jewelry set in yellow gold.

Between Flawless to SI1, clarity can opt for a rectangular princess cut because the length of the diamond conceals the inclusions, which can be the best option for those who seek a better appearance without selecting a higher color and cut grade or preferring the customization.

Thus, preferring the best color grade, ideal carat weight ranges, cut scales, and clarity allows one to maximize the brilliance and wonderful appearance. Here, the best 4cs grades for round brilliant and princess cut diamonds are mentioned. Consider it when choosing engagement jewelry and wedding presents as you want to gift to your love partner.

Round Brilliant and Princess Cut Diamond: Sparkle and Brilliance Evaluation

Round brilliant and princess diamond light reflection to be understood.

As you know the basics about round cut and princess diamonds, now it's time to understand which has a better brilliance reflection. You can make a decision on whether a round diamond will offer the best sparkle or a princess cut looks fine in jewelry.

A round diamond has 58 or 57 facets, and the skillful and experienced polishing procedure meticulously aligns each facet to maximize the diamond's inherent fire and shine. The round shape's symmetry helps it reflect light evenly, which makes it a great option for anyone looking for a single shape that can combine a conventional and responsive design.

The princess cut's dazzle is distinguished by bright light reflection, and its geometric design gives a sense of modernism to any setting, such as the Toi et Moi ring or bridal eternity bands. The square design allows for a unique play of light motions from entry to exit, resulting in a stunning brightness pattern. This style is great for people who like a more unique and eye-catching look.

Consider your personal preferences and the intended setting of the diamond when deciding between these two cuts that offer the highest level of brilliance. The round brilliant cut might be your best bet if you value versatility and understated elegance.

However, if you seek something more modern and exclusive radiance, aย princess diamond would be suitable for any occasion, including a Halo ring or blue hoop earrings for newlywed women.

In essence, each cut is stunning in its way. Picking something that complements your personal taste and style is essential. The jewelry set has a diamond, whether a round cut, timeless and elegant, or a princess cut, more contemporary and brilliant. Make a list of all the features you want your design to have, then prioritize them according to your budget, measurements, desired settings, and metal choice.

Price For Round Brilliant and Princess Cut Diamond

Round brilliant and princess cut diamond price difference.

A brilliant round or princess diamond's precise value can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the unique qualities of each diamond, such as carat weight, cut quality, color, and clarity.

Value is also greatly influenced by market circumstances, brand recognition, and certification from accredited gemological laboratories, such as the American Gem Society (AGS) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Also, a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond can differ even though they have the same characteristics and properties like color, carat weights, cut, and clarity.

The difference between natural and lab diamonds is that they have unique attributes. But as a price concept, a lab diamond is always cost-friendly without compromising quality and having an authenticated certificate.

Here's the bifurcation and overview of the round brilliant and princess cut diamond prices regarding carat weights, clarity, and color. From it, you can see the price distance of the lab diamond from real mined diamonds.

Carat Weights



Natural Diamond

Lab-grown Diamond





0.50 - 1.00



$1K - $20K+

$800 - $12K+

$600 - $600K+

$500 - $5K+

1.01 - 2.00 VVS E $4K - $70K+ $2.5K - $25K+ $1.7K - $16K+ $1.5K - $15K+
2.00 - 3.00ย  VVS E $20K - $150K+ $10K - $60K+ $7K - $35K+ $5K - $30K+
3.01 - 4.00 VVS E $40K - $300K+ $20K - $100K+ $15K - $70K+ $10K - $50K+
4.01 - 5.00 VVS E $80K - $500K+ $40K - $200K+ $28K - $100K+ $20K - $80K+

These price ranges vary from the clarity, carat weights, cut, and color grades. Natural diamonds are rare gems, but some are "blood diamonds." While a cheap price with better quality, a lab diamond is the perfect choice, even in the fancy colors and defined dimensions. Having a lab diamond as your core choice depicts the ethical step towards a better future environment.

Jewelry Appearance Of Round Brilliant and Princess Cut Diamond

As you want to propose to your love partner, particularly your college girlfriend, with a diamond ring, what do you want to make that moment grand?

See the list of the best proposal idea for girlfriend and pick the idea to arrange the candlelight dinner for revealing love or booking the private yacht to commit more romantic appeal to get married.

Ask yourself it is sufficient?

Not maybe.

Choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring and jewelry defines your feelings through its settings, and precious metals represent the robust commitment that has been made to fuel a love relationship to reach the final destination.

You have to inspect between brilliant round and princess cut diamonds, which diamond shape jewelry to look prominent, and then you have to pick at least one and surprisingly propose to her with purity and clarity.

1. Engagement Rings:

As you've been in a love relationship for one year and want to commit your emotions to your girlfriend, arrange the ceremonial function with family members and friends. Exchanging engagement rings in front of people will showcase that your relationship is authenticated, and no one can have the power to reject it. This is the power of an engagement ring.ย Making it ideal, a diamond and metal combination is used in different ring settings.

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings:

Round cut diamond white gold halo engagement ring made with the split shank setting for a pretty appearance.

Engagement rings have plenty of choices, like six claw prong solitaire setting and pink round three-stone white gold ring. But, a 1.00 carat center round cut diamond halo ring with platinum is the right choice to register an appeal of the wedding as a marriage proposal.

A 1 carat diamond ring is a versatile choice, made for engagement exchange and worn with the wedding band on marriage day for a more comprehensive appearance. Reflect your emotions in a ring with customization that speaks your words through its pattern. Unbox the ring, surprisingly, except you've already been preparing an engagement ceremony for three months.

  • Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings:

The engagement ring is made with the princess cut lab diamond and shank accent gems to make a glorious appearance on the finger and be a true symbol of love.

Every love relationship is unique, and its definition is distinctive, but one aspect remains unchanged, and it's an expression of love. A princess cut diamond engagement ring has the potential to reveal emotions by unboxing it under the night sky while having a romantic candlelight dinner with a love partner; choose at least 2 carat weights and white gold.

On the other hand, it's best to put a ring box near the bed, and when your girlfriend wakes up in the morning and sees the sparkling diamond ring, she will embrace you joyfully. From this, your wedding commitment is knocking the soon marriage with a grand celebration, and a 2 carat diamond ring is a good enough choice for it.

2. Wedding Bands:

Wedding bands are made with prong settings and differ from the engagement ring. Usually, couples choose matching bands to show their connection for a commitment and promise moment. Often, wedding bands are made with white gold and platinum in an eternity design when all diamonds are securely placed with the proper grip of the white gold and rose gold metal prongs.

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Wedding Bands:

Round brilliant diamond eternity wedding band for a woman that recommends a theme of "eternal love to be shared" through enjoying every moment of life.

Selecting a round cut diamond eternity band for a wedding makes a wedding ceremony more memorable and grand and creates a special moment. The shared surface "U shaped" prongs settings and white gold combination with 2.00 carat round diamonds make an eternity band more acceptable as a love sign.

If you have an idea to shop for a band worth $500 with brilliant diamonds, it's possible in lab-grown diamonds ahead of real gems. A wedding ring for women defines pure commitment. It is a fine piece of love that stabilizes adoration and promotes romance in the mind that every individual wants in their love relationship.

  • Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Bands:

14kt white gold princess cut diamond wedding eternity band for women to celebrate a love victory.

Having 2.00 carat princess diamond with true brilliance on the white gold eternity wedding band shows passionate affection. The "eternal love and emotions" theme of eternity bands is exchanged as acceptance of someone's special acceptance in life. Consider preferring a princess cut lab-grown diamond for the ring and measuring the ring size at home to experience snug wearing that is tension-free of damage and concern.

3. Stylish Tennis Bracelets:

Aside from engagement rings and wedding bands, tennis bracelets are often chosen in white gold and platinum. A princess cut diamond looks better in the charming bracelet that is perfect for your girlfriend's birthday gift.

But if you're looking for a gift for your wife's 10th wedding anniversary, an 16.00 inch platinum round cut diamond tennis bracelet is the perfect choice. Consider the bracelet length to measure and pick the correct size so as not to spoil the best wearing moment.

  • Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet:

Round brilliant cut tennis diamond platinum bracelet with shared surface fancy prongs suitable for every dressing appearance.

Fancy color diamonds have always been a trending choice not only for engagement and wedding gifts but also as promise or birthday presents jewelry made with them. An 18.00 inch platinum tennis bracelet with pink brilliant cut diamondย looks more proper on the wrist, and wearing it with a combination of watches appears more glorious. That's why it's not selected for women, but men's bracelets are adorned with these diamonds.

  • Princess Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet:

Blue princess diamond tennis bracelet with white gold metal and multi colored diamond shapes for a versatile and stylish look perfect for a love partner's birthday gift.

As you want to wear versatile jewelry on your wrist as you're very practical throughout life, a multi colored diamond tennis bracelet will be the perfect choice with a mixture of elongated and square shaped diamonds. Consider the metal and diamond shape according to your choice. But a blue colored princess diamond is always counted as a serene and royal selection due to its deep interpretable shades.

Blue diamonds make the bracelet appear gorgeous and fine, which can be worn every day and on special occasions. There is a proper way to wear a tennis bracelet; if you follow it, you can experience the marvelous appearance of your personality.

4. Beautiful and Precious Earrings:

With a beautiful diamond ring and bracelet jewelry, perfect and matching earrings is a complimentary ornament that has been selected. In diamond earrings, there are three types, mostly opted in gold and platinum: stud, hoop, and dangle design.

For a bride, diamond chandelier earrings are made particularly for a more glorious appearance to get with the matching white colored wedding gown, and mostly colorless D to J color grade diamonds are opted for.

But as you select earrings for your loved ones, which diamond shape will be preferable?

Is it a round brilliant cut or a princess diamond?

Thus, you have to see its appearance and match it with your intention behind offering the earrings jewelry.

  • Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Earrings:

18kt yellow gold round cut lab diamond halo fancy stud earrings with the screw back ear type and prongs settings.

Gifting round brilliant diamond stud earrings to your loved ones will provide an additional commitment message that makes your love relationship communication stable and trustful. With a 14kt yellow gold stud earring, it looks keener and gives warmth, adding a loyalty aspect to a relationship.

Having 3 carat round diamonds in earrings appears ideal, and prong settings creations from the customized design add a personalized touch. A green round diamond stud earring will be the best option to gift on Valentine's Day. The green color represents the charging up the before made promise to complete, like getting married in 3 months or having a honeymoon tour in Paris.

  • Princess Cut Diamonds Earrings:

Princess cut lab diamond dangle design white gold earrings for women made with four claw prongs and basket settings for better durability.

For everyday wearing an earring that looks glorious and pretty with all kinds of attire, a drop earring style with a princess diamond is a perfect choice as a moon sharing its sparkle in the midnight from the sky. A 2 carat princess cut diamond is enough choice for the hidden halo earrings design to showcase the fine jewelry. As you prefer a colorless diamond, white gold is the best selection due to its natural reflection that matches its brilliance.

As you move with the red princess diamond, yellow gold or rose gold will be the most suitable metal. But, in brown chocolate colored diamonds, 18kt yellow gold looks prominent. Forย more distinctive appearance, a black diamond is a famous choice configured with white gold metal. You can shop royal and stylish earrings with lab diamonds from $200 to $2500 with personalizations and additional settings creations.

Thus, you can choose a round diamond shape or a princess cut diamond in jewelry at your convenience to get brilliance from the gems. Also, fancy bangles are personally made for a love partner with a combination of brilliant cut and modern diamond shapes like round and emerald and cushion and princess diamond.

In addition, a pink round diamond bridal jewelry necklace set is made promptly for price-conscious and ethical choice seeker who want to contribute their share in a better natural environment. Also, these jewelry sets can be personalized as per your choice in length, metal, dimension, and fancy colors.

Lifestyle Suitability

As we're at the climax of defining the difference between the lifestyle suitability of Round Brilliant and Princess Diamond, it's better to understand that first before making a decision or reaching any conclusion. It is helpful to know for which occasion a round diamond becomes a hero and why the princess diamond is considered the best-ever choice.

Selecting the ideal diamond shape involves more than simply aesthetics; it also consists of choosing a cut that fits your style of life.

Consider your lifestyle and opinions while deciding between a princess cut and a round brilliant diamond. Do you have a passion for elegant tradition and adaptability? You may always go for the stunning round cut. Or are you a modernist at heart and desire a diamond that perfectly captures your distinct style? The princess cut can be your ideal fit in such situation.

Recall that there isn't a universal solution. Your choice should be based on your preferences and way of living. Spend some time trying on several looks, visualizing how each cut might fit into your day-to-day activities, and selecting the cut that best suits your unique personality.

1. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds:

An elegant option that is always in vogue is the dazzling round shape. Its round form and many aspects give it an attractive and receptive appearance that works well in a variety of scenarios and settings.

  • Everyday Wearability and Versatility:

Round brilliant diamond bracelets and ring jewelry can be versatile for everyday wearing.

As they contain a circular shape and brilliant cutting style, round diamonds are the most emphatic contenders for everyday wear and versatile appearance combinations. From casual outings to formal events, round brilliant diamonds are perfect glimpses from corners to the center stages.

For experiencing all-time royal-looking jewelry, a round diamond has always been the first choice, whether a 1.50 carat yellow gold ring or a 10.00 carat wedding necklace. The sparkle of this cut reflects the tangibility that can't be removed or replaced.

  • Symbol of Enduring Love:

For revealing passionate affection and emotional commitment, a round diamond always stands for your feelings. As you're in a live-in relationship and now confident about getting engaged, a round diamond solitaire or unique engagement ring can work better for you to bring a positive response from a love partner.

It represents the eternal nature of obligation and defines how to be stable and trustful in a love relationship. Also, as a circular shape formation, the round cut refers to the final destination of individuals, and it is interpreted as getting the perfect matching soulmate who understands feelings, values, experiences, and support.

2. Choosing a Princess Cut Diamond:ย 

As you make the commitment to a love relationship, why choose a princess diamond cut for the jewelry style? It is mentioned below.

  • Represent Bold Statements and Unique Style:

Princess cut diamond engagement ring can be worn for bold statements and fashion trends within a love sign.

The distinctive and clean lines in the princess cut diamond in symmetrical balance show the pretty appearance of bold statements and commitments. Princess diamonds offer a contemporary edge that suits those who want to make a statement with their jewelry.

For example, the pink princess diamond fits the promise ring as it refers to the wedding oath. While the blue princess diamond eternity ring contains a lifetime pledge to staying together.

The beveled, sharp corners and modern geometry lines create a unique and eye-catching sparkle, which ranked just after the round cut diamond, and it's perfect for expressing your individual style. Also, because of the chevron shaped facets, a princess diamond cut looks more distinctive among fancy shapes. Thus, for every jewelry style, this diamond shape is counted as the prime choice.

  • Fashion-Forward Events:

As your fiancรฉe or fiancรฉ loves to find their name in fashion-forward individuals, a princess cut diamond is the perfect choice for them. For special occasions, events, or celebrations where a touch of modern glamour is desired, a princess shaped diamond can elevate their look whether you're taking them for a Valentine's Day dinner with a red-colored dress or going for an anniversary celebration in Venice city.

Also, if you love parties and function gatherings, then pretty-looking jewelry elevates your look from simple to extraordinary and influential. If you have the white gold pendant in a princess cut diamond or a charming tennis bracelet, it looks more keen and fine on every attire you want.

Choosing a particular diamond shape from brilliant round and princess cut depends on personal preferences like budget, clarity, ring settings, and carat weights. Also, prioritizing the personal style and intention behind offering jewelry is helping to get a perfect diamond. Pick the one shape according to your choice of commitment and desire to experience wearing unique jewelry.


Choosing between the princess cut and the round brilliant cut is like picking the ideal note for the song of your life amid the magnificent harmony of diamonds. Each has a certain allure, and the best option ultimately depends on your preferences and way of life.

For those who value history and desire a stone that complements all phases of life, the round brilliant cut is the timeless king of diamonds. It is a reliable everyday wear partner that illustrates that some things are always in style because of their eternal appeal, flexible shine, and classic design.

However, the princess cut truly shines if your heart beats in sync with the modern world and you wantย a diamond embodyingย your bold and unique style. It's a statement piece with sharp corners and a contemporary style, perfect for special occasions that need a touch of sparkle and originality.

Ultimately, selecting the "better" alternative has nothing to do with conforming to social norms or meeting external expectations. What matters most is findingย the diamond that speaks to your character and the memories you valueย most. It's the one that suits your inner alignment. So, trust your gut, listen to your own intuition, and choose the diamond that best captures your story.

Hopefully, you can get your answer to select a diamond from brilliant cut round and princess cut. If you don't, you can ask us which carat weights and clarity you can choose for your jewelry style at your convenience.

Click the Contact Us button to let us know what you want to learn. If you have to make your jewelry from us, then welcome. We have a wide range of special jewelry styles that are exclusively made.


Let's revise the learning about round brilliant and princess cut diamond through FAQs.

  • Which cut is more suitable for a classic engagement ring?

The round brilliant cut's classic and timeless charm makes it a popular option for engagement rings. It is frequently picked because of its capacity to represent unwavering affection. This diamond is chosen for the Art Deco ring design with the best engraving pattern that looks like a vintage ring. Also, the reflection of the round cut refers to the impeccable appearance that other diamond shapes don't have.

  • Do round brilliant cut diamonds hold their value better over time?

Diamonds with round brilliant cuts are frequently seen as a safer investment in terms of long-term value retention. Their continuing popularity and classic charm add to their value sustainability. These diamonds are made with skillful craftsmanship and enduring light reflection that adds more monetary aspect.

  • Which cut sparkles more, the princess diamond or the round brilliant cut?

Although these diamonds reflect a sparkle differently, both styles are renowned for their glitter. Princess cut diamonds have a particular brilliance with dramatic bursts of light, while round brilliant cut diamonds sometimes have more sparkle due to their various facets. The real reason behind the round diamond's better reflection is its polishing crafting throughout the overall anatomy.

  • Can I customize the setting of both princess and round cut diamonds?

Yes, there is a lot of configuration for customization available in both diamond cuts, as in Brilliant Round and Princess. Depending on your preferences, you may pick from various settings, such as pavรฉ, halo, or solitaire, to improve the diamond's overall appearance. Also, for a more comprehensive gift as a wedding ring, a Toi et Moi ring setting can be a good option with these diamonds.

  • How much do princess-cut diamond jewelry styles cost?

The cost of princess cut diamond jewelry styles varies on carat weights, budget preferences, metal, customization, and dimensions. For example, a 1 carat lab diamond engagement ring costs $1000 to $3000, while earrings prices range from $250 to $2500. In addition, a bracelet with a princess diamond shape is priced at least $1500 with the 16.00 inch length chain. Thus, the average price is from $250 to $4000 to spend on princess diamond jewelry.

  • Are princess cut diamonds more affordable than round brilliant diamonds?

Generally speaking, princess cut diamonds might be less expensive than round brilliant cut diamonds with equivalent carat weight. Because of the way these diamonds are cut and the output from the rough diamond, there is a pricing variation. Also, due to the variation in color and clarity, the cost difference between these two diamond shapes surges.

  • Which cut is easier to maintain and clean, princess or round brilliant?

It is not too difficult to maintain princess or round brilliant cuts. They may be preserved with routine cleanings using a soft brush, mild soap, and expert examinations. In addition, applying ready-made cleaning solutions suggested by the jeweler aids in restoring the anticipated brilliance.

  • Are there any specific occasions where a princess cut diamond is more suitable?

Princess cut diamonds are frequently selected for formal events that demand a dash of contemporary glitz, like engagements, weddings, and a celebration of accepting a love relationship. They might be perfect for occasions where having a striking and unique appearance with versatility is needed.

  • Which is more traditional, the princess diamond or the round brilliant cut?

The round brilliant cut is considered more conventional. It seems to be the vintage option, and its variations, like the European cut, have a prettier appearance renowned for its adaptability and classic beauty. The concept of making a brilliant round-shaped diamond was developed by Marcel Tolkoswky in 1919.

  • What is the main difference between a princess cut and a round brilliant cut diamond?

The primary difference lies in their shape as circle and square or rectangular. Round brilliant cut diamonds are circular with arrow-shaped facets, whereas princess cut diamonds are square or rectangular with pointed beveled corners. Every diamond cut has a unique glitter and appearance through its anatomies.

  • Does the princess cut diamond to suit a modern or vintage style better?

The princess cut usually goes very well with prevailing and contemporary trends. It's a fantastic option for anyone looking for a more modern or geometric appearance because of its crisp lines, beveled corners, chevron facets, and sharp angles. It can be selected in the solitaire ring setting as a traditional choice. In contrast, the halo cluster ring style is suitable as a modern fashion statement with a princess cut diamond.

  • What is the average price range to spend on round brilliant diamond jewelry?

Between $350 to $5000 is the average price range to spend on round brilliant diamond jewelry, whether you can shop for an engagement ring, wedding bands, fancy bridal earrings, stylish tennis bracelets, and bridesmaid bangles in yellow gold and rose gold. This price is only for lab-grown diamonds; meanwhile, natural diamonds cost much more, around a 50% to 80% hike than a lab diamond price.

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